WHEELS UP, GUNS DOWN: Illegal ATV Riders Take To The Miami Streets

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I wonder how many of those bikes are stolen.
aceEm RN4L
Omg did somebody just spray raid!? Looks like a butch of roaches scattering.
So let me get this right. These people do this every year to honor MLK? They go out and commit mass crimes on the public? Putting peoples lives in danger and damaging others property? How is that honoring such a great man? I just don't get it! Can someone please explain to me what their thinking is?
Fernando Conde
All those riders need to be tased.
Putting all those lawfull motorists in danger. So disrespectful.
Just another gamer
must be nice to not have to work
feral behavior
MLK lost his life , trying to bring blacks to an equal level to whitey , and now these riders bring themselves back below , where they started , guess dem don't have respect for mr king
Don P
Oh, I forgot. We didn't do nuffin !
spike strips..... where are the cops...i dont believe what im seeing
LRY Logger
No respect for other people, no respect for rules, no respect for law and order....yep, these worthless turds will spend time behind bars on a regular basis, and they'll always play the race/victim card.... It will get worse! The police won't be able to protect you. Only the 2nd Amendment can protect you.....it allows you to protect yourself! Why aren't the police stopping this BS? Have the politicians got involved, and told the police to let them do this?
Richard B
Moving targets!! 2 points for each one run over :)
And the racism begins.....
Mike Andrews
It's a illegal event that never gets busted? Police are incredibly worthless
Soulja boy's PurpleGun
Did y'all see the guy with 1 leg hopping around?
Nicholas Gauthier
Wheels up, Guns down, Morons aplenty
Don Adamson
Wheres an 18 wheeler when you want one?
Pie yield _
That’s how mafia works!
Those same savages will be breaking down your doors, shooting you in the face tomorrow.
Kenn's Instagram At: i000
It's a great message surrounding the event, but it's no longer that it's about taunting these pigs. Coming from a biker! There is a right way and a wrong way and most of them aren't bikers just fools on two wheels giving us real bikers a bad name/image!
Poor Man 1
jayna reynolds
We notice not a critical peep from the reporter......he doesn't dare say anything for fear of his life. If they were white, the governor would call out the state police and national guard and have them all arrested. But the governor doesn't dare lay a finger on those sacred cow cyclists on this most high holiday. All whites grovel before the mighty jewish god, MLK, And if you don't grovel, you'll get run over by a savage law-breaker on a motorcycle. LoL!
Police helicopter with high powered paint gun would have stopped this real quick
Chernobyl Reactor 4
Those negroids are late on things. Negroids have been doing that in Baltimore ever since 2002. 98% of the dirtbikes and ATV's are stolen.
Thomas Shaw
They could nab a bunch when they stop for gas.
Eric Allen
Has the mayor or chief of police commented on their inability to handle this situation?
David Hawkins
Weekly illegal event coming across the border
Nigel J
Shoot em 1 by 1. It would cure them.
if that was a white dude in a car 30 cops on him,NO COPS IN SIGHT.
Joe Kyser
Just proves if everyone says im not going to obey the law, whats going to happen?
Keep this in mind when the useless Miami Dade Police Director runs for Sheriff and promises to keep us SAFE ... MDPD is anything and everything BUT tough on crime and criminals anymore ...
Lalo vlogs
Bunch of animal's that's what they are!!!
The Kid's
Great footage. News should sponsor next year's event as well.
cunha's family
Deep State agenda no law-enforcement More problem in the community No problem too manipulation
This was totally badass, you're all a bunch of squares lol
crimp creep
Miami's version of Running of the Bulls...😎
pisces pisces pisces
Oh wow moving targets...no worries Stand up AMERICA we are the winners...🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Goon Rides
Another year, another fun week 💜🖤
SHAMAN hunter gatherer
Rambo with a paper badge to protect you lol. Bunch of deranged individuals
Dude at 53:20 has got some skills.
Dirty Cop Registry
There's a LOT of reasons MIA sucks. Not just this.
Dan Johnson
Betcha half of the Bikes are stolen
c a
good argument for 30 round magazines right here
Jonh Mack
Says it is in Miami but it's Fox Houston? Broadcating it live??
Bagrilla Jenkins
1:11:20. And the 1 legged black dude hops away. Literally foot bailed.
Stretch a cable across the road.
Full Push Metals
Which do you drive!?! LIKE BELOW!
Marybeth Eby
That red vw sand buggy is sweet tho...
They must be taking that marawana
Law Abiding Citizen
this was in Miami, why was this posted by fox Phoenix?
100MPH Selfies
That's why I ride solo. A single domestic dog is harmless but make it 10 of them, they're deadly.
chris ball
New DMX single on the way!!! lol...
Elvis Stone
Start mowing them down GTA stile lol 😂
San Dan
The government doing it's best spying on the people !! AMAZING nobody cares smh
Look at all those stolen atvs and bikes.
kell m
Where's the cops? SMH
These bikes are stolen you got to do a better job FOX and help identify these bikes get more close ups next time😳
Mike Warner
Don't need no stinking badges
car clips
Oh no! Illegally riding. 🤣
Jeff Ray
I bet the tax payers built them a motocross track
Tom S
90% are stolen. Black at it again
j young
7:09 wow. Block a vehicle in and one kicks the door. Way to shine for an example
effspot drop the mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥
America is falling but you got guys worried about this... Look at what's going on in the world
Rifan Zynga Zynga
100% thugs , 1/2 are carrying a pistol
Al Bundy
44:00 cop littering
ron policy
Martin Luther King Blvd day ..hands up don't scoot
Dennis Schell
Target rich environment!!!
Buzz ard
All I see is hood ornaments.
Dirty Cop Registry
I was there. It was hilarious, I thought.
Danny Yang
Keep it down south...is a southern things us northern wouldn't understand..
Joe Porter
look like a bunch of ants
Aaron Kauffman
Bike life ♥️ rep rep
Steve Mclaughlin
Next year, they should have this event in Nancy Pelosi's front yard!
John Dunbar
Blacks breaking the law on motorcycle no different than when they do it on foot. Urban cockroaches
The mayor of that city should explore his options relative to asking the Governor of that state for some National Guard assets to put, and keep the lid on this.. This city should have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.
Zopund media will never talk about it
Kevinator _
you are suppose to be only 100% gas in them there things boys
Nothing good came out of that State anyway. F'em
Ira Dorsey
Shout outs to Miami real renagades
10 K
Its kind of cute seeing them all play on their trikeys
Romanticwoe P
So lit ride on
Bagrilla Jenkins
Is that not the justification for martial law that the government has been looking for? Way to hand it to 'em folks. WTF?!?!
Lol look like pissed off ants going everywhere lol ride on boys
Colleen Ruth
The police should have done something about this crap. Taking up all the lanes on the right side of the road. Also riding into the left lanes. Stopping traffic and kicking cars, that are trying to get through the intersection. This should have never been aloud to go on, for so long.
ObamaReally Suucks
looks like Miami Police are True PUSSIES........afraid to arrest known criminals.
Nature knows
Beautiful keep riding
Roger Green
Spike their tyres see how long it takes to push their bikes home they won't do it again 🇬🇧
J Starr2
lol one of the homies was wearing flannel!
Jeff Ray
Bright side.prob 20 smash their mellons.
Mod Squad
Swear I can do a longer wheelie then all them. I go threw 3 chains a year.
Outside In
Strange how in the land of the free, nobody's free.
Rooster Cogburn
Why is it all blacks? Weird?
Russell Garr
All revved up and no place to go...
Build the wall as soon as possible.!!!!!