Black Gryph0n vs. Roomie Impression Battle

Caelan Stanwell
Like- Black Gryphon Comment- Roomie
Hailboo Hauer
Personally, I think Gryphon is better..But roomie is still really good
Kookie Baby
I love roomie, but his stares are are so creepyyy. Gees dude just blink 😂
VividViolet xD
Roomie is low key being held hostage with a gun in the back of his head when he sang the Sam Smith one..
The copyright is going to be mad.
Kyler 11boat
And the winner is... PEWDIEPIE!
So, we get to hear All Star 4 times? Nice. >:]
Random Bald Guy
Blackgryph0n's wigs won.
That oh yeah yeah boi
I swear Black Gryph0ns Charlie Puth voice impression was amazing
Roomie low key does look like he is being held hostage
Hunt Vlogs
Roomie has a smoother voice but Black Gryph0n sounds more like the person he’s personating Wow thanks for all the likes
Heart Henson
Why you guys comparing them?? They both deserve respect and love 💕
Kelly Rodriguez-Olivera
3:42 black gryffon definitely won that 😂
Roomie's better at higher, pop-ish voices Gryph0n's better at lower, soulful voices They're both incredible
Elm TheLeafwing
I love Roomie But Black Gryph0n did better at the impressions
But I will say Gryphon gets extra points for changing costumes each time😇
Xxxtentacion Jr
I THINK gryphons better with high pitches and roomie is better with deep voices
Luiz Adriano
black gryph0n 75 percent of the votes
Smoothmove Sherlock
Nothing can beat that stare from Roomie tho
Nigara Kadirova
I came here only to hear how the gryphon depicts Shawn Mendes , Tyler Joseph and Panic!At the disco
I *Love* Black Gryph0n !! 😭💙💙💙 Who to 👍💙
TheOneEffect !
We’re comparing 2016 / 2012 Roomie to 2017 BlackGryphon! Unfair! Roomie has improved and was just shy back then but now he shows passion, he had it before but showed it in a different way!
Fortnite CraZe
It’s kinda unfair because roomie has background music from the song and black gryphon doesnt
Awezeptoo 97
I have to say, roomie used WAY too much autotune on the Panic! cover
Panda baby
At least they are both past voice cracks
Rumman Naser
BlackGryph0n is good at impersonating high pitched singers, Roomie is good at deeper voices My opinion..
Random Things
Black gryph0n was the best, I also love Roomie but I think that Black gryph0n was the best 👍
Country GothGirl
It was literally 50/50 IMO. Both are great.
Nil Sargut
When you came here Just to check if your smol bean is here And here the answer is Yes, he is here 7:10 Stay street Stay alive ||-//
Layla Green
i personaly think that roomie is better at singing and BlackGryph0n is better at impressions.But they both sound great,i love them both
Black Gryph0n
Roomie! <3
Tanner Smith
Let’s face it, no one can get Twenty-One Pilots voice. It’s just to complex
Essy Jablez
The real question is how tf are they soooo good And no one can get as good as Brendan iris so don’t try plz..... He’s too good for u.
Collin Lawrence
Isn't Black Gryphon the gamertag of the Widowmaker from the song 'No Mercy'?
Peace Sells
Here's what it comes down to personally. Gryph0n is better at the high voices and the voices with multiple changes in the lines. Roomie is better for lower more straight forward voices. I think someone already mentioned this but I'll agree, when it comes to they're natural voice I like roomie's more but Gryph0n beats him completely in impersonations.
Quick Curve
Roomie is a better singer but black gryphon is a better impersonator
Hannah Coward
Roomie uses music so that he sounds better but black gryphon is better
gun boi
Man roomie is good at Brendon uries Black is good at Sam smith
Jacek Gawlas
Like-Roomie Kom-Black Gryphon
petition to make black gryoh0n on americas got talent and do impressions :) like to sign
Ike Deinniel Palomo
Black gryph0n is the best
Granny Gaming_YT
Black gryph0n - 7/10 Roomie - 6.2/10
Trixy Rye
6:56 anyone caught the voice crack LOL
Casey McGuire
Both Brendon Urie impressions were really bad. Love Brendon so much
Panini Bread
100% Black Gryph0n wins, but massive respect for Roomie.
