KISS - The Lost Alive II - Tokyo 1977

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This video is hinke. Look at Paul at the 2:22 mark. He holds a vocal note as he walks away from the mic, with no change in volume. Either the sync is off on this, or this isn't the actual recording.
Virgil Ward
This is from the HBO special back in 76 or 77.. I remember watching it...
jj wooten
I love old concert vids like this before they started filming with 80 cameras resulting in horrible editing.
Lawrence Gonzales
That's live at the Budokan that's not Kiss Alive 2 they play this show on HBO back in the day
robert loya
Wow! They were remarkable! Never heard Ace sound better, he's fast becoming a legend to me, just so fucking cool!
Back then Paul was a great singer!
Luis Martinez
Could b the best video of them live
Jay Powell
Wrong costumes for Alive II... They'd be wearing Love Gun album outfits.... Good stuff though....
I'm kind of a big deal
Do the kisses have large talons
ronald williams
the old KI§§ is the best! hands down! ACE is the man!
moises ugalde
Me gusta mas este concierto que el de kiss alive 2!!!
Clifford Hritz
'KISS' died after 1978
Eric Ostrowsky
Any question to Kiss greatness is answered right here.They were truly monsters back in the day \m/
Robert Morris
That Is The stuff you Betcha !!!
Audio is from a different show...
Daniel Ronin Hernandez
Wow i've seen them live, just wished I would have see them at their prime......People went nuts...I can see why, Great playing and Great stage presence................
laurent rousselot
just... AWESOME!!!
John Macedo
Ace and Paul's head banging at 11:20 says it all. Pure rock 'n' roll.
Bob Silver
I was a KISS freak in the 70's!!!! I love em!
art artie
good old rock and roll they sounded good..
This is excellent. Sound quality is great!
Hockeyfan 4life
I have this on the KISSOLOGY box sets.
1 Bad Jesus
9 months after this concert Japan's population rose 4%.
richard sugg
Not live.... Overdubbed in the studio
The Only Casey Bourgeois
Interesting... this is the Destroyer outfits. but not the Destroyer tour stage. That combined with the lack of Love Gun songs... I'm guessing this is Rock N Roll Over Tour.
Holy Gungner
Goodbye my amazing kiss, see you ... 2019
Ulises Vargas Osorio
🥺🥺🥺 es bellísimo
James Mcdonough
The first Kiss live images I saw when I was twelve with my brother and parents the room was electrified and my life changed , than you KISS! and Peter had the swing back then too.
Hard edit on mine. Some songs added, some missing? Black Diamond?
Lost 1/2 of Ace's solo.
Clifford Hritz
Makin' Love would be considered a rape song today. ' she says stop, baby, go, go, go!'
Hell ya! Got this on vhs back in the early '90s. Great show.
louis borselio
I want you. I want two.
75 = Alive tour, blends into the release of Rock And Roll Over/Destroyer = 76, THIS is late 76 towards very end of RNRO tour (Hence mostly RNRO/Destroyer songs and the RNRO/Destroyer outfits), right before the release of Love Gun, which then they departed on Alive 2 tour = 1977. They all blended very closely together and it's all good, but just being technical here. Doesn't matter in the end though as that was 3 fulls years of tours and ROCK HEAVEN, they sound AMAZINGLY GODLIKE OUTSTANDING in this show. Just awesome.
Peters drum style was lifting these songs on a level Carr and Singer never were able to copy.
Their costumes from the Destroyer album cover
Guillermo García Rojas C.
Great sound and image!
Steve Minton
Alive II was released in October '77.....this was right before that as these songs are from Alive I, Rock and Roll Over etc...
Glenn Levy
isnt this either from The Rock and Roll Over Tour? or the Destroyer tour? but then again that is the KISS Alive II stage
George Kolotouros
Saw them in 96 and in 2009 in san Diego . They sounded awesome.
Destroy Date
Calling Dr. Love was my favorite KISS song. What album was it on? Thought it was on R&R Over.
Mark Brock
Man!! These guys were on FIRE that night! Thanks so much. Those much younger than us can clearly see here that KISS could rock with the best!
I wonder if the lighting guys got in deep doodoo with the logo being messed up like that? The K is out of sync with the rest of the logo.
Mr Schmeltz
Eddie Kramer revealed Alive II the LP the concert has Anton Fig playing the fictitious concert and the band and others recorded the rest and looped audience. That's what he said....
Maybe after Rock n Roll Over album
Harald S Christensen
The swing of 70s KISS!
Demonic Sweaters
great audio quality on this one! Thanks for the upload!
xracier numbernine
sweet thanks for the memories .
97warlock ismyname
Looks like Young Music Festival Rock n Roll Over tour .... would LOVE to have thios full pro shot dvd ,Incredible
Stanley yodeled at 02:38.
wow! gene is singing cold gin instead of ace!
Captain Velveeta
I swear these guys have dubbed every 'live' album they've ever done
James Butterson
I seen this concert front row ACE got electrocuted coming down the stairs and Paul Finished the song by his self.
ya Jay its after Destroyer anyways, use to listen to them all the time back then when I was a teen.
Peter sounds decent here.  Maybe he felt taller in Japan.
If I have a blast playing these tunes on my guitar I can just imagine how much fun and how exciting it was for them back in the day when they started to become popular.
The Only Casey Bourgeois
Anyone else think 'cold Gin' is the boring-est show standard KISS plays?
J. Hiram Boggs
lolol.. These guys arent even playing.