Evanescence - What You Want Lyrics

Got the lyrics from: /> * * * * * * * * * * This video's dedicated to my best friend Emma, a huge fan of Evanescence! Hope you like the vid! :) * * * * * * * * * * All rights go to Wind-Up Records and EMI. No copyright infringement intended.

Maewyn Thotbane
Amy Lee has one of the GREATEST voices in music history!
Victoria Schmidt
i love this song. especially the line, "I'm everything you can't control."
"I'm everything you can't control." Amy's divergent, y'all
Larenne Mayot
Amy Lee has the most powerful, most beautiful voice in the entire world. She's also a gorgeous woman, she has so much talent and so much beauty inside of her! I love the Evanescence and I'm in love with this song and I love Amy Lee
Lauren Gails#1fan
gosh i wish i could sing this good Amy Lee is seriously one of the best singers ever <3
Amy Lee's voice is so pretty ♥
Tonia Clayton
Amy Lee voice has such power and pure @ the same time, I was sold with the first lyric of course!!!
silverenne rayne
amy lee has an epic voice :)
Bryan Zachery
Amy Lee can sing if she done American idol she would win it
Wolf Heart
Everyone who can sing has a type of music that there voice best fits like tje country singers have those deep voices and what not amys is like my voice in the sense that both of us sound best singing sadder songs
Sasha Stahler
I love this song so much right now, like oh my god it is awesome!
Julia Ev' soldier
i'm everything you can't control
Lailah Castle
Amy Lee <3
Justice Cortez
This song is a great inspiration to truly do good in life.
Simone Smith
Stand and face the unknown. In love with everything bout Evanescence. 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Amy Lee's voice is amazing and I love this song. Thank you for the 100% correct lyric video!
Σωτηρης Β.
porosh apla pragmata
CyberPurple 91
When you're on a diet and see cake
OtakuMetal 17
Amy Lee's Voice is So Strong!!!!
I heard this song at work back in December and when I did, my friend popped into my head. Now, every time I hear it, I think of him! He's a good man. I'd do anything to gain his trust and comfort back! "But every hour slipping by screams that I have failed you!" I failed him, us, our relationship... *sigh*
James Davis
powerfull song
Slytherin Basilisk
the most awsome song
Ninja raven
I love your name, Ginger Ale, that's the best. :D lol
Born 2 Race (I think)
patriece jenkins
I love alot of amy lee songs favorite band and still love dark colors and gothic music!! Go emo
Grievous Reborn
sad they don't make more music
Mel harmonic
1:11 Do what you what you want
English 4 U
"Hello, hello it's only me infecting EVERYTHING you love" 😈
Trexa Panda
I'm everything you can't control!
Athena Chi
I may have liked your comment, but I am still confused by it... WAAAHOOOOO
This song makes me think of how we tried everything we could and ran around like a bunch of fucking retards trying to make something work. When in reality it wasn't our fault because nothing would work consistently and would shutdown because of the piss poor operation being run there.
Amna Noor
This is my favourite song I love it 3
Mare Hounslow
I ♡ Amy Lee!!!! Shes an amazing singer! ♡♥♡♥♡♥
Mare Hounslow
I ♥ this song
Alice Sergent
*47 v
Kelsey Jennings
46 people don't do what they want.. so sad
Amy lee is the lead singer of this band
Ciel Michaelis
What? They're in the video...?
imperialcipher nine
I believe it is their self titled album, 'Evanescence'.
Heather stubbs
Where are the lyrics?
Heather stubbs
I love this song. It's inspired me to dig down deep and work through PTSD. What a huge relief!
John L.
Why is she so HOT?
Evanescence, their self-titled album
Cassie A
Has it really been 2 years already? o.o
abdulazeez alhithame
not fallen for sure ,,, i think it's -_- ,,, well idk too but it's not the ''fallen'' album , that's a sure thing
Rodrigo odh
Es de su albun del 2011 Evanescene
Daisy Byars
Their 2011 album, Evanescence.
Sabrina Lopez
I love this song!!!
Go on Itunes and type the song in you'll find it on there
georgina jade palmer
1 of some of the FAVS songs from this great band YOUR ROCK EVEANSCENCE
Aslı Çubukcu
Valentin Popescu
contraction is ok too, but check abbreviation as well :D
Soňa Mášová
Evanescence ♥
Mallory Calligaris
Ehv- UH- ness- sense
jayvee e
this song is from their self-titled third studio album Evanescence.
Mallory Calligaris
Actually, I thought it was called a contraction...
Good thing I'm home alone :D
Valentin Popescu
it's called abreviation
Valentin Popescu
it is not so old they have older albums
Ev-A-Ness-Ence -_-
Bhreagh Parsons
How do you pronounce their name?
Tom Harding
Their self titled "Evanescence" album :)
evanescence :) Album's name as well as interpret's :)
The Original Loser
Beast song
Elena Eske
yeah, I like it!!!
Diann JimenGarr
esta cancion esta super padre y me encanta yujujuju viva EVANESCENCE
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnncccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee rocks
kali parker
This is my new favorite song!!!!! even though its old
Hello hello remember me? I luv that line^^
not true
Xen Yon
no, 42 people didn't do what they wanted
All alone? I LOVE Batman and Evanescence (and like, 50 other bands)!
At my school, I am like, the only person who enjoys evanesance and batman. All alone!
Harley Quinn
"Do what you what you want, your worlds closing in on you now.."
Sailesh Marasini
Awesome Lyrics !!!!
carly elms
My favorite and not the only upbeat
Now it's 41 people who don't know what they want
Only Evanescence song I have ever heard that's up-beat...
I stopped listening to Evanescence for a while, but I think I am rapidly becoming a fan again.
Deja Brown
love it
My friends call me Amy Lee cause when I sing I sound like her.
KekeBella B
This motavated me to go.to college & lose weight & speak for others & myself :D
Sonia Boucher
This song is inspired by the Gods!! Awesome lyrics and music. The voice of the signer can be as soft as an angel as well as strong as a warrior.
D'Asia J
IKR!!! There's crack in the sound waves!!
in every couple there is a dominant and a submitted...regardless of gender
Such a fantastic song, if only people would watch these lyrics videos more and discover the truth in the music, it becomes so much more powerful
Thanks :)
Selene Ramos
Didnt know we were in english class. Let me take notes. -_-
What album is this song from???
bethany pine
Can't stop listening to this xxx
im always listening to this song (:
Bring me to life was the first song ever on my ipod. Since then the entirety of my music has been rock. Thank you Evanescence!
Actually, your is possessive and you're is short for "you are"
Stelios Karaoglanis
You 've got a point there, but, correct if I 'am wrong. Isn't it actually "your" more than "you 're"?
Obeyy JAay Hayess
ughh i love evanescence
Stelios Karaoglanis
kai meis, kai meis :P btw kales giortes
I was just looking through youtube one day and came across an evanescence song called Bring me to life. After that Evanescence was my favorite and still is. It's so suprising that my friends haven't even heard of Evanescence!