Deivamagal Episode 763, 03/11/15

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Deivamagal தெய்வமகள் Episode 763 Subscribe: />Next Episode: />Prev Episode: />Nambi furiously exits Prakash's office 00:06 Gayathri tells Nambi she will take charge for getting document back from Prakash 02:05 Raju takes an about turn against Gayathri 05:26 Sakash happily goes for a bike ride and have their dinner at MGR tiffen centre 08:32 Gayathri inquires about Moorthy's condition to Sathish 16:22 Best of Deivamagal: />Moorthy Comedy scenes: Deivamagal All Episodes: />Sakash promise each other: />Moorthy attempts telling a joke: />Thulasi's tearful recollection: />Kuruvikku Aabathu : />Sathya meets Prakash at hospital: />A night out for Athai: />Priyamanaval Episode 240: />Azhagi Episode 1018: />Title Song: />Channel />Facebook:

P. Vengateshwaran Ragunath
ha ha ha Guys see from 14:21 - 14:29 Ganesh was About to serve the dosa He first went to A Man he was about to put but didnt serve Again he went to another man Again he DIDN'T serve
kumar sandhya
prakash is so cute
When is Vinothini gonna find out that Nay3 is trying to kill Moorthy again. Prakash should be extra careful now. Nice scene with Prakash, Sathya and Raju.
Jeya Kumar
very nice episode and sakash scene super
R Shalini
awesome prakash handsome man
Reshma Peter
awesme wen prakash tuk notes to write...semma comedy...
May Spring
Prakash teased Raju to make him more motivated. So theres 2 villains against Prakash? Will be fun to see. Good bike scene.
Swetha Subramanian
This episode is awesome. prakash and sathya going to raju's shop that scene was good. and starting scene is super.
Ramesh Babu
it was nice episode.. I love last scene with sangee and sathi
Saranya Venkatasamy
sakash scene was cute. its amazing. I like the scene.prakash will get notes with superb. nice episode.
Love's Great
Nambi:naan solrata ezhuti vechuko....prakash:konjam iru...aah...sollu...ha...ha...funny...enjoy that scene.
Catherine A
what happened to those blank documents that raju signed?
Siva A
Lovely episode. Prakash is rocking continuously. Raju is now praise worthy. It is always a good binding between Raju and Prakash. It is understood that Prakash teased Raju for his well being. Overall a good episode.
JAYALAKSHMI subramanian
super episode
naz krish prakash
it's awesome when prakash said"unma sonna prakash nu konjra yen bujji"!always our beloved sakash bike riding is eye treat but idhu innum special...hope so vikatan you will add at"best of deivamagal".rocking prakash when he nakkals nambi was semma ...also sakash-mgr scene was so nice!the way prakash nakkal raju which is well clear then only raju grown up!prakash-raju bonding the way both expressed way very nice!
Thana Jay
Saavuddiii... Naya3 engirey Gaya3. Muttaal Nambi!!! Lol epic Prakash,.... I wan gaya3 to suffer under muttaal nambi!!!
Saranya Venkatasamy
sakash scene was cute. its amazing. I like the scene.prakash will get notes with superb. nice episode.
Guka Dharshini
today episode super prakash words to nambi super wow sakash bike riding awsome sakash went to raju shope for dinner sakash soon become parent
karthick muthu
00:48 Hilarious!!!
kandavel kp
Lalam Ganesh
plsss atleast now make sakash parents, and its soo boring dragging the property issue
Akka wum thangatchiyum nalla than dress podureenga, hahahaha, see their dresses, io io
Vetkame Ilama Indha gay3 sollra ungada darlinga kollunga thoo gay3 but she want kumar nd moni nd to live with them idiot
Vimal Sagayam
Prakash super
krishnaswamy Narasimhan
Stupid serial. Director simply dragging the story without any purpose. Prakash has to be rewarded by the Government for having unearthed black money from Nambi so that Prakash would be able to partly clear the loan.. Nambi openly challenges him infront of all staff. He should be arrested and should languish in jail for one or two year along with Gayathri, Vinodhini and Nambi. The story should end at this stretch. Nonsense.
Kumar Perumal
look at the old lady , she talk about the daughter in law , she talks as though India don't believe in divorce, does she even know that gayathri is a master mind killer . I just hate when they are forgiving , now for the old man , he has the faith that they will pay the Dept, because he don't have to work or take a second job, easy for him to say. the writer for this drama is too far fetch. in India anything goes. what I hate is that they show us that India is so forgiving and all. but in actual fact its not like that in India at all.
Shini Sukumar
good aana kedu kettajanmmal summa erukka mattene! so pathu prakash n sathya,director ok thittu vangame thappichitten:-)
Vimal Sagayam
P. Vengateshwaran Ragunath
Hey,Sathya I have the Same earring,same pattern,same colour as You are wearing in this episode
JAYALAKSHMI subramanian
Now onwards all the episodes are going to be negative scenes only. Gayathri is going to blackmail Raju with the empty documents he has signed. Now it is better time to stop watching the serial
Mudipa nee kilipa di nay3 lusu
Janani Edwards
nambi's walk is hilarious! anyways i really hope he ends up killing gayathri very soon!
radhakrishna radha
சூப்பர் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் பிரகாஷ்
Rasu Maniam
It property' A damn rubbish way to reflect actual happeningss rather foolish n damn stupid to see Prakash n Sathya waiting their working hours on personal issues. Why must this JV issue prolong with more atrocities from Gay3, an established roadside pros, proven well. She must be fealt with police n laundering cash in non patd tax without a job. It happens in TN now, staying beside 24 hours but got crores to purchase
shanthi perumal
hi gayu, there is no fashion as having a curly hair on top and straight towards down, you have to top up your rebonding.
suresh paramu
super nice episode i like it
consan consan
Bhuna FT
I'm 3rd 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏻
ஒத்த ரோசா
sakash mean ? Yarra yellarum sakash sakash solringa
ஒத்த ரோசா
u mean prakash
Khadi Haramain
Gaya3 should get the worst treatment from Nambi. used him for money and accommodation and made him lose his entire wealth. he was minding his own business and came the downfall.
Baby Srii
3 rd
sheela jose
Super cool
Eastern Travel
Nambi is so stupid
Dear Viewers, Nambi loses his patience and explodes against Gayathri, while Sakash have their dinner at Moorthy's street shop. Watch this episode of Deivamagal to know more! Team Vikatan