LeBron James GREATEST Game EVER? Full Game 6 Highlights vs Celtics (2012 Playoffs) - 45 Pts, 15 Reb!

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Now i remember why Pierce hates Lebron so much
That facial expression coupled with that look in his eyes is iconic
João Paulo
"You can’t imagine what this was like to witness in person. I know Michael Jordan had similarly astonishing games, and others, too, but not with stakes like that. This wasn’t just an elimination game. This was LeBron James’s entire career being put on trial" - Bill Simmons Easily his best game. Back when all criticism was justified, after a terrible performance in the 2011 Finals, with no rings,"LeChoke", down 3-2 against the same guys who made him choose Miami, facing all the pressure he goes out and destroyed the Celtics, to me this was the turning point in his carrer and the his best game ever.
Devin Watson
DEFINITELY his greatest game ever to me. I remember watching this live and dude wasn’t missing shit 😭. The most locked in I ever seen leBron
Jek Lalongisip
He didn't even smile in this game. Didn't celebrate every shot he made. Looked like he was possessed in this game. Down 2-3 on the road simply amazing performance.
Emrah N
This Lebron was the Goat in basketball in my opinion This was the most pressured situation an nba player has ever been in, yet Lebron had the best game of his career arguably. If Heat had lost this game, they would have split. The entire landscape of the NBA changes.
Attention Currsexuals
Can never count out Lebron in an elimination game.
Austin Weisman
Why are they calling him lebron his name is goat?
Samuel Canaan
No performance by Lebron could outmatch this one...Not only was the series on the line but his legacy. To go into a hostile crowd like Boston and completely suck the life out of them when ur team has their back against wall is just GOAT like
Hiro Nito
Paul pierce can’t guard Lebron. This is why he hates him. Because lebron humiliate him in court.
Coach Lue
this man is possessed
King Explosion Murder
0:18 That look pretty much said it all. It was like LeBron was possessed by a basketball demon or something in this game. It's crazy...
Tyji Brown
I don’t give a damn about a finals record, dude is more skilled than any player ever. 🐐🐐🐐
This looks like one of those St Vincent St Mary's high school games where Lebron looks like a grown man playing against little boys.
Tyreese Pryor
This is angry Lebron
mc remy
jordan couldnt stop lebron james right there
Stacey Jones
If LeBron loses this game, the whole NBA changes. The drafts would've changed, trades, contracts, etc.
Had that demon look in the thumbnail
He turned all that hate and criticism against him in 2011 into this. I never thought losing one series can make anyone this powerful in the league.
The King just did a repeat with 46 points against the same team on the same GAME. Witness Greatness!
Django's Lil' Slave
I'm a Golden State native for life but even I recognize LeBron's greatness. I can't tell you how devastating the 2016 finals was and it's a shame that LeBron hasn't had more success with Cleveland because they just can't ever seem to surround him with the best team. But i truly think that when it's all said and done LeBron will be the greatest NBA player in history
Curtis 23
Lebron wasn't playing this game .... He had that killer mentality
Bro he wasn't even talking to anyone on the bench ... He was so locked in 😂🐐
Nobody wants to deal with this LeBron, he’s literally unstoppable. People really out here saying Kevin Durant is better than this guy? ..y’all are crazy smh
Li Lin
Not a LeBron fan, but that game was something special.
All Team San Diego
41 points back to back in elimination games vs a 73-9 team can’t be topped.
The more Lebron embraces his baldness the better he plays
6:25 That footwork tho 🔥🔥
Miami heat LeBron is a top ten prime of all time definitely
Zach Falbe
No player in NBA history could’ve stopped this version of LeBron
Dao Yang
Simply unstoppable when he goes into attack mode. Luckily for everyone, that's not in his nature to play that way. But if we can just imagine if LeBron was more of a scorer than a facilitator, he will be the best ever.
Savage Sagwa
Dear LeBron James *THIS is playoff mode*
that look in the beginning says it all. Like a lion staring down his prey.
Bertin Blaze
when ever I need motivation to study, workout, stop being lazy, I come and watch this video.
BillyC Absithe
thats his killer instict boys...Imagine if he had this in every game in his whole career..What a player we missed
Lavish Babii
Looks like LeBron's and Jordans struggles before their first ring were the Celtics for LeBron and the Pistons for Jordan😐💯
Chad Davis
I still have this game on my DVR. I can’t get rid of a masterpiece like this.
