NBA Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Game 3 HQ Highlights - Playoffs 2012 (1-2)

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INDIANA UPSETS MIMAI AGAIN.. NBA Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Game 3 HQ Highlights - Playoffs 2012 (1-2)

hector valdivia
The comment was deleted but I can just imagine..
Anthony Webb
I'm a bulls fan and pacers fan but let's go pacers.!!
Yes it is, deal with it!
terrance hathorn
Old ass game from last yr
jerome bernardez
mark jonieca
Go Indiana Pacers ! :)
Agustin Ansiong
I THOUGHT THIS WAS GAME 3 THIS YEAR!,... so what happened last year reversed this time?
lol hella watched this thinking this was the most recent game
What's up Haters??
I am sorry to disappoint you but this was last years game, they got DEMOLISHED by the Heat tonight.
Jack Verderber
Go Pacers
Now what bitch?
Asaf Kamber
This was a great series... I love it when two defensive teams meating up in the playoffs, players need to work to get good shots..
Pacers jave so much potential, they just need that one superstar to lead the way. ROy Hibbert has to become that player. He is their best bet
Yusuf Swagg
Well said.
umut çakmak
indiana pacers forever
David West & Shane Battier with a high five? 0:54
Jason Manrique
i actually thought the pacers could have beat the heat,they lucky roy hibbert didnt go off that series
Idk what rock you were living under but people were talking about them.
Overrated? no one even talked about the pacers how would they be overrated facepalm.
Then i guess at least 25 other teams suck too. Retard
Mario Perretti
Pacers were 3rd seed in the East. They had a better record than 11 other teams (in the East) if you think they suck just because they lost to the Heat, you must be retarded.
Leslie Rodriguez
The. Pacers. Suck
Cadman Bevis
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Pacers are a good team but people that had them getting past the heat overrated them, period.
Yes, overrated.
jizl corleone
Uncle Jerry
are you pulling my leg?
Those two players are making the pacers look like scrubs.
Looks like the heat are getting ready to knock out the overrated pacers.
John Deuses
Lol Indiana probably won't win againast Miami (i said PROBABLY). Miami may have no Bosh for now but still they are about to go up 3-2 (the score is like 20 points apart in Miami's favor) so it doesn't really matter...
kasuwell 3 kings !! kasuwell 3 kings !! kasuwell 3 kings !! kasuwell 3 kings !! kasuwell 3 kings !!
Glenn Ryan
When wade was alone he was able to get a championship, but when Lebron joins in,I think he wont be having anymore. LOL
kasuwell 3 kings !!! Miami heat theme song
hey, watch your fucking language
colby coker
I love my boyz calm down D Wade
Joevanne Oliver Ledres
LBJ is not decisive nor has killer instincts like MJ. James is more like a baby than a king. Stop flopping leave that to the european soccer players. Lets go Durant and the Thnuders.
king james
i love your prediction
kyle segovia
kobe's about to get bounced out.
jom pogi
yeah fuck that shit let's go miami beat the fucking pacers
Dante Brown
bosh will prob be back before the finals i remember i strained my abdominal muscle and it took me 3 weeks to get healthy with no care. and they will show up, tht is y they are superstars. dwayne wade and lebron james.
udont knowme
im sorry can you repeat that again?
Nick Waxmunski
Mike ferrari Ferrari
Boston will be a easier match up for the heat then pacers And spurs or okc havent played a defensive team this post season so if they play the heat their in for a rude awakening Spurs arnt really a big team and that's the only flaw that the heat have so heat could easily upset the spurs
Amir Beshir
Lebron is a bum. #kobe
joshua holland
yea but how sad is it that miami have to have lebron and wade do so much work like 70 points was scored from them in game four really proves that if one of these guys has a bad night there gone for wait till they come up aganist okc or spurs in the final they will get destroyed without bosh and if they have to vs boston without bosh they might not even make the finals
You idiot you can't compare last year to this year.The Miami Heat have only 2 great players 3 if Bosh was playing. The Bulls have a good team with a super star. If you take away Lebron Wade and Bosh Miami is as good as the wizards
OR can they....
The heat won dumb ass and this is the playoffs not the regular season can't compare bulls victory then to now
lets go heat the song right here fuck the pacers ----> watch?v=qDaFpWAkCDE
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i appreciate someone that understands. go pacers! (and sixers, haha they're my team)
Miami Sports Music
6 turn overs already.. Nice heat -__-
Michael Stanley
What the hell is Miami doing ..they are playing like a bunch of 10 year olds
Eminent Cheesecake
CAnt u think? Because of the man who choked big time last three games! Because of the man who scored 5 points and 5 turnovers! Because of the one who disrespects hsi own coach, all on him.
