Zakk Wylde Plays Black Sabbath on Hello Kitty Mini-Guitar

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Kane Oakley
I would hands down buy this if it was on iTunes or bandcamp
Proves you can’t blame the guitar if you sound like crap.
This should be in red dead redemption 2 soundtrack
Ariff WM
1962 is the best year for Hello Kitty guitars
Beaux Guerin
Delete this video. It is destroying the main excuse I use to buy more gear.
That damn thumbnail is as long as his beard
Rise of the sugars
Really Loudwire? A Hello Kitty guitar? Everyone knows the pro’s use Pokémon guitars with blue stars.
Andrew Jatib
> Spends $10,000 in Gibson Les Paul Custom, Marshall heads and cabs, pedals and fx, etc. > Still doesnt compare to Zakk on a $20 childs toy guitar.
Elias Castillo
Beginners should see this before going out and buying the $3000 guitar that they’ll only play for 2 months before they quit
Clicked because of the thumbnail, stayed because of the thumbnail
Wait where's his mouth???
Stan Juan
Ok,,,,, I have an Idea for a new YouTube channel that SOMEBODY NEEDS to make happen. This very guitar, needs to be sent around to various artists, where they video themselves playing one song that was inspirational to them, before being passed on to someone else. Maybe there could even be an episode where some musicians do like a round table, where they just have an off the cuff conversation about music that inspired them to first start playing, and each one of them has a go at the Hello Kitty. And when the series is over, (because unlike American TV where shows run WAY TO LONG! this series will have a satisfying conclusion), the guitar should be placed on display at the Rock Guitar Museum for the world to see and appreciate. This is one of those things that just NEEDS to be done. Let's make something beautiful again.
Hello kitty guitar just got devirginized.. its about to have little bearded kitties.
I see comments saying he made the guitar sound badass. Pretty sure it was the guitar that made him sound badass
That hello kitty guitar just lived its dream.
Matt Eagle
The ozzy hello kitties killed me.
How’s this dude sing with no mouth?
When a modern day Vikings says “cats pajamas” on YouTube, you know Odins gonna go to battle with giants the next day
Fun Fact: Zakk Wylde actually doesnt sing himself, its his mustache
The internet was invented for stuff like this.
Mubashir Mahi
He rocks harder than most people with electric guitars.
mitch Arexseven
These guitars are little gems. I tried to buy my nieces "Hello Kitty" mini guitar last Xmas after playing around with it for most of the day.( It's cramped but played like a dream and stayed in tune!) No dice. She would not part with it. I heard she busted it a while ago. Too bad. Goodbye Kitty.
Obsidian Dwarf
I mean, ya gotta wonder what over a thousand people found to dislike! The sound was good, the playing exemplary, the idea fun. P'raps they are all Justin Bei...Beibe… Be...sorry, just can't type that on a music channel.
Rick Sanchez
I can hear ovaries exploding all across the Internet and Metalverse.
Brandon Wiesman
better than i can play on my SG
Moving Parts Gaming
_Hello Kitty, what went on in your head?_ _Oh Hello Kitty, did you talk to the dead?_ _Your life style seemed to me so tragic_ _With the thrill of it all._
Cobb Knobbler
Finally Zack looks tough.
Bear Dude
When the man on a hello kitty guitar is ten times better than I’ll ever be
Ryan The Iron
Look at the nail on that Thumb! Seriuosly...WTF?
Ilya Kravchik
Not bad, a hello kitty guitar is essentially a ukulele with 6 strings. Rock on Zack!
Jeef Rcno
Is it just me or do I really like the way that guitar sounds when it’s strummed
Stoyan Orozov
and that's metal af
Adam Ye
I was here to laugh at first but I think I just found the best acoustic cover of NIB?
Can you remove that stupid cat animations from the screen?
craig daub
It's the player not the guitar
Pvt. Prinny
I want to see alexi laiho play this guitar lol
Beverly White
Proves that it ain't your guitar... it's you. Talent is what sells it... not thousands of dollars worth of equipment. I am a guitarist... and this man just inspired me as no one else has. Magic is real.
so THATS how zakk wylde puts his children to sleep
Oscar et sa guitare
Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏼
Hayden Swanson
can anyone explain how to exactly to play this?
