Omid Djalili Stand Up - 2002

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Omid Djalili, stand-up comedian, writer and actor with roles in "The Mummy" and "Gladiator", brings his views on race, culture and stereotypes to the 2002 Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Want more Y2K comedy? Watch here: />Rock, Chappelle & C.K.! Laugh with the legends: /> SUBSCRIBE For More Stand Up: />J4L on Facebook: />J4L on Twitter: />Just For Laughs Homepage: />Follow Omid Djalili on Twitter: /> Just For Laughs is the world's premiere destination for stand-up comedy. Founded in 1983, JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney.

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this crowd did not really get the gozilla jokes so he abandoned them on the fly...
Niki M
Shut up i don't have time for clapping 😂😂😂😂
Beau Peep
*I L O V E T H I S M A N !* *One of the UK's most beloved comedians.*
People who don't get him should really review their definition of "humor".
this guy KILLED!
Omid is as good as Dave Chappelle!
Hassan H
I have watched Omid many times, but it looks like he is re cycling (repeating)his jocks again and again.
Luke Lawrence
KiLLA Doughboy
"Bugs? I hate bugs!"
Jason Statham
Am i the only one who thinks his godzilla impressions were hilarious! LOL.
Such class!
wasnt he in the movie the mummy
Dwayne Johnson
4:56 What's Hillary Clinton doing in the crowd?
Belly dance🎺📯🎷🎵🎧🎤
Wow...this guy was in "The Mummy" with Brendan Frasier. Good standup material!!!
"I hate bugs"
Avinash Patil
The Indian joke was funny as hell.
shawnee reid
I love him 💙
Gus Alcon
Horribly Funny Best ever
Marinho Louhenapessy
Omg he's so funny!!!!
Tony Vincenzi
Yeah baby!!
There's self-depreciation as a comic skill and then there is being a loser. Omid Djalili is (or at least used to be) the latter. His joke about chemical weapons in Iraq/Iran war is a good demonstration of how he's trying to fit himself into the cartoonish character of a "primitive" "Muslim" that the Right has perpetuated in the West. He's not making any attempt to subvert and criticize such a notion or be critical about it and is merely accepting the insult as some sort of ticket to show biz.
unsportsmanlike conduct
he's trying too hard
Love him. But have you seen one show you have seen em all. He’s using the same material again and again....
Sreedevan VM
Djalil is just one whose very demeanor evokes comfort and hilarity. The fun damental awesome 🙏👍🏻. Original. Indians speak of fundas and undas, not fun 🤣😂😇
Anthony Garcia
This guy is great!
This guy looks like Prison Mike.
Raed hammad
Smart and funny
Marc Britt
well done
Love this man😄
Alvin D
Were bandanas the thing back then? I would've been 7 when this was filmed.
mahmood tajar
Corrina McFarlane
Appreciating Omid
hey he was in black books, the pimp that picks up Manny lol!
Schizophrenic Cynic
absolutely no one claim im racist in any form, but this is the official stereotype of the successful persian hotel owner/fashion designer
Arman Singh
that was so bad.. so bad that I wanted to smash my fingers into my eyes
Love Peace
I tried to laugh or smile, but he failed...
Collin Hennessy
This guy blew up my trailer park, killed 26 people. CNN reported that some uneducated Americans were being Islamophlobic.