La bicyclette Bleu trailer 1

Um pequeno trailer do filme "A bicicleta azul", de Thierry Binisti ,adaptação do romance de Régine Desforges.

Dominika Gac
when can I find this full movie?!?
There are no english subs on that site only finnish, norwegian, dannish and swedish. I donwnloaded one of these and converted the text in the file to english using google translate then I played it with VLC. It works but the english translation is not good. It's understandable but not properly written. The DVD of this film dosen't have english subs.
Where can I get English subtitles to this film?
Hamza Hussein
quelqu`un pourrait me dire ou je peux en acheter? ici a L`Ile Maurice, j`en trouve point! Merci.
jacksonette JLYFYFG
Moi je lai ce fim c'est mon préféré je m'en lasse jamais ^^
Max Manning
Excuse me but where did you find it? I've tried to download it myself but I can't find the torrent anywhere. Please help me! =(
Stefanía Suárez
Enya I think....
yes i would like to know the name of the artist and song as well.
Ana Milosevic
I can't find this movie anywhere.I searched in video club they don't have it,on the internet nothing i read 1 and 2 book and now i'm reading third.
Anhngoc Nguyen
Ai biết kênh nào chiếu phim này ở đâu không