All you heat fans said you would win without bosh now What's your excuse now
will anderson
All these Heat dick riders are upset..Just face the facts yall are not real Heat fans, Yall became fans when Lebron got there & yall aint winning like yall thought.. A Eastern playoff wit no Rose or D-Howard & a Knicks team that was threw together and the Heat still cant take control & kick ass.. ( P.S) Lebron got a paper mvp this season real basketball fans know that mvp was for Durant...
will anderson
And everybody said Bosh is the waek link(SMH).. Lebron & Wade on the court together still doesnt work in big games..Did anyone noctice Wade went scoreless in the 1st half and how just stood around in the corner while Lebron dribbled around, Wade didnt hustle back on D the whole game got into it wit the coach..The only O the heat play is screen and rolls or pick and pops...
miami are gone in 5 (maybe 6 games) for sure. They need Chris Bosh to open the driving lanes for wade and lebron. Without bosh, pacers can just pack the paint and make them a jump shooting team.
Raul Medina
Miami lost
Wrestle Maniac
the pacers think there good??? no bosh and d wade strugling. the pacers would have been swept by now if the heat was healthy. Haters need to think 1st!!!
the problem is they're overestimated
olga maria
Se sodas
OK... maybe its time for Erik to be a better coach. I say the HEAT start with a big line up of Chalmer, Wade, Bron, Joel, and Curry. or start UD/Turiaf at the PF instead. But he has to realize that Roy Hibberts only post move is that hook shoot, so why not bring in a7FOOTER to bother that shit and try to keep him off the boards? If the Heat can rebound better and clog the lanes with big bodies, I dont see why they cant win. They just don't give guys a chance to play. Can't do shxt 4u on the bnch
we gonna win this shit!
Riley Supaman
This just proves that miami heat cant win WITHOUT CHRIS BOSH!!!
Tobias Pulver
Heat is not a championship team. They blew it last year and they've done it again seemingly. Pacers are deservedly one of the contenders to win.
Ayran Machado
Don't you see that the heat is trying to extend the series so bosh comes back in time to face next opponent
just one question. finding out what the answer is might lead you to why people get annoyed with lebron james. everyone who is anyone that watches the NBA knows you need 4 wins in each round...16 wins, to get the title. for what odd reason does lebron james get a custom mouth guard that has 16 in roman numerals? i just don't understand why he has to go out of his way to draw attention to himself. it just gives "haters" all the more reason to be bothered by him. he's like the lady gaga of the NBA.
Paul Morphy
Got a million dollars Lebron WONT win a ring
jeff will
haha...that's quite debatable. that could only have been proven had howard played. the key word that most haters use is "IF"...if this if that lol. If Ron Artest hadn't have run into the stands in '04 the Pacers probably would have won the Championship that year but it happened and they didn't. So Howard would have made up for 3 games? I highly doubt that. Regardless, the Pacers knocked out the Magic and they are getting ready to knock out that other team in Florida
lebron ness
wait are you really lebron james
Tell me this again, once miami wins the series.
everyone im not kidding look for the refs calling a fixed game to make the heat win because the heat are bigger marketers then the small known pacers MARK MY WORDS
Luvw Patel
Damn if the Heat get tossed around by the Pacers and if they somehow make it to the Finals (unlikely if they lose game 4) think about what how the Spurs or OKC would trash on this team.
Matthew Redish
Indiana has a team Miami has two players.
Dante Brown
how is he choking, all he did bad so far in the playoffs was missed two free throws, and if he made those free throws they still would have lost!!
Dante Brown
he doesnt choke every game, yehh everyonce in a while, but so does kobe!! he hit some game winning shots!!
Glenn Ryan
Glenn Ryan
So where's the Championship rings "big talk" going?
RichSoul RS
just like on 2k12
then why don't ur team play against the heat?
Marty Venida
That's why LeBron drives an automatic... 'Cause he can't handle the clutch!!!
Chris Bosh MVP
king james
and what the fuck is fuck is so funny? if dwight howard was playing you would not have been in the 2nd round
mazt bimboo
BREAKING NEWS: Bosh traded to Jurassic!
I find this funny lol
Lebron James
Fuck you all haters!! Fuck you all...Can't you guys be more understanding? I tried my best..but I was afraid, I was very scared, I needed help!!!
It's funny how you Heat fans think Wade, LeBron, and Bosh is not enough. You idiots want one of the best coaches too? God damn, talk about not being thankful for what you have...
Looks like King James will have to go another year without a ring xP HAHAHAHA
jeff will
that's just an ignorant statement lol...Eddy Curry can't even run from the bench to the scores table without getting winded
It's still the semis and LeBron is already choking. It's too early for your choke sessions LBJ. Well anyway, he's the king... the king of chokes
jeff will
like last year?
jeff will
no....i hate Miami and my team is currently punking the Heat as we speak lol
jeff will
that's false...Pacers are a better all around team and have a deeper bench than the Knicks
jeff will
that's what Lebron says in the 4th quarter
jeff will
23 people are related to David Stern
lol yes what a lame
yo i cried for lebron after this game yesterday