Top 10 Hunter X Hunter Fights

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Top 10 Hunter X Hunter Fights hxh best hunter x hunter fights hunter x hunter hunterxhunter best hxh fights meruem vs netero netero vs king kurapica vs uvogin feitan vs zazan gon vs hisoka zeno vs zoldyk family zeno silva vs chrollo pitou vs gon knuckle vs youpi hisoka vs gotoh gon vs genthru gon vs bomber anime best anime fights morel vs youpi killua killua vs youpi

Gabriel Juarez
this series has some of the coolest and most badass character designs in all of anime
yns bykl
you can see the quality of the anime from those intense exciting fights, it it not only focused on 2 kids but so many characters
Romario W.
Gon vs Pitou wasnt a fight it was a slaughtering
Pierce Wise
Mereum vs Netero was the best fight in hunter x hunter
Alan Weebus
I love how the animation in hunter x hunter is so smooth in comparison to almost all anime:)
i hope togashi gets better, hxh is in a long break again now, I would love to see Hisoka vs chrollo animated
This really is a gem of an anime. I wish I'd heard of it sooner.
John Lee
#0 Leorio vs Ging
honesty HxH could win an emmy based on the music alone
Samik Sood
i was sad about gotoh dying
Shotgun Pete
at 17:47 Netero actually flips Meruem off xD
Stephane Brusseau
I love Hunter X Hunter musics. There are so COOL !!!!
Good Sheep
Lol Netero got triple kill because of that Suicide Rose Bomb he killed Youpi,Pouf,and Meruem.
i really underestemated this anime and ignore it since 2016 now and finished many others. Im glad i did so and felt like i kept best to last. characters musics fights story at top class. i hope they finish story before i die.
Best anime to ever exist
Aladin Faridi
I want to lose memory only to be able to see it again without knowing nothing about it
BTS Mochi Edits
Hisoka and killua best characters
Hxh better than DBZ and OP together
P Cergic
Great video with great quality. Best one on youtube i've ever come across with this type of content.
Ben NeJame
Idk why but that scene where Gon sacrifices his hands to kick Genthru and he's trying to figure out wtf just happened gets me hyped every time I see it
Son Goku
My top 10 best hunter x hunter 2011 fights 1: netero vs meruem 2: gon vs pitou 3. Gon vs Hisoka 4: killua vs youpi 5: kurapica vs uvogine 6: Feitan vs zazan 7: Zoldycs vs chrollo 8: Gon vs Knuckle 9: Gon vs Genthuru 10: Hisoka vs kastro
Lorben Mc Carry
HXH is not your average action anime... The flavor of the story is unique...👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
man x EE
My only thing is gon vs pitou should be higher
Jemone Cochran
if only leorio would get him a good fight😣😣😣😣😣
these were all my favorite fights in the show thanks for the nostalgia
Kevin S
This anime definatly was a masterpiece in my top 3 for sure.
As much as I loved the Chimera ant arc, the story telling voice ruined so much of it for me
I got chills the first time I saw Netero's power. It was so beautiful! #HunterxHunter is one of the best anime series of all time.
hyun hyun
Netero is probably one of the best heroes in anime History. Period.
kshitiz rimal
So the ant king has died?
Jorge Lopez Guzman
Excellent video with no music epic i like it
Really wish they would animate the hisoka chrollo fight, but sadly that won't happen for a long time.
beautifully constructed video! :)
Aidan Wells
My favorite anime
uvo vs shadow beasts best fight
Rujo Onye
Feitan fight still the king
Ya....I'm not a fan of these fights. Don't get me wrong, these fights are beautifully animated, and its obviously the mangaka put a lot of thought and effort to them. But for me at least, the fights feel so...joyless. There's no sense of triumph. And I do get that Hunter X Hunter is supposed to be a deconstruction of the traditional Shonen, but I feel like he goes a bit too far with it. Maybe its because I'm a fan of traditional shonen. Maybe its because I do believe in objective good and objective evil that keeps me from enjoying morally ambiguous shows like this. But that's just me. It's obvious that people love this series, and I can definately see why. Hunter X Hunter is just clearly not my cup of tea.