Great video
Draymond Green lowkey was in the Celtics in 2012
Remember watching this game live, he couldn't miss. He was a man possessed that night.
William Cooper
This game made me cry, because HE FINALLY GOT IT!!!! This was the best game of his career, by far, in the most pressurized moment an NBA Player has ever faced. Jordan faced the Pistons in Game One of the 1991 ECF with no excuses, but this... MY GOD: So much was at stake: THE HEAT AS THE KNEW IT, THE COACHES JOB, HIS LEGACY. HIS LIFE MAY NOT HAVE EVER BEEN SAME HAD HE LOST! That glare foretold his spirit and you knew he would play the game as if his life was on the line. It was like Prince before singing Purple Rain in the movie looking out in the crowd, knowing it was his last shot at greatness. He was locked in this game like none other. No jokes, smiles, or celebrations. He took care of business so well it had me asking WHY he didn't approach every game like this. The single greatest Playoff Elimination Game performance in NBA HISTORY.
Debo Gaming
no wonder they hate Lebron he cooked all they ass lol
Student of the Word of God
I'd like for the LeBron James 2 9:12 to show up for the rest of the playoffs please.
Patrick Savage
Jordan's game 2 in the 1986 playoffs and Lebron's game 6 in 2012 at the garden are the stuff of Legends.
This talented, gifted man is SCAREY!! I grew up during Dr.J (who personally is my favorite player of all time) MJ, Kemp, Alcindor, Gervin era and saw their games, but LeBron is almost god-like as if GOD personally laid His hands on this boy!! In all my watching NBA, I've never seen so diverse of a player!!  When I see someone like this, and who plays like this, it is just so enjoyable and amazing to watch. He will be greatly missed when he retires!! What I like most is that HE recognizes where his gift comes from. GOD, the man up above!!!
Patrick Young
I remember being hyped after the Celtics stole Game 5 in Miami and then watching this game...knew there was no chance of us winning Game 7. Amazing performance
m hazey
throwing up 666 signs, eyes look too white like he used visine b4 the game and possesed , all red jerseys and changed his jersey number to 6 and the team was in Miami, FL , a hot weather state. Yea he deff isnt a Illuminati puppet.
judah dennis
Stop disrespecting Lebrons legacy.. He is one of the greatest ever.. Top5
Kristopher Griffin
Wasn't smiling or nothing the whole game.
Jo Nathan
Lebrons face in the beginning says it all 👑🔥🏆🏆🏆🐐
Esteban Aguayo
People simply will never understand how much pressure LeBron carries on his shoulders every single day and he still delivered some of the most impressive Playoffs performances of all time (multiple triple-doubles in different Finals series!). Only when he retires... People will come close to understanding his greatness...
bruce lau
Never count out LeBron in a elimination game .. he will attack tonight
Lourdens Joseph
This is the attack mode that Skip Bayless lowkey wants from Lebron, till then. That’s why he hate this man
Tupac Reincarnated
Top 3 games performances by LBJ 1. (2012) Game 6 vs. Boston 2. (2007) Game 5 vs Detroit 3. (2018) Game 1 vs Golden State
Jay Clemons
That's the night LeBron became a champion and became feared. He was dominant in a way I had never seen prior to that night. And I know everybody will bring up Pistons game 5, but this game felt different. That Pistons game just felt like he just happened to get hot. This game felt like he was just an assassin.
Torey D
If u a real fan of lebron u kno lebron did this because he was so close to losing again to the Celtics and he wanted that ring so badly that yr he already has 3 so he not gonna play like this anymore I hope he does tonight but if u hear lebron talk now he is more calm he a family man if he lose tonight he will be okay with it it’s us the fans that will be the most hurt 😞
#EyesDontLie Chosen 1
Lebron needs to attack the golden state like this from now on moving forward in these 2018 finals.
edwin celestin
Skip Baylees: Lebron wasn’t that good to me this night!! 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️
J Delgado
Lebron reminding Paul Pierce he's waaaaaaaay better.
Sterling Mitchell
Damn, what if he played like this his whole career? This game i have no clue what happened, did the spirit of jordan and kobe posess him or what?
LaVar Ball
I rlly like lebron with that beard,like if u agree
Chirayu Desai
Dude...every single time the crowd gets into it...this guy delivers DAGGER AFTER DAGGER. Highkey Lebron an evilass mf. Stuff of legends man.
kourt the minister
Idk what happened to LeBron James but this LeBron James was scary. But I understand lebron is accomplished and not chasing after anything.
