Zakk Wylde Plays Black Sabbath on Hello Kitty Mini-Guitar

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B.A. Guerinn
Delete this video. It is destroying the main excuse I use to buy more gear.
Fun Fact: Zakk Wylde actually doesnt sing himself, its his mustache
That guitar had a cigarette after that...
Mubashir Mahi
He rocks harder than most people with electric guitars.
Proves you can’t blame the guitar if you sound like crap.
Psychedelic Mallu
It's like he's singing a lullaby to the guitar and the guitar is enjoying it.
Ron Burgundy
I come here once a month to restore my faith in humanity.
Cameron Keough
This is unironically the best cover that I’ve heard of this song
Skill and talent make any guitar sound great. NOT because of wood or hardware. Either you can play or you can't.
Paolo DiGiorno
Tough guy image but with a sense of humor. It humanizes him.
Cyberdemon Mike
The lorax was a hell of a guitarist? Who knew that?
Moving Parts
_Hello Kitty, what went on in your head?_ _Oh Hello Kitty, did you talk to the dead?_ _Your life style seemed to me so tragic_ _With the thrill of it all._
The Shit - ABYSS
{ *UPDATE* } : As of this last Jam with Zakk Wylde, the Hello Kitty Guitar started drinking Heineken, got pregnant & checked herself into rehab. More soon.
Pete Meads
Youtube recommendation algorythm, i am once again in your debt
Freddy Bañuelos
1926: We will have flying dogs one day 2019: Zakk wylde plays Black Sabbath on hello kitty guitar
Just goes to prove a good guitarist can make any cheap shit guitar sound good. Peace
Handsome Jack
It's nice to this Viking relax and enjoy a good tune on a Hello Kitty guitar after a fine day of slaughter.
Akatsuki Gang
My guitar left me after this video 😖😖😖
now i'm contemplating the purchase of the hello kitty guitar....
Vincent B.
At first I smiled a bit, said to myself 'now that's funny'...untill Zakk begins to play and sing...and I instantly forgot the whole contrast between Mister Wylde and his Custom Build Hello Kitty Mini-guitar!!!! goes to show that it's simply impossible for these boyt to look rediculous. Rule Zakk !
the Omega Concern
Post 1971 Kitty guitars are shit. But they can sound good with a Chihuahua peddle.
Blhaa blhaa
Hello Kitty guitars just went up in retail price by 250 percent with a patent design and sound. LOL
Brandon Tackett
I actually really like his voice
Skyler Burgess
He’s very talented. I hope he gets his big break.
Saad Ibrahim
The video every married guitarist want to take down
Ashda Sheppp
Wow that new zakk wylde signature guitar looks great
Original strings too?! Thats awesome..
Finally, my recommendations found something worth watching.
This should be in red dead redemption 2 soundtrack
TheRap channel
Proves that it's not the guitar,it's who's playing it
Older Johnny cash vibes anyone?
This just proves that anybody can sound great with a hello kitty guitar
Cory Clarke
I dont think you can get anymore BadAss than Zakk Wylde with a Hello Kitty guitar
Adam Ye
I was here to laugh at first but I think I just found the best acoustic cover of NIB?
ramble 31
With that goddamn thumbnail he could be sabertooth lol.
Captain Cabbage
It doesn’t sound bad lmao
Tomáš Tůma
More metal than Black Veil Brides. :D
Kevin Peterson
I bet the Hannah Montana guitar would sound hella dope!
The internet was invented for stuff like this.
Meatie Boys
“My name is lucifer, please take my hand” *looks at Zakks thumb nail* no thank you
Daniel Stone
Pretty cool signature guitar. Specs?
exterminator 66
*Perfect video doesn't exi-*
Fedor van Meeuwen
Probably the first little guitar that hasn’t gotten smashed by toddlers
so THATS how zakk wylde puts his children to sleep
Jordan Wilbanks
Welp. Here I am again, whats up all my rewatchers!!
Massive respect to a Legend picking up a Hello-Kitty guitar ... and sounding AWESOME!
