신의 FAITH MV: Choi Young/Yoo Eun-Soo || Better late than never

720p for the best quality. OMG!!! I can`t believe I`ve got some time to make videos. I missed this IMJA couple so much, so many things happened between them (FINALLY KISS)! I want the last episode just to find out how it`ll end, but at the same time - pleeeeeeeease "Faith" I want you to have no end! This.song.is.wonderful. My friend told me to listen to it - and as a result I`m obsessed with it! p.s. Sorry for horrible quality in 1.36 - SV -I`ll kill it! ************************************ Fandom: 신의 Faith Song: google the lyrics (or PM me) Software: Sony Vegas Pro 10 *********************************** "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

I'm still watching this fan video in 2019 because I miss this show and these two amazing actors! I hope you'll make more fan videos for them! It seems more and more fans in different countries are discovering this amazing pairing!
One of the best KDramas of all time. FAITH is in a category all by itself. I cried as much as I laughed. 
Coco Banana
Everytimes, come-across Imja videos remind me how beautiful this couple was? I missed them dearly, hope in the furture, they can act together again in more exciting dramas.
@Cup Cake Kiss Me I agree. Have also watched a lot of K-dramas. One of the best I've ever seen. Don't think I've ever cried that many times watching a drama; and smiled too!
This is my FAVORITE drama of ALL TIME!! I wish I could find some dramas to watch that had the protecting/romance and chemistry dynamic! I'll take suggestions lol Also to @tvenjonson this is one of my favorite Faith videos! Thank you! :)
Kat Tsu
I forgot how many great moments were in this Kdrama and how much I really liked the chemistry! Thanks for such great editing! =)
Gallina Simonova
Incidentally I saw, I looked and I remained delighted. Song very cool! Even I started watching the dorama and I didn't regret that spent time for viewing of this dorama.
Jennifer Rarela
They really have a great chemistry..love them both
Lee Jun Ki
Love Drama...!!! Leve Lee Min Ho ...!!
rosa mailin arteaga caris
como se llama el tema y quien la canta... alguien que me diga por favor....
I love this drama, and I love Lee Min-Ho. Best drama he's in besides boys over flowers. CHOI YOUNG FOREVER!!!
devinaa thaventhiran
This drama only had one kiss
Cristina Contreras
este hombre the kiss excelente..
nicole cortes
este drama me encanto es uno de mis favoritos
Both of them are the best looking couple in the Korean historical dramas.
dennie 16
I hope there's a season 2...
jingmei perry
though she is older than him but they look perfect ...just love it ...for love no boundry n love is blind
WhentheSunShines ItsReallyHobieShining
Ah, yes. Choi Young was so awesome an ordinary woman just wouldn't do
To me, it's the best. I've seen a number of Korean dramas, but this is still my number one. I love this drama because the love depicted in it is RARE, PURE, SELFLESS, void of anything sexual besides the kiss even though the chemistry was there. U'll love it.
I totally agree with you. It's VERY special. It's still my favorite Korean drama. I can never get tired of watching Faith. It's that good. Kudos all the people that put it together
Fatem Al-Ibrahim
what the song name ?
I actually cried a bit watching this clip. Faith is one of my fave historical drama besides Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Trang Doan
I can not believe I can cry when I see Faith again. can not get over them.
Wonderstrucked Swiftie
Cute till te death of me >~< so cute !!!
Do they only kiss once? I have watched tons of Korean dramas, and I have come across this one, how good is this one? I love romance, how would you rate it? Please tell me what you think ^^
Wonderstrucked Swiftie
I luv this ;) they are so cute
beautiful video. i even downloaded it and watch it every morning before starting my day. luv it <3<3 thank you so much!!!!!!
Trang Doan
yes, me too. I can't get over. too bad for me hehehhe
linnea andersson
Im in love *___*
Sarah Dean
What's the name of this song and who's it by?
deberian hacer una segunda parte
Oh my GOD! Thank you so much for this video, my two favorite things in the world, Lee Minho in Faith, and LUNAFLY!!!!
This man knows how to kiss!
n.n Texita
hermoso drama!!!..Lee Min HoO Sarangaeyo :)
Samar Hami
Nice ;) Nice work unnie :p I can't wait to watch this drama , but plz can u tell me the noun of this song because i find it incredible .. and thank u in advance ;) <3
lee nudee
Geat serie geat actor
Just saw the ending...Was FANTASTIC, UNFORGETABLE!!
isabella sanchez
como se llama la canción?
Jessie _Deary
They should've kissed more:) But I loved this allot^-^
Bruna Vanessa
I've finished episode 21 and It doesn't seem to get any better XD I will get frustrated if this drama ends in tragedy ! I mean when they get closer to each other something bad always has to happen...C'MON!!!! SERIOUSLY?!
afriniwati wati
sarange minho
Maria Ritha
Lee Min Ho is THE BEST
Saskia Schneider
this video is great! I love the Drama and I love your Clips very much!
