GTA San Andreas Secrets and Facts 3

GTA SA Easter Eggs and Facts 3! Things You Didn't Know. Ghosts, CJs Mom, Big Smoke ghost, Bigfoot, Aliens, UFO, Myths and Legends of GTA SA and much more! Thanks for watching and enjoy the video! Read full description and subscribe my channel for more! Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs! ► In this video you can find facts what you did not know and easter eggs and secrets in GTA San Andreas videogame! Subscribe my channel and follow my Facebook fanpage. Stay tuned for the next part and other videos and big movies! ► JizzyVideos FB fanpage: /> Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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NOTD Sushii
the train that will get you to hogwarts
prod. leaN
The pedestrians are "possessed by demons" "they see a mothman" lmao it’s just broken ai chill.
Big Smoke
CJ i will be hunting you till you drive me to cluckin bell
Mack Hernandez
2:31 (Big smoke would be proud)
Silent Dragneel
15:19 scared the s**t out of me
Adnan's Pro's
YouTube: GTA San Andreas secrets and facts Me: Oh shit here we go again
Francesco Benedetti
14:44 that breathe can be heard every time CJ enters in a dark area
Ismail Nisar
Thanks for forcing me into buying a new house
Was it me or did anybody run outta cj's house as quickly as possible just because the place was just so eerie
'69' pictures. Oh rockstar
Did you know...Gta San Andreas is the best GTA ever made????!!!
Zephyr Prime
Actually, the suicidal photographer walks towards the nearest pedestrian path and that is across the lake. Since the game is so old, AI is not the best and the peds cant dodge the water.
Suicidal Photographers: I think there was supposed to be a pedestrian bridge connecting the 2 "islands" or just the AI mishap
Angel of Chaos
Well obviously Bigfoot knows a little bit of boxing😅.
Nik Sin
Flying around with an train in San fiero...3:25 "spook-o-meter" Ironic, isnt it?
Side Cake
Damn this make me spook the hell out!
dude i was scared at 7:57 i just got shocked
Nick Bon Jovi
Stairs breathing is CJ's. It means that you hide. I remembered it as I watched my little brother playing mission at Mad Dogg mansion back in 2007. I'm surprised it was pointed as mystery more than 10 years after :\
Squacker Squacker
when you walk in the building where you kill smoke and you see his ghost in the corridor You:SMOKE!!! Smoke: Goddamit cj, All You had to do was follow the damn train!!
James Brogno
He ain't big smoke, he is Charlie Chaplin😂
3:11 We're going on a trip on our favorite rocket ship
Gamerboi 11452
Did You Know?? Gta San Andreas Is A Legend Game??
Brian Harold
"there can be heard a strange and scary breathing inside the building" 😂😂😂 that's cj's breath when he's in a dark place. it means you're hidden
The train is going to hogwarts
i miss san andreas
GK 83
Do you ever question humanity's mental health when they keep believing in rumors that were born almost 20 years ago? I do.
Burned Egg
14:28 You can hear big smoke's voice in the building OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
game _151spot
Big foot hahahaha he big smoke`s cat
I like your background music man, it makes me relaxed and good to listen before sleep, do you have any links on it? Or playlists?
That breathing is CJ's...I hear it in every empty interior
Taken Razen
The music synching with the floating train footage was beautiful, almost made me nostalgic remembering how often we’d hunt for these myths.
Charged Man
Did anybody run out from cj's house as fast as possible?, anybody same like me?
GeneralFieldMarschall SaltShaker
#2 did you know theres a floating train in this game? Me: THAT DAMN TRAIN AGAIN
This guy is driving good in gta while me I just bumped everything whoever goes on my way
Black Boyy
5:55 Birdbox inspired by gta way back
Why when the cj mom part came up the music is going creepy
Alphonse Elric
Well, I just punch the door off.
Steal girl's car.What a kind boyfriend of you.
