The Big Bang Theory - Dance & Music Compilation Part 3

The Eye of the Tiger part just killed me
You forgot the part when Sheldon sings Good King Wenceslas in a Christmas episode. ^^EDIT: Also "If I Didn't Have You" Howard sings to Bernadette
Olivia Benson-Stabler
Are you going to make a part 4??
the show must go all over the place or something
I love: 4:27, 5:45, 6:53, 7:18, 8:06, 9:14, 11:55, 12:21,
Holden Caulfield
11:12 unfortunately isnt Baby dont get hooke on me :( Pls somebody tell me!
Grecia Oceguera
3:00 my girl by temptations 😂😂😂I love that song
" Be my Yoko Ono " !
Nascha Lecter
IDK why I love Sheldon and penny sing duo
Holden Caulfield
Nobody Knows :D I also want to know
x cin
11:24??? i‘m look for it so long time
Brittney Williamson
Holden Caulfield
Where can One find this version of "Baby dont get hooked on me"? Its different in the original..
Elizabeth Muratore
I also love the moment when Howard and Raj sing "Rocket Man" to try to create Howard's new space nickname, and also when Sheldon sings the national anthem at the end of "The Closure Alternative".
Canal aLFc
Part 4 with the Sheldon singing Christmas song!
Sapphire D
9:55 :') You need to make part 4, and include the part where Sheldon sings Good King Wenceslas from the newest season!
7:39 is "Greensleeves"
Laurel Sims
Awesome video!! 6th one (whistling) is "Sweet Georgia Brown"
Thank you for giving me a heads up on the video. :) I'm so happy that you make them. The musical parts are always my favorite. Too bad there hasn't been much on that front this season. :/ Already looking forward to part four. ;)
Berzerker 55
A have seen it. And feel sorry for Raj in that episode..
We can see her even better in episode 6x15 (The Spoiler Alert Segmentation), I don't know if you've seen it yet.
Berzerker 55
Oh god i could see Howard mother at 12:39
Absolutely love it! As awesome as the two first parts! Thank you for making it :D
Why would I want to skip Be My Yoko Ono?? Classic BNL!
Holden Caulfield
11:42 isnt Baby dont get hooked on me... Damn it, WANT TO KNOW!
Alonso Ac
Andrew Walker
Hope you do a part 4
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Peter Jacobsen
what is the song at 7:20?
Brent Winter
No soft kitty?
kathy taco
I thought there was an actual fly on my tablet
Emily Andrews
Sheldon's Tuvan Throat singing is hilarious.
Himaki Mendis
Everyone's busy laughing so hard that they forget to click the thumbs up even 😂😂😂
samantha Kennedy
love when they whistle ! No Sheldon !!! (:
Can anyone tell the song played when Raj and Sheldon were solving the problems on the board..??
Ave Twist
I like the eccentric music what Howard puts on 8:23
Macarena Alfaro
what is the name of the song in 1:45 ???
Yogesh Mandge
What is the music at 7:49?
I'm so happy
Lothlorien Lament
What's the name of the song at 11:12? It's not baby don't get hooked on me by Mac Davis. Please help!
Hello! Thanks for the awesome video but I've been going nuts looking for a song that's played on the 21st episode of season 4. It's when Sheldon is out at the bar with Penny, Bernadette and Amy and all four are drinking and making a toast. I'm looking for the music that plays in the background right then. By any chance, do you know which song is it? 
Gerson Huerta
8:24 what song Is?
Victor Ramirez
Im a music freak (music freak) music frea-eak yeah
Princess Alize
Eric Henderson
What was that song that Raj sang while playing his online game.
haris bikovic
What's the name of a song at 7:20??pleasee :))