Black Gryph0n vs. Roomie Impression Battle

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Hello, in this video I am going to compare the 2 fantastic YouTubers Roomie and Black Gryph0n in a comparison battle. I am not milking these 2 YouTuber's talent, I made this video because a few people suggested it. I will make other sorts of videos. Please make sure to subscribe to Roomie and Black Gryph0n, as they are the one who deserves it. Roomie: />Black Gryph0n:

Black Gryph0n
Roomie! <3
Francis Ladaran
Rossaly Riny
Gryph0n(60%) Roomie(40%)
Black Gryph0n 😃 won 100%
Chris 17
*Black Gryph0n Won But He's Born With A Voice But Roomie Ain't BTW*
Ariana Torres
Black Gryphon definitely won!! 100%
little Tom
4:08 I can't stop watching that part
Auggie Mutkus
I love the part smile when she says “I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed” but totally Black Gryphon or Gabriel Brown WON!
Chester Villaflor
6:49 did you here rommie like if you here it
Roomie makes impression for video's. thats why he puts auto tune and background music. Clearly Black Gryph0n win's but still they're both deserve some respect.
Christian XD
Roomie has music in the background, Black gryphon doesnt so Black gryphon won...DONT BULLY ME
XxSavage xX
Roomie all the way like
King Gamer
4:12. Pause,😶😐😯😦. Or 4:11.
Boomer Buddy
Black Gryph0n infinity%!
Bryan Yazid
Black Gryph0n is better
Caelan Stanwell
Like- Black Gryphon Comment- Roomie
my names Blurryface and I care what you think
Emo bands and singers: Brendon Urie: 3:56 - 4:26 Billie Joe: 4:26 - 4:49 Patrick Stump: 4:49 - 5:14 Tyler Joseph (tøp is emo deal with it): 7:09 - 7:39
John Edward Areola
Black Gryphon Has A Better Voice
Monkey man
Theyre both very talented and great, but I prefer Black Grtph0ns Impressions more
Patrick Allen
roomie better than gryph0n
CheezyChicken guy
Oh were half way there, whoa-oa! Squidward on a chair!
LegoShow Gamer
3:57 i dont think so, roomie win
The Gaming Duck
Squidward on a chair
whitney autumn
Gryphon won the majority of these, but some of Roomie’s were good. Overall gryphon has better technique but they’re both good in their own ways
Phoenix Dang
Roomie is 100000000000000000000000000 times better don't judge me
Victor Uyoa
Roomie won 100%
Itz Claudee
1.Gabriel 2.Roomie 3.Gabriel 4.Roomie 5.BOTH
Noah's TV
Roomie won! Even though I’m subbed to Black Gryph0n!
Pusheen Lover93
Roomie Win!
the none sense sisters
To be honest both of them are really good and talented Better than me I'll say My voice sounds Like Freaking Ew
chacha pacheco
I think Gabriel won by a small bit but both are good I just think Gabriel has a more natural voice
Christina Greene
I love them both, let me make that clear. But I am team Roomie.
Martin Loza
Black Gryph0n 100%
Andrea Recchia
Pause the video at 4:12 it had me dead 😂😂
Ezekiel Syiem
Black gryphon won 100%
Ini Detective Conan
Roomie Is The Best
Black Gryphon😎👍❤
Roomie just bothers me
fast level8402
Gryph0n 100% wom
Amy Johnson
Gabriel Brown one because when Rumi sings All-Star he messes up on it and he's way more better Gabriel Brown because of his Twenty One Pilots and All Star
The World's Biggest Thomas Fan
1. Gabe 2. Roomie 3. Gabe 4. Gabe 5. Roomie 6. Gabe 7. Gabe 8. Gabe 9. Gabe 10. Gabe 11. Gabe 12. Gabe 13. Roomie 14. Gabe 15. Gabe 16. Roomie 17. Gabe 18. Roomie Gabe - 13, Roomie - 5 Gabe is the winner!
