What I Really Think Of My 2016 Mercedes S550 After 20,000 Miles - Review

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How can you be a driver if your name is parker? hohoho
Evan Hasson
Parker the type of guy to get arrested for tax evasion.
Spencer Berke
$1,450 a month 12,000 miles a year $120,000 msrp Leased/Business write-off for VV Screams "LIKE GRAVITY" when he does his lease return.
Zacky Mohmand
When he said bullet proof reliability I thought he was talking about Lexus and then I saw it was a Mercedes.
Alphonse Elric
Damn S class is my dream car and I hope I will be able to afford it in the future. You make me like it even more.
for 1 mil you should buy an old prius and destroy it :D
Next video: What I think of letting my supercharged BMW M5 sit for an eternity.
NorthAmerican Auto
My family has owned many Mercedes and it is easy to say they are the best cars on the road.
magnus nielsen
At 1 mil you should buy a car With 1 mil miles on it😄
Jacob Moon
I miss your old E39 BMW😥
Thomas Maertens
Drive a prius at 1mil?
GTR Wendy
For that price it should come with grey poupon
Sonny Parisi
4:48 “air frwagrance”
Oumer Mohammad
Congratulations on the 1M bro and thank you for keeping us entertained 🎉🎉🎉
Maksim Jakovljevic
prius review as 1mil special video? like this com so parker can see it :D
Shakhin Dinna
Hey man. Think your videos are really awesome
Pim Prijs
I Saw today for the first time the Maybach version
Vaping Amish
I wish my car only had 20k on it...
Slippery Pete
Prius at 1 mil
I don’t even jack off this fast
anas alaoui
Lets get does 1 million subscriber because we love cars
1 MIL congrats man you deserve it. Waiting for the "5 things i hate about the golden play button." :)
Mike Arredondo
Gt3rs at 1 mil ?
Mr F2015
with only 20,000 miles it should be reliable.
Today I test drove a 2019 s450 and I loved it (and I'm a 2017 Corvette stickshift owner commuting 1k/month). QUESTION: Do you think that a used 2017 s450 (with a v6 biturbo) is as reliable as your s550 v8 engine?
Mr Assassin101
I hope you get 1 million subscribers
Slippery Pete
Prius at 1 mil
Jake Aaron
I love my E350 4Matic. I feel so comfortable driving mine in the snow. I hope to get about E class then maybe a S class.
🇺🇸😉📰Who just got 1 MILLION subs!? This dude!📰😉🇺🇸
Rey K
It's not cheaper to own than a Tesla once you factor in gas expenses.
Anton Smyrnov
here since 140k... cant believe this! Congrats!
i got active side bolster in my E-500 in 2006 ;)
Anthony Ezzo
Big fan of your channel! Keep it up , 3k to go for the first M ! Respect!
The S560 is good for doing burnouts, 360s and running on the track!
Jonas Sloth
straight piping a prius at 1mil?
Pim Prijs
I started my youtube channel today
Leo Ankerson1989
Congrats on 1 million subscribers
Chris Adams
at 10:13 when he said "PACKAGE" he looked down at his 📦......lol
it's time for "road to 2m sub" bois
1. Gets car delivered. 2. Immediately goes snow drifting lmfao!
Nikola S
Tell us if it is reliable once it makes it to 100K miles! 20K miles is not a measure of reliability.
Great video. I love my S550 too. Hey, did you get the cooled seat backs fixed, or did you find out that the 2016 doesn't have cooled seat backs?
Zeus AL
Door ding at 0:24?
I'll pick the S class over any car. Even a ferrari or Bugatti. And iam no old man tho.
Congratulations on 1 million subs! You've earned it man! :)
I wasn't too sure to get a 2016-2017 Mercedes S550 Coupe Or a 2018 Lexus LC 500. I guess in January I'll wait and see.
