Stravinsky - Le Sacre du Printemps - USSR SO / Svetlanov

Igor Stravinsky Le Sacre du Printemps L'Adoration de la Terre 0:00 Le Sacrifice 15:38 The USSR Symphony Orchestra Evgeny Svetlanov Studio recording, 1966

ivan liera monterrubio
Version and recording, Excelent. Thanks.
Aleksandar Jankovski
Visceral, brutal, primeval, raw, perfect! A remarkable reading of the Rite. Svetlanov and the USSR SO give a truly superb and incisive reading. Love it!
Raúl López
Extraordinaria interpretación de Svetlanov, define claramente el poder y caracter agresivo de la obra
Robert Slagle
Is this the one that was on Angel records in the U.S.?
Paul Barrett
There is some exciting playing here, but there are several clumsy tape edits. The one at 6.54 is particularly bad- it chops out a whole beat. There are mistakes too- where is the tam tam entry at 13.31? The timpani comes in a bar too early at 31.40.
Echt authentische Interpretation dieses anspruchsvollen Meisterwerks mit farbenreichen Töne verschiedener Instrumente. Die Virtuosität aller Solisten ist erstaunlich hoch. Der geniale Maestro dirigiert das hoch funktionelle Orchester im polyrhythmischen Tempo mit völlig effektiver Dynamik. Einfach wunderbar!