Zakk Wylde Plays Black Sabbath on Hello Kitty Mini-Guitar

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Kane Oakley
I would hands down buy this if it was on iTunes or bandcamp
Andrew Jatib
> Spends $10,000 in Gibson Les Paul Custom, Marshall heads and cabs, pedals and fx, etc. > Still doesnt compare to Zakk on a $20 childs toy guitar.
"Welcome to The Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya?" How tough am I!? I played a Black Sabbath song! "Yeah, so?" On a Hello Kitty guitar. "Right this way, sorry to keep you waiting..."
Rise of the sugars
Really Loudwire? A Hello Kitty guitar? Everyone knows the pro’s use Pokémon guitars with blue stars.
Ariff WM
1962 is the best year for Hello Kitty guitars
The internet was invented for stuff like this.
Elias Castillo
Beginners should see this before going out and buying the $3000 guitar that they’ll only play for 2 months before they quit
Hus 9
what bet did he lose
Lee Hester
I love all the hello kitties waving their lighters 😂😂😂
Guns & Knives
Sounds eerily haunting when you just listen and not watch.
so THATS how zakk wylde puts his children to sleep
conspiracies are just great stories
Anyone who can make a small pink children's guitar sound badass is a musical legend. They don't have to write amazing music or be a storied composer. Just need to make it sound badass
Cortney Kepesky
When will the Hello Kitty band perform together? Come on! They would ROCK, literally
Hello kitty guitar just got devirginized.. its about to have little bearded kitties.
Obsidian Dwarf
I mean, ya gotta wonder what over a thousand people found to dislike! The sound was good, the playing exemplary, the idea fun. P'raps they are all Justin Bei...Beibe… Be...sorry, just can't type that on a music channel.
That hello kitty guitar just lived its dream.
Tarded Turd
All these people saying «it’s the player, not the guitar» obviously haven’t played guitars with bad intonation
Brandon Wiesman
better than i can play on my SG
Stan Juan
Ok,,,,, I have an Idea for a new YouTube channel that SOMEBODY NEEDS to make happen. This very guitar, needs to be sent around to various artists, where they video themselves playing one song that was inspirational to them, before being passed on to someone else. Maybe there could even be an episode where some musicians do like a round table, where they just have an off the cuff conversation about music that inspired them to first start playing, and each one of them has a go at the Hello Kitty. And when the series is over, (because unlike American TV where shows run WAY TO LONG! this series will have a satisfying conclusion), the guitar should be placed on display at the Rock Guitar Museum for the world to see and appreciate. This is one of those things that just NEEDS to be done. Let's make something beautiful again.
Matt Eagle
The ozzy hello kitties killed me.
That damn thumbnail is as long as his beard
Callum Anderson
I think I prefer Zakk's voice to Ozzy's... Wtf?
Ryan The Iron
Look at the nail on that Thumb! Seriuosly...WTF?
I see comments saying he made the guitar sound badass. Pretty sure it was the guitar that made him sound badass
Stoyan Orozov
and that's metal af
Adam Ye
I was here to laugh at first but I think I just found the best acoustic cover of NIB?
union worker
That was actually kick ass!!🤘
Sam Fosdick
Badasserry at it's finest!
Kevin Asbell Jr.
I’ve watched this video at least 15 times realistically and I’m always impressed. Zakk is a truly great musician...
Faezma Faez
from this time, i know tht my Tanglewood guitar no the main problem.
Ilya Kravchik
Not bad, a hello kitty guitar is essentially a ukulele with 6 strings. Rock on Zack!
Glenn C
You had me at hello kitty
mitch Arexseven
These guitars are little gems. I tried to buy my nieces "Hello Kitty" mini guitar last Xmas after playing around with it for most of the day.( It's cramped but played like a dream and stayed in tune!) No dice. She would not part with it. I heard she busted it a while ago. Too bad. Goodbye Kitty.
Jeef Rcno
Is it just me or do I really like the way that guitar sounds when it’s strummed
Ralph Valencia
Wait where's his mouth???
Pvt. Prinny
I want to see alexi laiho play this guitar lol
NAILED it!!!! Lol
Dain Hamilton
Better than john Mayer in my opinion 🤣
John VanKempen
That moment when Zakk Wylde is better on the hello kitty first act guitar than you are on your Gibson les paul :(
Oscar et sa guitare
Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏼
little nigga
Time to sleep
Clicked because of the thumbnail, stayed because of the thumbnail
Miss Take
I love his voice!!!
Rover Waters
this is top class hello kitty acoustic six strings makes you a better musician
0u0 Destroyer of Comment Sections
I’m wondering where I can get a tab like this
slayernut 666
Zakk is one of my favorite guitarists, but I hate his singing voice
Paulo Rosseto
Why I'm head banging?
Reid Bronson Harris
Chaos B.C. #Sepultura.