Nicolaj Vangsgaard
I mean. I feel like there are more that Roomie gets on point but Black Gryph0n is more consistent
Celtic Sword
Make an UPDATED VERSION because Black GriPhon has a new one
Ali Al-Ahmed
BlackGryph0n 11 - 2(tie) - 3 roomite. IMO
Arfan Amierul
Gabriel brown are the best.
I think black gryph0n is better _also roomie stares like he wants to kill someone_
Little EmoPcyho
No one can hit beebos high notes, but when roomie did Billie good job to him
Tonkawa YT
Black Gryph0n Obviously is better at San Smith... Just my opinion
Chim Chim
The Frank Sinatra of Roomie got me shook
Sophia Poole
I think Roomie is way better he is amazing
Azaria Wimbley
who else hates justin bieber?
Peter Blain
that roomie brendon urie is ligit awesome how does he go that pitch?
And...... Roomie wins But I like both of them Except that no one got bruno's voice
Black griph0n win!
Mia Rosales
I like the way roomie did BJA impersonation, although you can tell if it's BJA or not :> i like them both.
Hunt Vlogs
Extra credit to Black Gryph0n for the costumes
Black gryphon can sing very very very well than him loke if u think the same❤
Fan OfAllYoutubers
Bro Why Does Roomie Sound Like That He Sounds Like Something Else On Maroon 5 And Bruno Mars
Roman Jones
Roomie is the best 🗣
Violet Universe
And the winner is... Brendon Urie Edit: Wow guys thank you so much for 1k likes! I love Panic and I’m glad so many of you do as well! Anyways, bye!
Sharoll Guther
We don't talk anymore gabriel Brown
Mister Geoffrey
Black grifon creeps me out
Rachael Kennedy
Obviously black gryph0n won P. S that Charlie puth impression was spot on!!
julien enea
Black gryphon is à best
Gabriella Daise
Black Gryphon. But extra points because he changed to look like the singer Edit: omg I’ve never gotten this many likes
Black gryp0n actually also made no mercy
In my opinion Roomie won by 3 points. I kept track of who did the impression better and Roomie won
draculA ! Ban aluc ae
O gryphon é muito BOOOMMM Acho q ele ganha do roomie
Lucy Barnes
I’ve known roomie longer but black gryphon wins They should definitely collab
Chumpy _ 965
4:10 Was he trying to be funny or not? Like: No Comment: Yes
ya doode
My opinion is Roomie:14 Gabe: 13
😝 Gabriii 😝
5:32 nononoononoonnonono, roomie, it’s RAAAAH SQUIDWARD ON A CHAIR like duh
UMG Has entered the chat
Mikey Hayes
Defo gryphon 100% better at every impression
Donuts and Cupcakes
Roomie - like Black gryph0n - comment I personally think roomie but I respect ur opinion
Dávid Tóth-Szurdok
How to be a troll More
Till Engel
Wow. Roomies John Mayer is amazing!
anyone else here from the recommendation?
Orange Crush
Personally think Roomie did best
taylør lawsøn
Roomie is Swedish so it might be harder for him to impersonate these predominantly American artists. Just a thought.
Black Gryph0n is so good at Bon Jovi
Pigeon Man
Roomie definitely wins oh sorry I mean romie
nighty trash
nobody can do brendon’s voice. literally nobody.
Black Gryph0n = Rommie They’re equal. uwu
Pumpa Kungen
I think black gryphon did better Like-black gryphon Comment-roomie
i just noticed they have trouble on impersonating ed sheeran's voice
Black Gryphon is better at impressions Roomie is a better singer
Gryphon messed up on tyler joseph aka 21 pilots
Biwwie the b
I think roomie is good but I still think black gryphon is still better
I don't like how roomie looks at me😂
Cris88 TV
Rommie is the Best
Anders Marvik
Ashlyn Hackler
ok so i tallied up for each one i thought was better, and... roomie got 9 and gryph0n got ...9. so that proves they're both amazing
Chadason McGraw
This was close. I couldn't chose a winner, they both did amazing.
Armand Larochelle
Damn gryphon spot on with Bruno
🤪 For Roomie 🤯 For Black Gryph0n