Alice In Chains (live concert) - July 3rd, 1996, Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO

BETTER VERSION NOW AVAILABLE HERE: /> Alice In Chains (live concert) - July 3rd, 1996, Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO 01. Again ( 00:39 ) 02. God Am ( 04:43 ) 03. Sludge Factory ( 08:49 ) 04. We Die Young ( 13:39 ) 05. Them Bones ( 16:02 ) 06. Rooster ( 19:06 ) 07. Would? ( 25:54 ) 08. Angry Chair ( 30:07 ) 09. A Little Bitter ( 35:40 ) 10. Dam That River ( 39:35 ) 11. Man In The Box ( 43:16 ) For more ALICE IN CHAINS shows and footage, be sure to check out my playlist: /> Please support this artist. Buy their records and merchandise. If band members are still playing shows, go see them live!

Joe Tomasso
Great show! And as sick as Layne was here, he still pulled it off with gusto. You can see Jerry looking over at Layne from time to time to see if he was okay. Sad...
Chills everywhere, man.. Layne's voice was untouchable.
44:36 jerry gives Laine the thumbs up for hitting the note I teared up.
chris wright
Layne was one of the great rock voices of all time. Anyone that says different simply has no idea. I saw them live in 1993 and Layne killed it!!
Barrett Masters
I love the guy at 4:47 that's like "aw shit this is my favorite song"
hope layne and Chris are jamming out .two great entertainers.
Layne and Mike Starr would always party every year on Mike's birthday. Mike was there that night and Layne was in bad shape after a while. Mike told a relative of Layne's family, they ordered chinese food. That fact wasn't known by only a few close family members. He did have chinese food in his stomach contents. Layne told Mike that if he called an ambulance he would never speak to him again. It really didn't matter. Mike was on probation and was ordered to not leave California. Of course he did and went to the annual birthday party with Layne in Seattle. Mike knew Layne was nodding out and he stole money , artwork, and a bunch of other stuff of Layne's. Layne was working on a cartoon and had a bunch of drawings. He was making it for his nephew. Mike was there when Layne died and he just left with the stolen items. He didn't want to call for help because, he would be in violation of his parole, and gone to prison so, he just let him die. He tried to sell the artwork anonymously on an action site. He couldn't sell but only a few pages. Layne's Mom found out and bought everything, even from the buyers. Mike is a scum and I'm glad he's dead. I have a lot more information I got through much digging. There is a site where the woman who is related to Layne where she talks about Mike coming up and talking to her out of the blue, at a restaurant. She tells so many details about how Layne died, what kind of person he was and the condition of the apartment. It's obvious that she is the real deal. She just knows too much, that no one would know unless they were close to Layne and his family. There's much more but, it's late and I have to get up early and go to work, so I'll tell more later. Peace.
Because he was the last one to see him alive & didn't call for help.. Layne told him he better not.. Mike was afraid of the reactions from Layne. If ya read Angry Chair the book, Laynes last intervew he spoke of near death experiences & knew his liver & kidneys were failing.. He had lost control of his bowl movements. He was very ashamed & didn't want the media to expose his condition. What a lonely, sad, dark, depressed, hurt, broken and empty way to leave this world 😰. I miss him everyday
Jane Doe X
Omg....he looks like a walking skeleton... so frail...but still great. Jerry supportive as usual, keeping eye contact with Layne. Mike was complete into it and Sean was drumming like a beast. Man now I'm sad. 😔
12:42, that sludge factory chorus gave me goosebumps
Julie Waters
So excited to see & hear this! I've been in denial that Layne was in "bad shape" etc, of course I knew he was & the comments DO hurt, some of them.. I just wanted to see/hear him STILL no matter how painful it is to me, just a fan. I can't comprehend how hard this was/is for his family, friends & fellow musicians. Losing him cuts like a knife
Philip Streva
Jerry keeping a close eye on layne. you can see the love and concern for his friend
Tommy T
34:20 I remember the drummer acting like a complete tool at this show. Also, a friend that worked at KU med center in KC told me that Layne OD'd that night and the doctor said that the amount of heroin he needed daily was at such a high level that he wouldn't last the rest of the year (though he lasted almost 6 more).