The Red Birds
That was amazing! 🤘
Faezma Faez
from this time, i know tht my Tanglewood guitar no the main problem.
Joseph Rubin
Holy shit. Half way through I was singing along, head banging and everything! If you just listen to it you wouldn't know it's a child's toy he is playing on. He is a legend!
Prince Westerburg
I saw Zakk with Ozzy at the Marquee in London in Jan 1990 and never since. Is that the same guy?
Excellent Mr Wylde ! No more tears ;P
Dain Hamilton
Better than john Mayer in my opinion 🤣
Giovani Monteiro
Carai, pensei que era o Nando Moura mano kkk
little nigga
Time to sleep
Eduardo Ventura
É só saber usar que sai som. Incentivando as criancinhas!
FtR Enigma
This is late as can be...buuuuut....for some reason I picture this playing in a suspenseful slow-motion scene in TWD, the last of us or really any post apocalyptic movie/video game
Legend has it, that if Zakk Wylde trims his thumbnail, it will become the pick of legends, highly sought after for the skill it imbues into its wielder.
Nem sei como vim parar aqui? Tem algum BR por aqui? 🇧🇷
Ron Burgundy
I come here once a month to restore my faith in humanity.
Øh Ms. Believer
This video makes me soft haha it’s so wholesome
Kevin Peterson
I bet the Hannah Montana guitar would sound hella dope!
Saxton Hale
That's the best cover of NIB I've ever heard.
Erwin Godalle
When hello kitty and baymax's daughter become a rebel.
Paulo Rosseto
Why I'm head banging?
I m good
Mann, I Love that OZZY kitty. ❤🤩😍
0u0 Destroyer of Comment Sections
I’m wondering where I can get a tab like this
Sam Fosdick
Badasserry at it's finest!
matt savoie
Omg yes he did just make a kids toy sound that fucking good!
Chelsea Alvarez
Now people cant use It sounds like “crap” Its how you play it Bravo
Ben Brines
Came here for comedy. Stayed for good music.
His way of singing here reminds me of Jack Bruce.
Andrew Goodwin
You don't need a expensive guitar to make music. It's all about having fun.
2019 ?
Akatsuki Gang
My guitar left me after this video 😖😖😖
John VanKempen
That moment when Zakk Wylde is better on the hello kitty first act guitar than you are on your Gibson les paul :(
Damn this was the cat’s pajamas
I aspire to be this manly
Alex Lange
Lowkey better than the original...
Glenn C
You had me at hello kitty
"Welcome to The Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya?" How tough am I!? I played a Black Sabbath song! "Yeah, so?" On a Hello Kitty guitar. "Right this way, sorry to keep you waiting..."
Just goes to prove a good guitarist can make any cheap shit guitar sound good. Peace
Elio Decolli
I love how they are all around talented even on vocals
True/ False
Good start for a beginner 👍🏻 Think to buy a more appropriate color guitar last time.
mais um
Nando Moura
It is the Heavy Kitty
Jesse R
That's the best playing that guitar will ever get in its life.
Rafa Paura
Mini Guitar Of Hello Kitty to Song
Joanne Georgiades
fkn groovy.....i think im in love.....with a hello kitty guitar. maybe my little mistakes will be smaller on a little guitar 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Ralph Valencia
Reid Bronson Harris
Chaos B.C. #Sepultura.
Jim Spencer
"That's a sissy guitar"! "Are you gonna tell him"? "Uh, I gotta go, I think I left the oven on"!
Amazing!!! Just goes to show ya,,, its all in the hands and technique!!! Damn I was going to buy a Zakk guitar but now I might look into one of these!!!!
Better than original.
Zachary Volt
When you realize he doesn't have a pick and is playing with his fingernail.
Joseph 'Sparson'Pandolfi
This sounds amazing....well then again. Zakk wylde. Also it sounds kinda creepy.
This is a video.
Ed Ochoa
oh yeah!
I want to die by being stabbed to death by Zack Wyldes thumbnail.
Psycho Mantis 7
10000000% METAL
César Galvão
This is brilliant.
Daryl W
Heard he wanted to bite the head off a kitten to honor Ozzy.
Jayce Wilkinson
Dear God, his pick is his thumb nail
Katsujin The Bold
Awesome, but the Ozzy hello Kitty filter was not necessary. At moments even annoying.
NAILED it!!!! Lol