Ivan Torrent - Dandelion (2014)(Tribute to Enigma)

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Epic Radio: /> Ivan Torrent - Epic Drama Orchestral Choir Beautiful Journey Name: Dandelion Album: Cantus (Gregorian Chants') / Tribute to Enigma Composer: Ivan Torrent feat Eduardo Tarilonte Check the music at the following links: /> /> /> /> /> /> Facebook: /> Image: /> /> /> Lyrics by J. Fernandez & I.Torrent Cruising miles offshore the life seems breakable... A never ending kiss I need to find 'Cause I'm a fragile soul, a Dandelion... To keep me safe, I need you by my side. Bring me all your love!! 'Cause you can save my world... your light is what it feeds the Sun, and warms the dawn... You ́re always on my mind I feel the rain on me the whispers on the wind... I only need to think that I'm your kind. I gotta break the wall, to reach the skies above, and fall into your arms to live and die... Bring me all your love!! 'Cause you can save my world... Your light is what it feeds the Sun and warms the dawn You ́re always on my mind...

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Dandelion my friend not Dantelion :D
OMFG!What a GREAT song !!! Gregorian Style !!
What 'a hell??? 4 minutes just passed like 4 seconds I gotta listen to it again
Michaela Boothe
Story Time : God's vs humans The year is 3056, for me I've lost faith in the world. My wings cut off. I walk on earth, on my own but I still see the battle up above. Angel’s fighting humans. I can see me now. Fight against her, Her hair white as snow, wings beautiful as a sunrise. then her screams, her dress becomes red as a rose. Now I walk the earth, living forever and still thinking of her. What happens next? Just a lot of dreams
Raphaëlle Garcia
He has done it again. Simply, another masterpiece.
I imagine a dandelion floating through the a patchwork of fields, the camera following it as it is blown around...
So Solane
New skin for Janna , Justicar Janna :D
My favorite song of 2014. Ivan Torrent sure knows how to transcribe emotions into music.
i am having difficulty believing this isn't really from Enigma
Galactic Phenomenon
I prefer to church chanting to pop singer in this music soundtrack.
Epic I love it :)
Gregorians and Enigma! Thanks for making me go back in time to my childhood, when I used to hear these two a lot. c: By the way, its "Dandelion" with a D :)
Benjamin Oeding
whats the flute at the beginning... some kind of a bass shakuhachi? (id like to know cuz i love this sound)
Tony Rise
i listen to this every day it like my morning tea jus wonderful melody and the stuff
Dandelion means Ours.what a riddle! Enigma.
easily my favorite composer :)
His voice is amazing :3
My first thought was "Enigma ? You mean Enigma in Dota ?" And then I realised I was dumb.
Ahmed Farooqi
Awesome song no matter how many times you play. To enjoy more this music one needs a  complete audio equipment.
I've heard that pipe sample before on a game website. I _MUST_ KNOW WHERE TO FIND THAT SAMPLE.
i love it *u*
Amber Wareing
Beautiful. Makes me think of Starfighter.
Grande Ivan, Grande Jenny!
Mika Aoife
I could see this being Leliana's theme from Dragon Age III. 
absolute phenomenal tribute to Cretu's Enigma project. It makes me want to not only delve into more of this guy's stuff but relive the nostalgia of hearing Enigma for the first time.
Geoffrey Head
Great music!!
Yong Bang Yang
So many beautiful musics. Subscribed :)
Torrent...You are a goddamn magician! :D
janna <3
Adam Jensen
So beautiful ...
Kuba Jędrzejewski
The vocalist reminds me of Andru Donalds, who Enigma used to cooperate with a lot. Great song, nontheless!
Silent Rose
If you stare deeply into my eyes You'll see the ruins of life go up in flames You'll see the broken path and the many deaths . You'll see The End and the start , But you'll see a world where everyone is loved A world of peace ! Well give our hand to someone in need . A world where everyone can smile ,
The Pro Guy
I can listen this 100 times in a row.
Jono Pike
Beautiful, gives those warm chills that go right through you.
Hoàng Thắng
Janna LOL .......
Torrent is a beast
If you don't know who is Enigma (a group lead by Michael Cretu) I strongly recommend you look it up here on youtube !  Another great composition by Torrent.
Sawa Royal Water sawa Entreprises
That's very good music
🇧🇷 👍👍👍 Linda D +! Obrigada por COMPARTILHAR. 👏👏👏👏
Janna? It's You?
Christopher Thrawn
Excellent music.
staporn srirung
2,000 Like Yearh !! .
wilhelm stelmaszczuk
jaka fajna melodia muzyczna enigma
neptune ao
Who is the singer please?
Oh this is good. Sounds exactly like one of theirs! Good job, keep going with the hight quality  :D
I love this song.
Music Builds Worlds
Just a beautiful Work..! 
so good!
oxhid3 - 3D/CGI Artist
W Enigma <3
I love this beautiful masterpiece! It's truly a tribute to the great Enigma's music.
Buffy B.
Beautiful picture and song. Thanks for the upload!
Travis S
one day
Travis S
whomever it is, it is not for only me to choose. For her to choose as well. She must become a disciple and she must make a covenant with god. Then she must overcome her trials. It's a long road to being the one to whom I'm to be with for eternity.
Travis S
One day, she'll have her own vengeance.
christian ohlendorf
sau geil
AnthonyP Breaks
thanks for this track. its beautifull. from Spain
JJ Joanne
This is stunning! More like this please :D
Abel Sánchez
This is awesome!!!
prototype 11
........epic........music....... *___*
anthony hernandez
the angel reminds me of Mercy from Overwatch
Stephanie Proulx
Wow! Shivers! 😍
Leandro Coelho
Toop, muito bom
Preben B
Such a powerful song! Love it!
Fernando Mendoza
God I love this Chanel!
The flute is the pan pipe.
Daniel Alegría
I love this song. <3
Denzel Washington
AMAZING ! What are the softwares used please ?!
Cường Phạm Quang
I love it. Nice music ^_^
may red
Maria Hervas
Beautiful music and precious image :)
hmm.. look like Enigma !! Btw still nice..
long way11
Дмитрий Панов
Шикарая песня
björn jung
the best song
Tallor the Blackhound
Hi, Jenny. Is it possible to have the instrumental version of this song? I love the choir at the beginning but I'm not too fond of the singer.
Lyrics anyone???
@Kris ahahaa thank you! I thought i checked but i guess i missed them!
Marc-KiIian Dullin
Where can I get this and your other songs?
Daniel M
why do I like this so much. Who is singing? Great vocals also.
Isaias G 117
jennyni20 your the best.
This beautiful love song admires jesus. gregorian last word(yesu)...very touching!
Get the winged people out of my sight!
This music is beautiful.Really.
Very cool.
I knew it, it had to be inspired by Enigma's work, if I hadn't discovered the track through the very artist I would've mistaken it for one of theirs XD
Krystel Danieli
j adore ♥ 
It's AwoOOoVement!
This song... I'm at a loss of words...
Tibério Ferreira
Amazing song! 
Danielle Dovahsdottir
As a long time lover of Enigma, I have to say...you got this. Absolutely beautiful work. (:
Małgorzata Kol
María José Pizarro
Gracias por el regalo para dormir enhorabuena
Lester Perez Terrones
Trylide SOB
Thiago Vinicius
Música muito linda *-* !