Hypnosis - End insomnia and fall asleep

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If you suffer from insomnia or occasional trouble sleeping, this video will relax you and let you drift off into a wonderful night sleep. Listen with headphones for best results. Check out our amazing PODCAST at /> Twitter /> PATREON

Stop reading comments and relax
Thought this would be bullshit to the max... Good morning.
Khanda Hughes
I'm sorry, it didn't work on me. I have a hard time on sleeping now days. All the things in my mind. Just stuff.
So I have been listening to this for 3 years. You are such a big part of my life! Haha thanks so much for helping myself and so many others.
Benjamin Suba
The problem is I have strong urge to open my eyes and look around... Any help?
It didn't work but i was really relaxed.
Kysha Hampton
I never hear more than 10mins of this video b4 I fall asleep lol.
Comi Sve Lomi
i didn't fall asleep...it isn't working on me... but your hypno is amaizing😍
I used to watch this video every night because I had to get to sleep for school but it's the holidays now and I'm only 14 an it's about 7 in the morning and I honestly can not sleep but it's just me this makes me very relaxed and tired but it's always something that gets me out of that mood like I'm itchy, my shirt is up, my blankets aren't right, etc but this really does make me tired so thank you very much :)
A year later and im still pulling up this video to put me to sleep. I have tried many, but this one is the best for me. Thank you!
It was very relaxing , but right when I was about to fall asleep this video ended and I woke up ( =__= ).. but thank you for this video it was very relaxing and I'm sure it's going to help many people! :)
Jacqueline Gonzalez
everytime I play this, the next morning all I remember is the beginning of the recording.. I dont remember anything else or falling asleep, so when I wake up always just guess I fell asleep. Its so strange.
Sarah Koneval
Can nothing help me sleep?!I still can't sleep ugh.
I cannot fall asleep don't know why ;(
Elias Pena
I feel like if I had a memory foam bed instead if my spring hard bed this would be easier
Yaminah Jackson
this has changed my life too. I'm often asleep before it ends or few minutes after. Even the days I don't feel it work, it still does. Thank you so much
Charles Kiley and lizard
I- Passed out before the end of the video I just like listening to people talk when I’m sleeping
Emiliya Kaverina
I didn't fall asleep but I felt unconscious. when I was listening to this I slowly felt myself going numb, but it's AMAZING! and it's not like those cheesy you are very sleepy hypnosis with a black swirl.
Peter Pan
Saw hypnosis and was scared to use this so I preety much just kept my eyes opened and listened
Yaminah Jackson
Still watch THIS in 2019. And it still WORKS!
So I have been having trouble sleeping for months now, and a couple of days I started taking antidepressants which made my insomnia worse. Yesterday was the first time I slept all through the night and it was because of this wonderful video! THANK YOU!!!!!! if I could I would hug you!
Gucci _ Penguin
I'm still watching this even tho it has been 6 years lad
Kawaii Kitty
OHHHHH This actually worked!!!! Yay! I can finally sleep now!!
Lindaa Pacheco
Wow This Actually...Worked Lol.Very Helpful Video.Ive Been Really Sick These Past Couple OfDays And Its Been Teally Hard For Me To Fall Asleep But When I Watched This Video Last Nighy I Knocked Out And Woke Up Like At 11 Lol,Thank You :)
Jessica Rose
About to try this for the first time! In a very excitable mood (holiday tomorrow) so I hope it works! Will comment how it goes for me :)
Franck out
I didn’t hear the Hear 4 wow amazing
Sarah Ulrich
Your video was lovely and works wonderfully! thank you so much! I have insomnia and this is the only thing that works for me
This still works for me. It's a blessing
I'm so realaxed
Decent Dude Disease
It worked, don't know how, and I'm not going to question it
Ski Bane
You are good it was working then my sister barged in at the middle when I was relaxed
Andrew goals
I can belive that this video make me to fall assleep
Nadia Graham
i didnt think this would work... i woke up with my headphones on.
