Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2019 Walkaround | Launched at Rs. 82 Lakh |

"Mercedes-Benz has launched the V-Class MPV, also known as the Mercedes-Benz Viano in certain markets, in India. While this is a practical MPV, its focus is heavily on the luxury experience, which it has been delivering in 90 countries worldwide. The V-Class is available in two variants - V 220d Expression & V 220d Exclusive. V 220d Expression (7-seater/extra long wheelbase/Rs 68.40 lakh) The V-Class Expression variant is offered in extra long wheelbase form and is available only as a 7-seater. Priced at Rs 68.40 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), it gets features like 2-zone climate control with rear AC vents, 16-inch alloy wheels, full LED headlamps and a reversing camera. V 220d Exclusive (6-seater/long wheelbase/Rs 81.90 lakh) The more expensive V-Class Exclusive has a wheelbase and length 230mm shorter than the V 220d Expression and is offered only as a 6-seater. However, at Rs 81.90 lakh, it’s significantly more expensive as it offers a greater sense of luxury and more features. The added tech here includes power sliding rear doors, adaptive dampers, 17-inch alloy wheels, Nappa leather upholstery, ambient lighting and a 360-degree camera. Powering the V 220d is a 2.1-litre BS6 compliant diesel engine that produced 163PS and 380Nm of torque, paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission that drives the rear wheels. Related Link: /> More Details on Mercedes-Benz V-Class: /> For more details and video reviews of the latest bikes, do subscribe to ZigWheels: /> #MercedesBenzVClass #VClass #ZigWheels

Adi Aute
I shall definitely buy Omni 🚐🚐😁😁😁..!!
Proud Indian
I would rather buy 26 Omni and give rent all the omni and i will be billionaire in future instead of buying this
ashok ram
looks avg but the price of 82 lakhs was too much man
Udit Garg
Cut the price to half and Mercedes might sell 1-2 in india
Nikhil D Rao
I wish the dealers best of luck selling the soccer mom van at the price of Land Rover
Sameer Ali
Expensive!!! Half only price in Europe...!
Muhammed Aboobacker
I'm here to know whether I want to consider or not for my all india tour ..but if I buy this then I want to give it for customisation which I don't prefer right now .. so my car is enough ... Budget problem bro ..
surya chahal
After seeing the demo given by the person in video of back seats, i could make out that four people will not be able to sit comfortably because it doesn’t have enough leg room(haven’t seen the car physically so just commenting on the basis of what i have seen in video) and one can buy better vehicle at this price range. Toyota Alphard has better spacing then this car (personally seen this car)
*Tushar Bhau if I have the budget, I will definitely want to buy one* 😊👌
Akar Parashar
i cn buy 4 innova touring sports at that budget
Vishal Tiwari
And this will also take down the reputation of all available Mercedes car s in india.......very poor management...
Susheel Kumar
defiantly yes!
Shreyans Patil
Atrocious pricing. And why don't we have all front facing seats option?
Too much for an outdated engine
Innova is much reliable and value for money
Muhammed Rayif
U didn't show driver seat
Sahil Sharma
Rear whell drive👎🏻
joy barboza
82 lakhs are you serious
Mahi Rao
too much price for a mpv
Doubt they'll be able to sell a single unit of this car in India
For that Price i Can Get a Motorhome in India
Sandesh uppu
If someone were looking for a real luxury MPV, its better to just wait for Toyota to launch the Alphard this year. The alphard is light years ahead in almost every aspect.
Amul Joshi
Better to keep money in fixed deposit and tension free travel by air. Indian roads are horrible.
Sethunarayanan Govindrajan
It should have been built in India to be more competitive in pricing instead of a CBU route.
Vishal Tiwari
Trust me this gona be a super flop in India...
Vineeth S
The 220d Expression is the car that I would buy, if I had the money.
Starts at 68.5 lakhs
D. T. Dash
May be the Hotels like Taj will buy this MPV....
Sharad Upadhyay
Is V Class and Viano different from each other? Coz I think I have seen a Viano which doesn't have these rear seats facing each other, but it's big!
Raghu Reddy
Needed bigger tyres and more power for same price ..
sunil bobby
In future mpv are polticians canvoy
Superlame Username
Modify an Innova. You will get all the features.
Kicha Sam
It fits more to politicians or to a corporate offices, where people's discuss serious topics while they travel .
Sethunarayanan Govindrajan
Nice mov and functionality . Would be not the normal MVP what the Indian look for could have kept close to 60 lac to get to the numbers ticking.
omkar bhise
82 Lakhs 😷😷😁 Here in India , even engineers can't dream more than Toyota Fortuner 😂😂😂
jazzy Singh
What's wrong with these guys,?,
Vikas Kumar
Nice family car
Yash Patil
Na bhai mercedes se aise expectation nahi thi
Farhaan Kazi
I love it!
Vikram Malik
Nothing but a bigger size Omni. I am proud to be an Indian :-) I think Omni makers could tweak a little bit & they will have Higher sales % :-)
Sneha Sunil
These are running as taxis everywhere sales won’t even cover cost of this event
Vaibhav Chauhan
Where is the depressed guyy6
Abraham Veeralasheril
This might have been a huge success in Europe America etc.....but i dont think this suits the indian market who loves suvs....and especially in this price range
Kicha Sam
Pls specify the ground clearance of the vehicles,bcoz it matters more in India.
Mercedes CLA 2019 – седан Мерседес CLA 2 поколения 2019 года на Выставке потребительской электроники CES-2019 был официально представлен новый Мерседес CLA (C 118). В обзоре технические характеристики, комплектации, цена, фото и видео четырехдверного купеобразного седана Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019-2020 года. В продажу новый Mercedes-Benz CLA 2 поколения с заводским индексом C 118 поступит в мае текущего года. Цена на новинку пока не озвучена, но предположительно она будет не менее 31000 евро. Источник:
Varun Yadav
Минивэн Mercedes-Benz V-Class (новая модель Мерседес V-класса) пережил качественный рестайлинг и представлен официально 31 января 2019 года. Автомобилю не только освежили внешность, но и поработали над технической начинкой. В обзоре технические характеристики, комплектации, цена и фото Мерседес-Бенц В-класс с новым 2,0-литровым турбо дизелем OM 654, соответствующим новым экологическим нормам Euro 6d-TEMP. Источник:
Adwaidh S
Price is bit humourous 😂😂
pranav patil
This is worst mercedes that ever have. This is available in 32 lac in US
Yash Mahawar
Only a stupid will waste money on this
keep calm smile
Stupid car.flop
Sylvester Reid
Waste of money
praveen kumar
Tushar voice, pronunciation ,grammar, modulation, detailing is awesome....