Patrik Ojala
Huge Congratulations on 1 Million Subscribers, you definitely deserve it all! 🎂🎁🎉 I Love your videos so much, been a Huge fan (and a subscriber) for years! 😍👍
Don Shaw
Best long-term car review you've ever done. Great job!
I did just hop in my Coùpe
Borrow a Hypercar for a day when you reach 1 million subs! xD
Charjed - Tryhard Noobie on Fortnite & More!
How do you afford an S class in college
Connor Morehead
Next video “why i hated driving my s550 for 20,000 miles”......
Joe Robinson
Congrats on 1mil Parker 👍🏼
Charjed - Tryhard Noobie on Fortnite & More!
Mercedes Benz really staying with the Times New Roman font
Jack Nabstedt
Congrats on 1 million subscribers. Keep up the good work.
Tasteful Transportation
Parker will you review my Prius? I live right next to you
Syed Ghazi
You forgot the Transporter vehicle Audi A8
Dawson Ketteman
Congratulations on the 1,000,000 subscribers Parker. What an amazing achievement! Keep up the good work man
We Are The Holiday Kids
Love your work bro from Brisbane Australia 👍
208 Modz
Congrats on 1 million subscribers! Keep up the good work👍
From Green To Blacksmith
congrats on the 1M Parker... very proud of you and your work ethic. keep it up man. i love the vids!!!
John Blacke
The camry xse 2018 does the distronic plus
Cộng Sản Bán Nước Giết Dân
Air fragrance is nice but I'd challenge MB to design & build an auto fart neutralizer into the seat.
Andre Terrett
I enjoyed my 2010 S550. It was a very very comfortable ride. Problem free car with added perk of people cred. It was my calling card most times and I didn’t even ask for that perk. Great ride!
Excellent video but I'm not a fan of your new mic setup.
Congrats on 1mil!!
Genuinely brilliant review! Fast paced which is perfect, straight to the point and very descriptive. Fantastic video!
Why does he scream all the time. Talk normal dude.
Joe Garcia
I miss my 550 amg, German engineering is amazing.
14:14 Tesla in the background
nick garcia
Streetspeed told me to subscribe so i said okay hella yeah. Glad i did great channel bro keep it up!
I just sold my 2017 S550. It was nothing cool I really had just bought it because it seemed luxurious.
Tonis Vodkak
Congratz with 1 million subscribers Parker, well deserved!
Jay Mac
Audi A8: what about me??
Congrats on the 1M Parker. Glad to see you finally reach it.
So my 46k Taurus Limited has a better seat massaging system..... go figure.
Watch IT NOW
Yaaaay 1 mil subs!! CONGRATULATIONS!
Oni Joltt
Katya Dunn
The s class is a classic, good looking car. Mercedes, please keep making it
Well congrats on 1m, you got it
I like the anecdote about the delivery, keep up the quality, genuine content. You the man
Here is the notification squad (snapshat squad)
Need to trade that thing in for a real car. Your not an executive drive a more fun car
Christian Weeks
Congrats on 1 million subs dude!
Shared it on twitter. Realy nice channel for guys that likes cars! Thx for the vids! You doing great!!!
CONGRATS PARKER you are the best!
Mercedes Benz S Class is absolute...class.
GAME inc.
Buy a prius at 1mil Btw congrats on 1mil👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 u r awesome
Reinhold Everest
Congratulations Parker! 1,000,895 @ 1:35 AM CST
David Catanzaro
Almost 1 mil dude. Nice going
Swordheros 17
do 100k miles on a Prius then do a review😂
Andrew J. Clarke
Congrats on the subs Parker! You earned it!
City Boi
Dude wtf did you do for a living!!!
Asus Asus
Congratulations man! Cant wait to see your gold play button!
Laith Madain
I feel the same with my E300 2017 . They built these cars really well and standard features absolutely amazing and work great .
Brandon Landwehr
20,000 MILES should have no issues on a new car
HaNi Hussein
Congratulations on the 1M subscribers.. Great Job
Blackapino The Apple Guy
This should be your NEXT Give away.