Works every time :)
Lil Val
Dude I slept for so long
Hajira Kaleem
Is it morning yet
Beauty Lady
Omg!!!This is so magical and relaxing😉
best video like this on YouTube hands down. I would love for you to post a "stop scratching/ skin picking" hypnosis video
Viktoria Mihaljevic
I realy sleep after this😱😰😨😵😖
Gloria Torres
I didn't fall asleep:( but it relaxed me
Dude, I tried this on the day before my birthday and it totally worked!! You are an expert! Thanks!
Melika Bosnjic
OMG this works😲
A lot of other hypnosis voices bother me, but yours works and I'm falling asleep. Thanks!
Jas Brw
I woke up the next day, finally a hypnosis that works.😊
logan coyle
Tired, but not sleeping..... maybe I'll try again when I'm actually supposed to go to sleep
Goof Tunes
This worked once on me, but the second time (now) I am rlly tired
GG! I've been using this for about 2 weeks and I can say it's helped alot. and I mean *alottt.*
RoLo LoLo
Thank you, actually worked.
Estera LY
zzzzzZzZzZz..😴😴😴😴😴😴...WHAT I MISS?!
Nathan Sharp
I looked this up cuz I can never sleep on Christmas Eve XD
Marnie Olley
I've been listening to this every night for two weeks now and fall asleep within about six minutes, instead of the usual three hours! Life changing!
Sigh, it really helps to relax a lot, but i seem unable to get comfortable, due to almost constant pain where i broke my upper arm a few years ago, at least until i just drop off from sheer exhaustion.
Kylee Davis
Been using this for months.. Works everytime. Thank you!
kenzi Sailer
By morning I don't remember what any of the video said
Gillianne Calma
I thought it wasn't working, I was still awake when it ended and I know for sure I locked my phone. After that I just fell asleep completely. Now it's 3:09 am and I woke up, bout to listen to it again. Lol goodnight
Anonymous hacker
did not fall asleep but I am very relaxed and sleepy
Tricia Ann
This 1 puts me out n few mins. But as soon as it's done, I wake up
it's lit
Thank you! I couldn't sleep last night couse i Worried about something, so i search around a little how to fall asleep fast, and then i saw your video, and i fell asleep before the video ended! So Thank you!!!!
Beau McDowell
7:25 and I was out.
Cilia - SM
I'm not even joking I feel asleep within 5 minutes. It was such a nice sleep 😀
Alice Dickson
Simply amazing. works every time
Carl Brunslev
Montana M
I still couldn't sleep
My feet are frozen I seriously can't move them
I didn't fall asleep but I feel relaxed and tired
Kathryn D
Regardless of making me able to fall asleep or not (the only time I tried this I think I was already getting "sleepy" so I couldn't tell for sure) your voice is so relaxing.
Cassidy Coambes
it’s the end of 2018 right now and i’ve been using this since the middle of 2017 it works so well for me every time! thank you sooooo much for this!
Just wanna say to everyone wondering if this works: It does. If you sleep with a playlist out this first, cause I guarantee you won’t stay awake 100% of the time. You may wake up when it’s done or about to be done, but play it again and you’ll fall asleep for good.
Honey Bunny
I've listened to this video countless times and I have never once consciously heard it in its entirety. I fall asleep every single time, I'd guess about 2 to 3 minutes in. He could be talking about farts and unicorns eleven minutes in and I'd have no idea, nor do I have any intention of "cheating" and playing it while I'm awake. Lol. Anywho, this works well for me so thank you!
Sir Turd
Thank u I've been struggling with insomnia but u helped thanks man ur voice
Dallin pond
This really works I fall a sleep around 6 mins into the video
Emma McGrath
I didn't fall completely asleep but it helped me relax more than I really have. This is super helpful, especially before I have to wake really early. Thank you so much.