He looks so frail walking off the stage. So sad.
Rafael Ribeiro
I feel Layne almost crying while singing would?
Divine Retribution
My most missed music artist ever. As I get older I miss him more and more. The music world was better when he was in it. It was only for a short time, just six years or so, but once he died it seems like music started to change around that point anyway for the worst. But let's face it. Layne was not meant to live a long happy life in this world. He was meant to be here for a short time, blow everyone away with his presence and then instead of going out with a bang he just kind of disappeared for six more years before he died. But he wasn't meant to be singing at the Super Bowl in his fifties. Chris Cornell was but Layne was definitely not. He knew all too well after 1992 where his life was going and then it would end shortly after. That's why his music, vocals and lyrics were so powerful because it was almost like he was telling the tale that would ensue from the grave.
Mikey Kincannon
The security in front had no idea they were hearing layne sing for the last time and they couldn't even watch
Fag God
One of the best performances of man in the box ever Even in his state he pulled this whole show off like the boss that he was Layne was just one of the greatest vocalists ever period
panagiotis c
First time the support act was better than the headliner
Santiago Logioco
Yes, friend, you did run too far to get home
do not mainline - chase the dragon if you must but do not spike. stay away from cocaine and it's by products - cannabis, and trips are more than fine. RIP , and thaks for the Musick.
Hector Velasquez
Thanks for sharing! all my respect to Layne! What about Mike Starr Rip he was a big part of this also. WTF!!!
ritch l
them drums!
Lori Duchemin
He could ofvdone so much if he lived longer.
Lori Duchemin
Lori Duchemin
Love you layne
_Chainz _
thanks for the upload highly appreciate it👍👍
Wishmaster when u don't have the knowledge about the opiates and u think it's ok cuz a doctor prescribed them to. That's the boat I was in when I was on them for 9 months for a very in depth surgery. Once u get sick from them u never want to experience it again
Staley overdosed backstage after this concert. He didn't die but he was taken to hospital. Really unfortunate how he ended up.
Thanks for sharing this video. You can tell Layne was on the downside here. Very little animation by him. He was there but not there. But he still had that voice.
Cheryl Lamkin
Jerry's such an awesome friend! He's always checking on Layne to make sure he's Okay😏too cool. That's a real friend. Rather taking advantage of his position, he went out of his way to help his friend. Not to sound like a sap but just imagine how better a place this World would be to live in if more people were that way😎
Gladys Paez
This best versión of again .. layne can see a skeleton ghost but your voice is amazing
NO AUDIO @16:32 ?????
Marck Bolan
i wonder if they knew it was their last show together.....
Ahh. How i wish the full soundboard would surface. Sludge Factory is definitely one of my favorite songs and i really wished they had played Grind as well. At least we got a taste of some SBD quality on the Live album so us fans know that a particle or full one exists, although this recording isn't really bad. Also without tapers, us fans wouldn't even have a chance to see or hear these shows (not to mention a big thanks to the bands for allowing bootlegs as long as you don't sell 'em haha). Thank you Layne for making amazing music and may you R.I.P.
Dick Cuntass
18:17 still belting it
Laura Malizia
This is sad.. about the most Layne moved was when Sean came to the mic, but he looks like he could barely stand up through that concert.. I was never around heroin abuse that I knew of until I found out my nonverbal autistic son's babysitters were on heroin. One of them died too. I believe he also was 34. Or maybe not yet 34. I think he would have been in October, 2016.. He too strangely passed April 11,2016... What is with people dying from overdose in April?! The other sitter from what I know got clean. Unfortunately my son was taken before I knew they were heroin addicts. I knew something was going on but because I never did drugs I truly did not know.
Christopher Thomas
I love jerry but could he act any less interested in playing the show
Scott Fish
man not even professanly done and they sound fucking great i know i misspelled bit me
Opening for KISS on the biggest tour of the year. What a way to go out.
Too bad they did not do any full shows in `96..... Would loved to have heard Nutshell, Heaven Beside You, Rotten Apple, Got me Wrong, Over Now, No Excuses, I Stay Away in an arena or theater..... I imagine if Layne was healthy they would have done Lollapalooza tour with Metallica and Soundgarden.... Was a damn shame they were not able to cash in on a couple mid-late 90s headlining arena tours, they earned it...... I mean they went from 1994-2006 with less than 10 shows, and most of those were as openers, or charity benefits. No band today could do that, because merch and festivals are most bands income.