Amanda Bennett
I love Ozzy but, I think Zakk actually sings the song better as well as playing that guitar so awesomely! Glad I had a watch! 💜
Ralph Valencia
This very well may be the purest thing I've ever seen
Vic dadik
If zakk would have been stranded like in Castaway he would have made a guitar out of coconuts and tree bark and played the same awesome tunes without a hitch
Truth Guy
It's the player not the guitar
More than 2 thousand people have given this a thumbs down. Imagine, for a second, what it must be like to be one of them.
That hello kitty guitar just lived its dream.
Waveman MAV
He sounds better on that toy than I do on my $3000 guitar.
Tim Hatfield
Zakk wylde I love your a guitar player myself and you killed this sing.i like this version better than the original
Maryse Flore
OMG This made my day. Thank you for uploading this!
Ronnie Jr
Obviously the guitar has hacks
That guitar is truly crap. The laying is some of the best I have heard from zakk in years though.
Father Jack's toenail👍😉
If this video can inspire kids to pick up the guitar and learn some Sabbath, then Loudwire is doing great work.
David Mohr
You are every bit the singer Ozzy is nice guitar also :-)
derpy fox art
I didn’t know hells angels members sing country versions of Black Sabbath
his thumb nail makes me want to throw up
Slipknot fan
Wish this cover was on Spotify
Clicked because of the thumbnail, stayed because of the thumbnail
Where do I buy this guitar?
Sounds better than a $5000 guitar! Amazing cover!
James White
Guitar now on Sale at Guitar Center for 7 thousand with free strings.
Derek C
No pinch harmonics, 1/10.
Andrew Jatib
> Spends $10,000 in Gibson Les Paul Custom, Marshall heads and cabs, pedals and fx, etc. > Still doesnt compare to Zakk on a $20 childs toy guitar.
Energent Music - Originalbeatsproducer
wow! this vid is gold
Angel of Death on ukulele? 😂
Ima Nalien
My favorite Sabbath song played on a Hello Kitty guitar. My life is complete, I can die now.
malaki R
He used his fingernail as a pick. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Nando B
When you are a GOD of guitar you can play even with a table with strings.....
street headbanger
Топчик, сука. 10 Ozzy-cat from 10! На акустике. С котятами. N.I.B. Не утратив ни единого эффекта. Самурай, сукабля, шестиструнный!
matheus mota
This dude has no mouth, like Hello Kitty itself... Zakk Wylde are heavy metal's Hello Kitty? '-'
Herb Hungry
Honestly seeing Zakk play lead for Ozzy and getting to see rob zombie all in the same show was one of the best times of my life.
Jayce Wilkinson
Dear God, his pick is his thumb nail
I love that harmonic minor sequence!..The key of metal!.
I met Zak once cool guy gave me his picks.. He's also massive and I'm 6.1
Joe Blo
great, but he left out the "oh yea" part.
ich du
looks good on him :) well it shows you can make great music even on a little toy
"Welcome to The Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya?" How tough am I!? I played a Black Sabbath song! "Yeah, so?" On a Hello Kitty guitar. "Right this way, sorry to keep you waiting..."
Drew Manley
This great lmfao 😂
Mel Frank
Love the 1970s graphics like a vintage Sabbath video!!!
Dave Christan
zz top playing Sabbath, who would have guessed lol eh HaHa
He's like Schroeder from Peanuts playing Beethoven on a toy piano.
Rise of the sugars
Really Loudwire? A Hello Kitty guitar? Everyone knows the pro’s use Pokémon guitars with blue stars.
Jordan Wilbanks
I want this on Spotify so I can jam when i drive. PLEASE LOUDWIRE
gothboi clit
Chip Barkhouse
CLASSIC ! - Chip Barkhouse The Drummist
Patrick James Spillane
Great video, but 'Space Lord Motherfucker!' is by Monster Magnet!
Elias Castillo
Beginners should see this before going out and buying the $3000 guitar that they’ll only play for 2 months before they quit
ismael damonte
Is not the guitar Is the guitarist...that simple :)
The list Bo
He’s such an amazing ventriloquist 😂
Clahan Fibralo
One of the best experiences of my life, Zak and kitty, priceless
Odd Eleven
It's in the hands of a pro and it still sounds like crap XD Nice guitar :P The performance was awesome tho :) As real as it gets.
Ben Brines
Came here for comedy. Stayed for good music.