14 Most Unusual Jobs That Actually Pay Well

There are a lot of people out there who are not satisfied with their office work. However, there is also a small group of people who are doing jobs you will never believe exist — and all this for some serious cash. Get ready to see the jobs that obliterate the 9 to 5 concept. TIMESTAMPS Professional Snuggler 0:45 Golf Ball Diver 1:27 Pet Food Tester 2:04 Bed Tester 2:43 Paper Towel Sniffer 3:41 Face Feeler 4:25 Line Stander 5:15 Water Slide Tester 5:43 Snake Milker 6:21 Body Part Model 6:57 Worm Picker 7:31 Stunt Tester 8:07 Nude Model 8:29 Armpit Sniffer 8:45 SUMMARY - If you need to be hugged, cuddled, and snuggled, but you're all alone, then your answer is a professional snuggler. You'll be surprised to find some companies offering the most enjoyable and relaxing professional cuddling experience. You get to hug somebody, though you have to pay between $60 and $80 an hour! Bear in mind: nothing more than hugs. - If you enjoy scuba diving and being outdoors, then you are a perfect candidate for this unusual job. Golf ball divers are responsible for collecting all the golf balls from the bottom of ponds on courses. Sounds easy and enjoyable! Well, the truth is that many ponds are not well taken care of, and you can find a lot of nasty mud, algae, and even snakes down there. - Pets are our friends, and we have to make sure that they eat delicious and nutritious meals. Call in the pet food testers! They taste pet food to evaluate the flavors and check if it's up to quality standards. - As the title suggests, there are people who test beds (mattresses and pillows) for companies and hotels. That's right; you are paid to sleep at work. Sounds like a dream job! In reality, it's hard work. A good bed tester knows how to lie down to check that the mattress has no dips and that the edges of the bed are strong enough to sit on. - You might have noticed that all paper towels either smell delicious or have almost no smell. It's not a coincidence but the fruits of hard work from paper towel sniffers. They sniff paper towels for manufacturers to make sure they don't have any unwanted smells. Don't get too excited because it's easier to get a job as a brain surgeon than this job, which might be one of the smallest job niches out there. - Feelers work for skin care companies. They don't produce products, but they feel the faces of people who are trying new products to see if there is any improvement. You do need some serious ability and knowledge to feel the difference. - If you don't like queuing, there is a perfect solution. Just hire a professional line stander, a person who will queue for you for a fee. It's a hard and boring job that can be well paid. A line stander can earn more than $1,000 a week, but what if it is cold? - A water slide tester's responsibility lies in taking multiple trips down the slide to see how much water it needs, how quickly you can reach the bottom, and how safe and fun it is. The salary of a water slide tester can reach $35,000 a year! - Snake milkers spend their days pushing snakes (certain types only) into a plastic container to extract or milk the snake. These true heroes save lives by milking snakes. The job demands fearless employees with good manual skills. - If you have attractive hands or beautiful feet, the world is waiting for you. Besides, some products are also looking for ugly feet or hands. In fact, the hand and foot models are in the highest demand. - Have you ever wondered how the worms get into the shop? Worm pickers walk in grassy areas (gardens, parks, golf courses) after dark and pick up earthworms. - You've probably seen shows like X-Factor or Fear Factor, where one of the challenges is to eat live bugs or insects. To make sure that disgusting food is suitable for eating, companies hire stunt testers. - Revealing yourself to other people is either illegal or extremely intimate. Not so for these models, who bare it all in the name of art. You don't have to have the best body, but you need confidence and the ability to hold a pose for hours. - Armpit sniffers work for deodorant manufacturers to ensure the quality of the product. Sniffers spend their days in a hot room or outdoors, sometimes sniffing up to 60 armpits an hour. Their goal is to determine how effective the deodorant is. Subscribe to Bright Side : /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: />Instagram: /> SMART Youtube: /> 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: /> Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Hey guys! Which job would you choose? :) Wanna get a job at Google? Try to answer their interview questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9O4usHigKg&
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I’m dropping out of school to become a bed tester
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#11 golf ball scuba diver so watch out for gators especially in Southern States in the USA. I did this for three months on four golf courses in Florida. Met quite a few hungry gators....I left the golf balls
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Boss: what is one of your weeknesses? Me: I never know when to quit! Boss: Your hired! Me: I quit
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I spent most of my early life (from mid teens to mid twenties) as a beefcake model. I enjoyed it, as it got me laid a lot; and paid well.
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I actually am a nude model part time for an art class and I do photography as well and thumbnail kinda true except you don’t do spread poses for a class. I remember one class a college kid had front and center view and I was lying on a couch. can’t imagine what he drew for 3 hrs. It was a class of 22 college students. It generally is older ladies and the occasional sketchy looking old man that asks too many questions.
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Expectations "I love to go to job". Reality " I hate to work ".
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