GTK gaming 15
Roomie!!!!!!!!!!! Who's my team? :'(
Topak X
Roomie win :D
Compas Unidos
Black Gryph0n
95% of the comments - roomie (probably because they haven't heard of black gryphon yet and they seem to have liked him more, given the fact that they knew him first. He tries too hard 😂) 5% of comments - black gryphon ( he does it better based on first impressions cuz its much more precise than having to know someone beforehand and damn that adam levine, frank sinatra, ed sheeran, sam smith and steve harwell were on point. He is more natural to😂). They both are talented but i really think that gabriel sounded the closest to the artists. 😂
PinkSis YT
Black gryph0n Like if you agree
Jay Spitulski
Roomie is way better than black gryphon
Anderson Tai
Why does everyone think that roomie used autotune he has 2 videos one with no music in the back round and one with music in the back round And I don’t know who won their both amazing at singing and other things
Domenico Lacarpia
Black Gryphon has better voice.
Autumn Briggs
I think black gryphon does better embodying the artist he's portraying so his singing is more of a full performance.
Shape Music
black 😇
Sofie Roukema
They are both soo amazing!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tessa Webb
Okay so everyone here Is picking sides of who won this "battle" why is no one here saying they both did an amazing job on something not everyone can do why do we have to say who is better as you can see they are two different people who have different vocal ranges and vocal cords who are we to pick who won shouldnt we just give them props for what they do no disrespect I just find this wrong to make a video putting them against each other and not just giving them kudos
Nehemias :V yao caverga
Team ROOMIE forever :')
Martin Loza
Roomie is fake. Its not his real voice, he changed it. Its too obvious
In my opinion Black Gryphon won. Not only do I love him a lot but roomie has used auto tune, and black just really accurately recreates the singers voice. Even when the singers voice wavers he does it too. Roomie’s accent is just really hard to hide which is another reason black is better. No hate to you tho, Roomie
Snuffles In Slytherin
I am loyal and true to Black Gryph0n, but Roomie just may have won a subscription from me...
Kelli Louey
Medelyn Cadeliña
black gryphon won like if you agree
Anderson Tai
Roomie(50) Black gryphon(50)
Samerr Marquez
For me both
Ghetal Oon Una-Ulo
Roomie is better. Hehe
thewes4 gt
Both was rly Good but romie wins😊 and btw good video bro❤
Wolf Boy Vlogs
Roomie bro
Abdullahi Abdikadir
Black gryphon
The MacGamer
Roomie lost badly this time. Gabe was the closest to the original more times than not! That is what I consider a win.
thunder gaming 103
Roomie is so autotuned
John Cyrus Tabios
Like it if you hate roomie face while singing
Fachri Ali
Roomie and Black Gryp0n is the best
Ella Blankman
Omg Black Gruph0n won that’s easy
Ellena R.
Roomie is way much better in my opinion, cause he has more power in his voice and more difference in the notes he is singing. My Opinion.
Gryph0n(50%) Roomie(50%)
Elexis Stacy
Roomie won for sure
Sophia Reyes
Black GryphOn is better
Roomie uses music not real voice
smoreslife 4evrr
gryph0n all the way!
دانه ال سعود
1:10 that impression gryphon did did catch my heart and i cant stop waching it well done my legend
Black Gryph0n is much better, he doesnt use autotune nor background music, and that makes him technically superior.
Retarded Penguin
Gryph0n won, duh. But they both are still good.
ditisnietdharma vlog's
Roomie is better Baucus idk his name is fake I can tell
Uma A
WTF they r all talented!!!!!!
Кто-то за дверью.
I like both♥️ Я люблю обоих♥️
Black gryph0n has a better range
Kei Tsukishima
Black Gryphon is the best! 👍😍
Super Idiotic
Okay. *NOBODY* can perfect Tyler's beautiful voice!!💙😍
Sophie Schubert
Nur autotune
Black Gryph0n 😍
remake live 50
Roomie wins but he better not get confterble because blackgryph0n is getting really good and so competition gets warmer
Adolph_gabriel Amihan
Black Gryph0n
Moonton God
Black gryphon
Lucas Hemanoel
Black Gryphon
Kooilad Monkey
Roomie won of course
Please write a comment and tell me who you think won, perhaps even at each impression. You could do it like this if you want: 1. Roomie 2. Roomie 3. Black Gryph0n 4. Roomie 5. Black Gryph0n And so on... *ALSO - What video should I make next time? Do you have any suggestions?*
Glass Slapper
Roomie is the best
Gabi Dedu
5:14 best!!!