Mark Ash-Petta
Wow only i "Dislike"...obviously from a Bottom Feeder! Thanks for this awesome upload!!
A motherfuckin hot mess!
Camera man sucks!
Jason Escareno
I was at this show. Kemper Arena was packed. When they came on stage everybody in the whole arena stood up through their whole set. It was awesome. They sounded real good too!!!
Reminds me of Freddie his body was failing but the voice was holding on for dear life
My heart breaks for Jerry in this video
Dave Perkins
This is real aic That new shit is like a jerry Cantrell solo project
Michael Franz
Wow, I think maybe people who posted here should take a second and go back and re-read the whole comment section, pretty interesting, maybe learn something from yourselves. Just looking at Layne, first thing I’d say is he is definitely looking “sick” by definition and needs medical attention. But most importantly think about the effects of what comes out of your mouth on others, just because your only in text on YouTube really only means you never now who may read your comments and be affected by it, just a thought. And whether or not addiction is a disease or a banana, how it started is irrelevant. What to do, and how to get help or help is all that matters, the past is over.
Tall Giant Boi
22 years ago as of today.
Cary Chilton
Man considering Layne overdosed in 94, kinda left AIC, formed Mad Season 95, Nov 95, AIC reunite to record their final album and there is no tour because Layne's health and losing his Fiancé , Spring 96 they do Unplugged and decide to tour as opening act for Kiss. Gene Simmons os record saying how concerned he was about Layne not being sober. For all of that, Layne sang better than some early performances of 92! Amazing. I have heard how Jerry is moody... When Layne played funny that was to see Jerry lose his mind with satge antics...really going for to say, look here people- I am the guitarist here! geeez
Geoff Holliday
Jerry couldn't look more thrilled lol
Lori Duchemin
Goosebumps that i feel
How did you make it look so clear? Adobe Premiere?
Rott Man
I feel like Layne is actually talking to God during God Am and giving him hell for the life he was living. So much passion
Garold Johnson
Awesome video many thanks for uploading this! I remember wanting to see this tour but I couldn't get away. I always enjoyed Layne's singing and his powerful voice.
This is rad!
Kemper arena damn same arena Owen hart died
Lori Duchemin
Oh yeah
Thank you Mike for sharing! :)
Lori Duchemin
Rock god
Lori Duchemin
Rip layne and mike starr
Emiliano Figueroa
What's the deal with Mike's foot?
Mark G
Layne didn't even move that concert...very sad state he was in....amazing he even was able to do the concert at a very high level.
László Romsics
A koncert jó, de Layne sajnos már csak árnyéka önmagának. Ki***ott heroin...
Johnny Macalvee
Cameraman not a big fan of awesome drummers. Wish there was more Kinney in this video, but take what we can get at this stage. Such a GREAT band!
Doomer K kid
Three months later he lost his love too :(
Genaro Guerrero Araya
I would give an award to the sound engineer of this concert, what a perfect mix
nonya bizz
Unplugged was recorded april 10. This was the last live performance with Layne. So sad.
nonya bizz
I had a feeling mike was there when layne died. I would like to know more. Im a huge layne fan.
Aaron Shensky
Is this the most epic performance of all life time or what
M???????? A???????
Kansas City my hometown like if you are from Kansas City
Sorry for this random ass comment but is this the same arena owen hart the wrestler fell too his death ?
Is this the last concert ever with Layne?
Is this when they opening for Kiss?
Leon Mullen
10:32 get lost in the sound of that guitar
Clinton Dearborn
chinchillas rule
alen Parra
Scott Fish
man not even professanly done and they sound fucking great i know i misspelled bit me
Jin Russo
a little bitter spectacular!
seth denny
Laura Malizia
I'm confused.. was this their last show together or when they did MTV unplugged the same year, 1996?
C Faria
Jesus Christ. he looks horrible. Doesn't look like he weights more than 100 lbs. Can't believe he lived another 6 years. Horrible. R.I.P.