Rafa Paura
Mini Guitar Of Hello Kitty to Song
Felipe Mendes
Nem sei como vim parar aqui? Tem algum BR por aqui? 🇧🇷
Katsujin The Bold
Awesome, but the Ozzy hello Kitty filter was not necessary. At moments even annoying.
Ben Brines
Came here for comedy. Stayed for good music.
Eduardo Ventura
É só saber usar que sai som. Incentivando as criancinhas!
kucing hoki
he is so cute isn't he
Damn this was the cat’s pajamas
How’s this dude sing with no mouth?
Soroosh Mhs
You may be metal But you can never be as metal as zakk wylde playing black sabbath on a hello kitty guitar
The FoxKing
I love it!!! He shredded even eith that guitar! Hands down amazing voice too!
FtR Enigma
This is late as can be...buuuuut....for some reason I picture this playing in a suspenseful slow-motion scene in TWD, the last of us or really any post apocalyptic movie/video game
This is a weird video
Legend has it, that if Zakk Wylde trims his thumbnail, it will become the pick of legends, highly sought after for the skill it imbues into its wielder.
The Red Birds
That was amazing! 🤘
Awesome & funny as hell at the same time!
Reid Bronson Harris
Purple Tangerine. :)
Prince Westerburg
I saw Zakk with Ozzy at the Marquee in London in Jan 1990 and never since. Is that the same guy?
this video is the very definition of - "it's not the guitar, it is the man who plays it'
Cobb Knobbler
Finally Zack looks tough.
Joseph 'Sparson'Pandolfi
This sounds amazing....well then again. Zakk wylde. Also it sounds kinda creepy.
Mateusz Pełka
I will die for tabs
Led Zappa
Jayce Wilkinson
Dear God, his pick is his thumb nail
Can you remove that stupid cat animations from the screen?
Penguin Pie
You know when I was younger I went to an ozzy show and got a backstage tour from the tour manager. We checked out ozzy's stageside dressing room and there was a drawn picture of kerropi hanging up there. I was told his son had done it. So there is some precedent with zak playing the hello kitty guitar.
This is a video.
Black Cat Bone
hail satan!
Zachary Volt
When you realize he doesn't have a pick and is playing with his fingernail.
ANISTAZI metal 94609
Did I miss the shredding leads, or did he just not do any ?
Michael B.
Which is longer, Zakk Wylde's thumbnail or beard lol?
fabio dominguez schubert
Great. I always wanted to start a new genre called "Toy Metal" or "Jokercore" metal and rock music made with toys instruments and naive lyrics.
I'm surprised he didn't try a pinch harmonic.
Saxton Hale
That's the best cover of NIB I've ever heard.
Mikkel Hougaard
limb bizkit still sucks cuxx!
Nikola uo32hr23uiq23rn
sunny Gardens
It's not the instrument, but the player of said instrument
Michael B.
I am fascinated by this version
-Mom i need a new guitar so i can play better!! -No! Zakk Wylde played it and he sounded fine!
John Burgess
But does it djent?
Giovani Monteiro
Carai, pensei que era o Nando Moura mano kkk
logan kincade
How did I miss this???!!!! I'm here 2018?
F Mills
This is an awesome rendition of NIB and I don't usually care for Zakk Wylde.
Boat Axe
Everyone should watch this before spending a shitload of money on a guitar! It's the player!!!!!!
Trevin Colburn
This literally sounds better that the orgininal. Ozzy is overrated.
Bruno Ellsworth
One of the most grossly overrated guitarist ever
Meshuggah Dave
I don't understand. It's not like you need to tune for a song comprised entirely of pinch harmonics but otherwise, that's gonna be a tricky setup for the zakk man to squelch and squeal while drinking grins. Tbh I'm not even going to watch. I'm sure this guy could drop a duce in that hello kitty "F" hole and everyone and their mom would still clap and flip the floppy titties up and down. Over rated wankers wasting video time, recording time, and money on Wal-Mart toys and jerking off. Wasn't it bad enough this guy got famous for jerking off on a real guitar? Now we gotta see this shit? Why? Because the other idiot was doing this on Wal-Mart drums? WHO THE FUCK IS ENTERTAINED BY THIS BULLSHIT? Y'ALL AIN'T METAL HEADS. BUNCH OF GIGGLING MY LITTLE HELLO KITTY PONY PUSSIES. Go pray to meshuggah for absolution. Your way lost guys. Y'all be trying out the panties too? Maybe do a throw back to the scorpions. Hey how about y'all get zakk and ozzy together with the suicide silence guys that are still alive, and re do the rocky horror picture show with fake instruments from the dollar store. I bet that would be sick.
Robert Herberg
Classic Sabbath on a truly legendary instrument. Awesome.
I want to die by being stabbed to death by Zack Wyldes thumbnail.
You know... Africans would make a proto-banjo with of a gourde so that's all you really need to play the blues. Make yourself a gourde banjo and learn you some strings
This is way better than I thought it would be...he is pretty good at singing...
Laura G
Sigue siendo tan sexy como hace 20 años atrás 👌🏻