Judith Ebel
i love lee min ho so much <3 and this is my fave drama :) now i want to watch every drama of him :) love it<3
Lina Trejos
Lunafly!!!! <3 <3 <3 Min Hot <3 <3 <3
Sofia Solano
yo quiero un hombre asi ;D
Why Lee Min Ho has to be so damn handsome and sexy.
Stella D.
Great video!! i love it<3
anzu aibaraa
what the name of music ? very nice
hola me gusto mucho tu video ¿ con que programa lo hiciste ?
Maryam osman
ths video is simply amazing ! the song scenes and editing all go well together ! and cant beieve this drama came to a end ! it as such an auwsom drama it made laugh and cry at the same time ! it just took me on a roller coaster of emotion and as cheesy as this might sound LEE MIN HO marry me ;P
Sarah Pinkhaus
It's Lunafly, the song is named Superhero : ) There's also a korean version of the song. Both are really great : DD
LOVE!! LOVE!!! LOVE IT!!! So much wonderfull video!!!! Great work!!!
Lumiere Lin
This video is amazing (Y) luv it!!!
I don't find the song can you pls say me who the artist is?
really nice vid <3 but I would be the one LMH kiss =(
Que lindooos...... amo a Lee Min Ho...
lulu ibrahim
ill go jump off a building if it ended sad OMG it will just break my heart :'(
Madison Keeley
Hee hee, this is such a cute MV! I adore this show!! I also have that problem: dying to know how it ends (PLEASE BE A GOOD ENDING) and hoping it won't end at all. xP
WOW, most beautiful and great song choice for Faith fanmade mv that I ever saw. Great job. Please share more. The quality of the video is great. The transition and scenes are well chose. I love it,
I just finished ep 19. So many good scenes with them!! :D They are definitely my fave ship from a drama currently. Your vid is so beautiful. Love it!
Beautiful vid!!! This drama, this couple....love them so much! I am anxious to see how this will end. But, like you, I will hate not having them to look forward to every Monday. :(
really goood <3
OMG love it grate job girl :^_^
I know me either!
Thank you) Glad you liked it)
Thanks *____* I want them together to run in a Heaven World! I want them to change the history of Korea :D
Thank you ^^ I can`t believe that it`s been 2 months since this drama started to came out. Want more!
The Song is Super Hero By Lunafly. Beautiful song. And the MV is great!!! X3 <3
Amazing!! <3 I love the coloring, and I'm sooo happy they finally kissed, the episodes gets better and better :)
Just caught up on ep 18 and their scenes were heartbreaking <333 Absolutely loved their moment s and I know what you mean. Can't wait! Gorgeous vid, :)
The songs called "Superhero" by Lunafly :)
I really love them both! Hoping for a next project together on the screen, they have a good chemistry..I missed them!
The tears are real. I love them so so so much. Thank you, thank youuu. I made sure to add your Faith videos to my own playlist. Bless your soul.
Fadwa Kareem
hey guys, just think about how cold Choi Young was in in the beginning of the drama, and then how he slowly melted away by Eun Soo's kindness warm... ONE OF TOP FAV. DRAMA COUPLE!!!!!!
Azunpe Jaze Parentela
no ending?! i started watchig from the 1st ep..am dissapointed. idont know what happened if it is a happy ending or sad..😅😅 tnx anyways.2018 Nov.
조선시대인데 머리가 염색이랑 컬이 들어가있네..
Lina Lina Huang
I like them.
cristine fernandez
can you make another historical drama for lemin hoo. and .thanks i love the end,,FAITH..
I smiled through this whole video...then as soon as it was over, I burst into tears.
Iamnrdypat xxx
One of the best drama that has great ending 😭🙏
awesome drama, great video. thank you
Dulce Erebias
I like them
Praja Gawande
Me too am also the fan of this drama, on screen couple
Noor afshan
lee min ho my fav actor .. i wish that we can meet i just wanted to see u...... i saw your BBF that was awesome ... i have seen ur all drama and eagerly waiting for your next plzz make more and more drama... good luck...... greetings from India i want some romantic and fantasy typ dramaz but lee min ho must be in lead role.... lol😋
What song?
Iamnrdypat xxx
Very good drama but I feel bad for the unpaid production staff 😭
Allisson Rivera Marin
aww amo este drama *~*
🙆 예전엔 그런가 그런 사극드라마가 있구나 그런데 좀 잼나게하려 퓨전을 가미했구나 무신경하게 넘겼는데 지금 지나고보니 멋진영상 멋진 노래들이 많단걸 느꼈네 민호 멋지다
Pollen Ainne
love <3 <3 <3
maa afia owusuaa
perfect.good work.love it.Ahuga.
Ruth Gomes
Alguém conhece essa música? 1:04
Ana Claudia Takia Rios
lo amo .. lo amo .. lo amo 😍
Shanum Utomo
Lunafly <3
Mohamadsaleh Faraji
What's this ?
leikire jossa
Plzzz tell me the song artist..coz everytine i search the song it has many result but dint find the exact one
chipong silly
Can someone upload this full episode, i have watched only 9 episode, and the next episode i couldn't find it anymore, so sad
Ayyat doll
good job.
Nyeasha Bond
Can someone please tell me what episode was their first kiss!!!