Another Cinderella Story - Valentine's Dance Tango (Part 3 Music)

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Dancing in the party.... Mary (Selena Gomez) & JP (Andrew Seeley) Song: Valentine's Dance Tango By: The Twins Hope you enjoy it....

another cinderella story mary selena gomez joey parker Andrew Seeley Valentine's Dance Tango

I probably would have been furious if I was in the crowd and I saw that happen (the dropping of candies). "What the heck? Shit was getting good!"
Like seriously, nobody saw those girls overturning the bowl of balls?
Kathryn Ferrer
Why is everyone laughing when she fell? It's obvious that someone drop those marbles on the floor!O_o
Cee Yoseli
i still don't get how they can't tell who they are bruh. those masks are covering like one damn eyelash
Mizuki Koneko-chan
I honestly really wish to see how that dance would've ended if they hadn't sabotaged her
Ricky-Ann Lynch
Does anyone else notice how Selena's heels barely touch the floor and she's dancing on tip-toes. It adds to the movements
Ashley Leake
I love how on ones knows who anyone is because of the tiny mask that covers only around their eyes
Shakiba Inside A Screen
oh my god i always thought he said "well why dont we have a language for it" or something I JUST realized he said "well I guess we dont have a language barrier" THATS SO CLEVER, GOOD JOB WRITERS how did it take me years and hundreds of rewatchs to actually understand that correctly omg
Michelle Chong
This is my favorite scene. If only i could dance that well and have someone to dance that well with <3
If she didn't know it was Joey.... How in the hell did she suspect a random guy that asks her to dance, is as good at dancing as she is?! O_o
Angeline Rambano
Shoot. And it was about to be good. They just had to ruin it. Tch
rai pika pi
I remember trying to recreate 1:07 by myself with furniture. every attempt involved me falling on my back because a chair is NOT safe
SunJade 2012
They said "tramp" in a Disney movie? I can't believe I never caught this before
Kyra White
they were 10yrs apart in this movie which is pretty weird considering Selena's age at the time this movie was made.. like 15 or 16? kissing a 25 or 26yr old? Kinda screwed😂 but I absolutely love this scene (obvi why I'm here) and this whole movie. One of my fav childhood movies despite the pervishness😂 that I'm now realizing
Dakota di Angelo
I just LOVE 0:28 when he pulls her close just like get ready for the sex god darlin XD
Melody Joy Meo
soooo mary cant tell its joey by the sound of his voice? lol
Whitney Hadassah
I wanted to yell, "Just let Mary finish her dance!!!"
Nhi Nguyen
I'm still shipping them like crazy
Alexandra Rennie
Did anyone else here the "shake it baby"? 😂😂
Amelia B
Does anyone know what kind of dance step 1:27 is called?
Jesse G.
Yeah I too have to happen two gigantic bowls full of marbles standing around for no reason. #seemslegit
Julian Campos
i really wanna dance with my crush like this
Josh Miyu
How did anyone not see those girls spill the balls like wtf????
Nightshade Valenzuela
Did he say, "Well I guess we don't have a language barrier." ?? I've been wondering what the hell he said since I watched this movie years ago, and I think I might have finally figured it out. I would just like a second or third opinion to make sure.
Caleb Montes
y do they even have beads there or marbles
I m not sure which is sillier. The fact that she arrived at the school dance so late that she only had enough time for a five minute conversation and half a dance, even though she left not long after her sisters. Or the fact that she brought an ipod just in case there happened to be a hot guy with moves to dance with and didn't mind killing the party for all the other teens who don't want to listen to anything not by Taylor Swift or Beyonce
Oh my god crazy fan Becky from supernatural is one of the sisters 😳
Javier Hernandez
how can she dance tango with heels 👠. and they look cute together 💑.
Paul 〈3
Well I saw this movie yesterday after watching this dancing... It was a nice movie. Loved their chemistry both are too cute.. Selena looks like a baby... 😍
Now I know some of them ppl saw those girls dump the balls on the floor...
Tina Gronkowski
Around this time, Selena was 16 and Joey was 26. That’s crazy but cute in the movie. 😱😱😂❤️😍😍
Serena Guardiola
This scene is fr my life long dream like I want this