Haashim Earally
The only ten fights in hunter xhunter
Karp Zniszczenia
It's wierd. Even though it's a shonen I never considered battles to be the highlight of the series, but the characters and the "oh shit please don't do it you're gonna get killed" moments instead. I'd be unable to give you my top 3 battles straight away
Did anyone else like Kastro?
smoky draids
illumi and hisoka are gods
t twotwo
evrey fight incredul idea
Sk Irfan
really love hunterxhunter...
Max Grigoriev
conjurer....... (9:40)
OhYeahh MrKrabs
God the fights in hxh are already amazing the complex nen system makes them more unpredictable
Marc Ocica
does the dodge ball game count as a fight cause everyone who gets hit by the ball is severely injured so.... yeah
Madhouse hizo un increíble trabajo otra vez.
Gunjan Sagapam
Killua is my favorite in hunter x hunter
Adele Westerlund
Hisoka vs kuroro should have ben on this list 😏
sdghv lvhgngv
overrated anime and overrated fights
Click Bait Bro
My favorite fights on hxh are: 1.Netero vs. Meruem 2.Netero, Killua, and Gon vs. Jed on hxh the last mission. 3.Feitan vs. Zazan
Victor Franklyn
The best one is not in the anime. Krolo vs Hisoka.
Anido Photography
Red Dropper
17:46 Best Moment
ijika yuto
hisokas lol
Ari ri
4:55 feitan so badass!!
peter silie
Best Fight from Hunter x Hunter is correct, but it should be the Nen-volleyball match in greed island arc since it was also about life and dead, as cool as netere/meruem but much more inventive as a 1 on 1 "normal" combat Fight :P
Nexus _Ny
Neteros death was ridiculous but he still won Basically That ant would've perished without his servants netero was more skilled anyway and the better fighter But Sheer Overpowered durability always ruins everything
Roronoa Zoro
i just realized that hisoka is wearing heels this whole time ;-;
The Smitty Mac Jones
Oh how I wish Gon fought meurum in that form
Moon walker
congrats on 10k subscribers
Who can get enough of hisoka <3
Man i can always count on your channel. good work bro!
Daniel Toppo
My fav anime of all time
Thomas Jot
wtf, gon vs pitou is definitely no.1
Nestor Alejandro Moran-Bautista
Cmon man con vs genthru should have been higher5
Muhammad Nooradely Rahman
and the most unique system of power in all of anime universe
kupal kaba
keep it up!
sword slash
Doesnt you guys see the Netero ult with middle hand
Zero Feitan
this top 10 beats all the fight scene in entire anime, I'm a fan of DBZ,naruto,OP and bleach but the fight scene is all about how to checkmate and outsmart your opponent.
Best anime in the world
Chai Yimt
ผมขอเลือก สุดยอดการต่อสู้ 1เนเทโร่vsราชาเมลเอม 2กอร์นvsปีโต้ 3เดธแมทฮิโซกะvsคุโรโร่ 4คิรัวvsยูปี 5เฟย์ตันvsมด 6คุโรโร่vsเซโน่
iran lassninja
I really liked Gon vs genthru I didn't expect Gon to sacrifice his hand Zazan=Zarbon
rikkos mappouros
hxh is one of the most exciting and interesting manga anime ever. So much hype revolves around it. Imagine if the author never had hiatuses just normal 1 week breaks. hxh potential is so god damn huge because of dark continent. We were introduced to so many characters that are absolute beasts and reside only to that small place in a lake called world. I cant even comprehend what lives in the dark continent. If chimera ants, a small life form that came from dark continent almost wiped out every character there is imagine the rest shit that lives there and the huge story development that would happen. FUCK back problems FEED US HXH OR AT LEAST GIVE SOMEONE A PERMISION TO WRITE IT FFS
Miss my LuHan
killua, hisoka, feitan😍
Aka GaMi
One piece the best
wow wow
nooooo, gotoh
しおり Shiori
finished this show today it was so good
gon vs hisoka is number 2
Jay Cobena
i hope kurapika dies he is annoying
Funny Valentine
Oh!!! netero vs meruem number one ??? what surprise XD
Hz Kun
Where can u see the word "Pick your Poison"?
I've never seen this anime, looks exciting
Czarina Janne Gasper
i love this anime
Khalid Al
i wish Uvogin didn't die.
Kamisaki Mamoru
more prefer 1999
Theodor Dideriksen
Easily the best anime of all time. I miss it so much :'(
Czarina Janne Gasper
i am a fan
Sure, Killuas reveal of his lightning ability is cool and all.. but you can’t call that a fight.