Luke Smith
little did bron know rondo would be his teammate
This lebron James was the best player ever I still have goosebumps watching this
This game was beautiful. I wish I could’ve been in the heat locker room after this game🔥🔥🔥
Kenneth Donnelly
If only Boston had Scalabrine
Someone should send Scottie Pippen here after his comments today. Said LeBron didn’t have the clutch gene. This is arguably the greatest performance in an elimination game ever.
This is the night he flipped the switch🙌🏾💯🔥 I still have thumbnail in my pics for inspirational use
kenn junior
all time best stare down i think i ever seen he had that look in his eye
ThatNewPimpTrickGangstaClickAlbum GonnaBeThatFire
I swear he never blinked or smiled this entire game
Quincy Lockett
Yall heard the way he grabbed that first rebound...that was a Thanos Snap
al cp
Still the King. Waiting for the Decision. Part 3
My penis is incredibly small, but
This is not THE greatest game ever however it is certainty one of them and it puts down the argument that "LeBron isn't a killer"
LeGOAT James
Lebron James the greatest ball player in the history of the galactic cosmos
Armstrong Neil
5:04 Swear this man has uh jet pack under his jersey🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
If LeBron played his whole career like this, the goat debate would've been over.
Austin J
Love him or hate him it’s sad knowing his career is coming to an end
One of the most dominant games ever played period, I'll never forget it, nor should any true fans of the NBA, or greatness in general
Khalid Nawabi
i never knew Goat could play basketball :(
I just don't understand why Bron can't have this killer mentality every game he plays like Kobe and Jordan did.
Justin L
To people that think Lebron choked in the finals needs to wake up. He literally did everything he could. I am not a Lebron James fan but MJ never had to face the teams Lebron did. These were Lebron's averages the last 4 finals. He put up those numbers and still lost. MJ never had to put up those number. Lebron had to face the greatest shooter in history (Curry) , top 5 greatest shooter in history (Klay) and top 3 scorer of all time (Durant) the last two seasons. Who did MJ face that was even close? MJ avoided alot of all time great teams. He never beat showtime lakers, he never beat the Bird celtics, he never had to face Shaq/Kobe, he never had to face popvich spur teams, he never had to face the 2004-2006 pistons team, he never had to face the 3 allstar celtics team, never had to face GSW etc. 35.8 pts,13.3 rbs,8.8 asts 29.7 pts ,11.3 rbs,8.9 asts 33.6 pts,12 rbs,10 asts 34 pts,8.5 rbs,10 asts
Joseph Yu
Bill Simmons wrote a really good piece about this game titled "The Consequences of Caring." It's a good read.
Mgriff7 7
If only THIS Lebron was still here and with the Lakers 😭
Pantelis Hapeshis
And they say LBJ doesnt have killer in him or isnt clutch. Or should we also watch the to 41point games he had in games 5 and 6 of the 2016 finals where cavs came back from 3-1 down to with the championship. Lebron is the greatest Offensive influencer of all time. Jordan might be the greatest scorer but LBJ scores and puts others in position too.
We need this lebron next season next playoffs next finals just to comeback from the finals disappointment
The way he looks
J leloski 10
Damn i miss this lebron! Not the whiny, no defense, toxic player he's becoming chasing stats..
i never get tired of this game
Jake Ralph Española
The king of basketball🏀👑✔💪🐐
Neo Payne
i still dont understand why celtics let go perkins...
Jamal Polk
Detroit 21 years old ECF game 5 ! 48 and 28/30 of Cavs last points and 25 straight vs a championship team
Álvaro Falcão
I miss this hungry LeBron
Tay Israel
Top 3 playoff performances: MJ 1991 LeBron 2012 Duncan 2003
Greatest Bron Game EVER
I remember this game live. He played like a man possessed, literally. Possessed by basketball gods who made it so he could not miss and nobody could stop him.
Corey Cuellar
Nobody (I MEAN NOBODY EVER) was gonna stop Lebron on this particular night. Dude was in a zone
Rayshawn Jackson
He doing that tonight
I think we made his best performance a week ago in 1st match in NBA Finals. He made 51 pts, 8 reb, 8 ast, but his team lost, because he has weak team.
Jacob Vaughters
If he won game 1 in the finals in 2018 that probably would have superceded this. 51 8 8 in a finals game was absolutely insane. Versus arguable the best team of all time in terms of firepower and defensive depth. This man truly is a legend.