Kaput Teaffle
'Who's the tramp?' Does that make Joe Lady?😂
Kyla René
Does anyone know the name of the beat playing its so 😍😍
shenay Leigh
so romantic ❤❤love it
Gabriella Velasquez
They are amazing dancers!!!
kayla reed
joanna ezra
lmfaoooo this was filmed in my school
Yare Lozz
Love that movie and Selena dance so good! She´s my idol!
BTaylor TV
The weekend played this beat in his song. He was definitely talking about Selena.
Another Cinderella Story - Valentine's Dance Tango (Part 3 Music)
cindy echeverri
What's the original song called,Ughhhh?!
Lydia Salinas
I based my entire sweet 16 off of this scene.
Miraculous ladybug who?
Laur a
Lmao I just had a Halloween dance and they specifically said, “no masks, blood, or face paint,” and all I could do was think of this and Hilary duff
hisham ahmed
What a lovely dancers they are & I would ship them they are sooo adorable & hot together
Jenna Hilw
I hope that they reunite for the 10 year movie anniversary in February 2018, I hope that they at least do the tango dance again (I would love if the make a 2nd one since this is my favourite movie).
Ela Balingit
I love this movie.Love it
mustafa ghia
Am i the only one who loves this movie so much
cutiepie 15
This make me think of someone who doesn't exist
I love this dance but there are alot of cuts and in some scenes I feel you can see the double up for selena, just my opinion :)
Ariana Grande
i love this dance and this movie and selena and drew
Jina JJ
Selena 😍
Leticia Jhomira Asqui Layme
me gusta mucho el tango
Jasmine Hill
You Rock, Selena Gomez
Karmen Szeto
This is so weird he’s 26 and she’s 16 at this time
Ayesha Rizwan
i dont understand how they cannot recognize each other's voice?? i mean masks o4 no masks still vocals stay the same.
rosalie •
Selena was only 15. I'm not crying you are.
Felicia Michellin
Does anyone realize that just selena who wearing red dress? The others just wearing black/white dress. If i'm in the party i would be mad bcs selena is the most gorgeous, among them just she who wearing different..
Ferkampo Jimenez
Me he visto este pedaso muchas veces wow😍
oceane boussaid
I love!!! Selena you danse very well!!!!
Grant Halerie
sel 😍
hipster gigi
Selenas trying waaaaaay too hard on some steps. Including the fall.. 😂
Licette Mendez
i Like The Part Of 1:23 To 1:30 ❤
Aloha _ Crystelle
0:55 0:58
0:09 oooh shake it baby XDD
Brookelinn Linn
t h e l e g
Jordan Hall
0:46 erm that's you sweetie.
Another Cinderella Story - Valentine's Dance Tango (Part 3 Music)
Maryam Jones
That music sounds familiar Like I hard it in a song
Jenn_ Meep
Marry dances better than Joey
Cliffoconda Howell 卌
kierra martin
love is movie
Meri P
what type of dance is this?
aaa 0
Name movie?
Biyela Nicole
ariana grande
mary is awsome her stepsisters are not there the tramp this is for you mary your buitiful😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Biyela Nicole
Alessandra Bonardi
I love serena she's a fantastic actress
Pricilla Vinton
I love you too baby
angelica del mundo
angel n. oreg
Rose Mary
In this Selena kills
Yasmin Salem
does anyone here know the name of the music?!!!
miyonah Harris
1:27 - 1:35 is so cool
ballroom dance
amazing dance
Ronnie Radke JK LOL XD
I want to learn this. imma talk my dad into learning this with me!  :))
i was never there by the weeknd
Tiffany Weiby
Samara De Abreu
#loveeeee Selina
bob the builder
ye im surprised no one sees those two girls turn the bowls over spilling the beads on the floor nice logic
surian chi
she is the perfect person for joe and have sweet moves😌😌
Souhaila Labogossa
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Ba Tur
wait Why did Selena choose him in the first place if she didn't know that was actually him?
The best part about this scene is that she didnt even know it was joey until he took off the mask
Lelie Maritza Mejia Paz
Cee Kay
Legit this scene is better than the final dance scene
Sage Pup
Oooo they get sooo close at 0:50 - 0:52 ugh I love that tango. They way they tease each other and raise that sexual tension in their physical proximity is fabulously portrayed in dance. Jeez I like this movie
Ciara Trait
I love her red derss on Mary another cinderella story merrie this is my favourite
Michelle michelle
who noticed when its 0:42 her legs slipped
Ciara Trait
Joey is David ciara trait is Mary I'm looking hot and David merrie