Man, such videos make me feel to play this game again. ❤️❤️
I just smacked the locked vehicle door till it broke i drive!!!
secrets, and facts. No secrets, and no facts. only mods or modification and rumors. Waou/
My childhood is being reborn, because of your vids, i wanna play sa again :')
Unkown Channel
Me: good no scary music Later... Me: I'm out
the SquidSisters SFM
Big smokes Ghost can be spawned! You need Cleo and the ped spawn Mod , spawn big smoke after end of the Line and it will Look Like a ghost! Before end of the Line a Default smoke spawns
Kevin Murphy
Me clicking on another San Andreas Facts and Myths video.. "Ah shit, here we go again"
kramtimer boi
CJ as been in the Johnson house a lot of times and I haven't seen Beverly Johnson ghost
strn jojo
Will there be a part 4? I am really enjoying these
Saurabh Srivastava
The game has predicted the Bird Box concept in form of suciadial photographer..
nick large
The strange scary breathing is when CJ is in a shadow, nothing to do with smoke, look on the mini map it goes black when he’s in the shadow
Lil Probe Inn is also a reference to Lil Ale Inn in Roswell, which is also an UFO bar (for obvious reasons xD)
electronic music
5:32 and i would be suicidal if i look like that
Axel Foley
This game is superior to gtav in every way with the exception of graphics obviously
Grave Master
The peds who also spawn atop the cliff on chilliad and fall to their death constantly. By the shack where you do that mission where the man is being protected
LightBright Biancaa
2:08 it never gets old jumping on the bikes like that lol also on Vice city
I like the spooky background music used in creepy secrets
Aiyhana Keith
You have real awesome theories😊
Aiyhana Keith
Awesome on the floating train
Stefan Records
*you have my like.*
Big Smoke's ghost will just say all you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!
vangelis crampboy
Jizzy bro,tell me the songs on this video!Thanks so much for replying!❤
Lim Wei Ming
I think this myths from GTA San Andreas has secret update and never has vision so this game has myths
Cody Dirkson
So its 2019 has anyone figured if bigfoot is actually in the game or not I still look every time I play
I killed CJ's mom with RKO mod! XD
Panav Bora
Dude why do you make your vid more scary by puting scary music
Aytee_ Art
Cj’s mom is a mod...!! Reat sa gamers know it
i have seen at Los Santos airport an truck driving thrue an building
Blaze Brosnan
Smoke hunting Cj because cj doesn't follow the damn train
arham irfan
Dude the "scary breathing sound" is just what happens when you go in the shadows. in the mission where u steal the rhyme book, when u go into the shadows it makes that sound. It probably makes that sound on the stairs cause the game has glitches.
Ronzel John Romarate
That some many killers and face is creepy in easter egg And the time created on creepy guy with this time 3:00
When your change for gas amounts to $420.69 Cashier: marry me
No one important to you
3/4 of these are BS.
Andres Pichinte
I think the suicidal pedestrians is just proof that GTA SA predicted Bird Box before Bird Box was even made.
Farabi Ahmed Tonoy
CJ's mom's ghost is real. But not like the mods. I saw it in two different saved games. But just for a moment.
Bunny ZH
The Photographers... Are they okay? I think they need a last photo of the city so they can go die to next life... IDK
Lmao bigfoot squares up ready to fight you...XD
Lila Tan
Hey! The jizzy! Anytimes I see your video..I love your driving bro.😁
Hey! Did you know every characters in GTA SAN know how to boxing
Really awesome and fitting soundtracks to this video!
The breathing is from CJ... he is in stealth mode because of the shadows
Sandeep Kumar
How great you are dude how you discovered I am excited through the secrets 😊😊 I know you will get 1 million subscribers 👑👑I am sharing with all my friends you get more than t series EAST OR WEST JIZZY IS THE BEST👑☺
PS4 Derpy Scauce
The suicidal photographers have done their duty so they die
Aditya Waghe
Nice and awesome video I'm new subscriber
Mohammed ali
Cj can't stay in Johnson house because if he stay there the ghost will attack him
Bigfoot mod men
lucas wong
The Big Foot Turned into a Civilian Boxing mode as soon as he saw Cj
2:31 *big smoke would like to know your location.*
Jannys Gaming.
This Game Driver: San Francisco Trailer and the Gameplay
Edix tricks
the floating train wasnt a purposed.. i think it was a failed programming
Secrets and facts: some guys made ghost mods
Stiffen dad's choice
Another video from the amazing Youtuber "TheJizzy"
Achal Soni
Dear The Jizzy Make a video for how to go gta san and reas to gta vice city plzzzz 😟😟😟
Fire Player
5:38 it was the thing from the movie bird box
Legend of Black guy
2019?? and the bigsomke state is the first shape of bigsomke
you made me scared at johnson house that was my saving game :(
1331 VI6six
I only remember big smokes ghost
Jorge Andrade
The breath sound in the stairs is sound of CJ when enter in dark areas, you hear a lot when you stole a book from Mad Dog :) (if you play in stealh mode)
All you have to do is follow the damn train cj
Lucky Lee
From 2019 looking at this great game! that i played in my child hood brings alot of memories :)