Morgan Taber
BEST THING EVER!!! I usually get 0 to 2 hours of sleep every night! Now I got 12!!!!!!!! AMAZING
Yaminah Jackson
Hi Allen. You are superb my darling man. I sleep like a brick after listening to you. I am on sleep meds but don't work that well. Mind still races and wake up a lot or early, but when I Iisten to you, gosh I don't even remember the moment when I fall asleep. Like really, lights out! You are a blessing
Fangirl 337
I woke up after the and had sleep palarasis. That is some strong hypnosis!
Vyshnavi P
Omg I fell asleep before I could hear the end of this video
I've been awake for 48 hours thank u so much man
Jamie Lynn
I had to comment...I never can sleep so Ive become addicted to zzquil lol problem solved, but once I'm out and cant buy none OMG I can't sleep, I found this video and this works. I don't even remember where I left off..and if I do Wake up I just play it again works like a charm..the only video that works for me and works fast...it normally takes me 20+mins to fall asleep. This video is amazing
i was listening dis while eating and my hand is in the soup now 😨
jake foden
like if you clicked this on christmas eve 2014
Wow, i came back just now (the next morning) from listening to this before i fell asleep with it! Thank you, it helped me fall asleep faster than i have in so long.
Yaminah Jackson
This video Alan, is great. There times even when my mind tries to fight it and think of other stuff but when I stop and listen only to ur voice im out like a light. Even if its a little after it ends, my body is so relaxed its almost paralized, but in a goos way. I can move, adjust myself still. But am just so relaxed I fall asleep soon after. Now thats not to mention the times I was sleep before it ended. Thsnkyou my friene.
Yaminah Jackson
Still enjoying your video. Still works consistently. Even though I know it , I still get the hypnotic affect.
Hey Alan I need some help with lucid dreaming, before i felt depressed i could easily drift off into a semi unconscious dream state and then realize that i am really dreaming, but now it is so hard to actually dream, do you have anything that can help me bring this back. I am really having a hard time and any reply would be great.
I love this, I fall asleep every time 
Vladana Milošević
Omgg😱 Good night guys!❤❤❤❤💘😍💖
I have the worst time sleeping it makes my gf stress but I listened to this last night and as you were counting down I don't remember 10. Keep the sessions going please also I had a child hood memory as a dream I woke up feeling the best I have in years TYVM.
Andi Darkshade
Thanks, this really helps and thankfully I wont have to take those horrid sleeping pills anymore.
Jumbled_ Thoughts
it Didnt work at first but when it ended my body was completely still and relaxed. I ended up falling asleep. so thankyou!
Tim Minter
Oh my gosh i never knew sleeping was this awesome :)
Jaffa tehHumblefirework
This is fantastic. Suffering from a toothache and unable to sleep, this really helped me get some rest before work. Thank you so much!
Luke Bradford
Wow!! Every night I listen to this and I fall asleep within 5 minutes! So effective! Kootos to this this video! Anyone who has insomnia, i would highly recommend this video!
Lillian Bleano
I had a headache and I haven't REALY slept in the past week at all. I really wanted to fall asleep tonight... And it worked!! I was out in like 6 minutes!
the Bro Squad
Dude it's insane did not think it would work but it did an only 11
This video had a really good, but unexpected effect on me. Although it didn't make me fall asleep instantly, I fell asleep about 20 mins after watching it. I woke up about 1 hour 30 mins after, and I felt as if I had had enough sleep already! The next day, my thoughts were much clearer, which really helps when you're a 16 year old in the middle of exams :) Thanks so much for making this video!
laylah m
IT WORKED SO MUCH IT MADE ME SO RELAXED THAT MY FEET HURT. But I moved and it was all good :)) ❤️
Juliet L
None of these things work for me because when I try and relax my muscles I get a tingling/fuzzy sensation and I feel like I need to tense/move HELP
+nlpmagic Hypnosis and Meditation i fell asleep and woke up feeling so refreshed!!!!Thanks for this!!!
Ajay Singh
amazing I fell asleep right at the beginning of the video never fell asleep so fast thanks
Ana Díaz
I fell asleep and then woke up like 3/4 hours later and I didn't remember watching the video, but I couldn't fall asleep again :/