101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

What's up Motherfactors?! Today we’re heading back to the 80s to deal some blow and cook some fools in the greatest video-game city in the world... it’s gonna be a veritable thrill ride of action, treachery, and cheesy 80s slogans! This is 101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! ► Subscribe to 101 Facts Here: /> ► Follow 101 Facts on Twitter: /> ► Follow us on Instagram:

Scream SheZ
Legend says if your early enough Sam will pin ya
you can be informative without slapping a joke in every 5 seconds.
Nikola Peh
The fact that this guy thinks he is funny is so cringe
Saran Nevac
Would love a remake of this with graphics/controls the same as GTA5. Would be amazing, Vice CIty is my favourite GTA game.
Phil Collins appeared in Vice City Stories, not Vice City.
Wonder WhyZ
Demolition Man ~ a mission that successfully wrecked the childhood of many people before Ralph tried to wreck it!
Tear gas got removed because it lowered fps too much
The RC mini plane and chopper missions were not "Top Fun" at all.
Andrew Vasirov
I can still hear North Point Mall music in my head when I sleep. And that Infernus standing there... And the cop saying "Show me some ID". And some black guy saying "Wassup?"
Alpha Shadow
We've got the Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy. We've got the Spyro Reignited trilogy. I want a GTA HD Violence trilogy. I want GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, remade for PS4, with updated graphics and controls.
Sandra Bullock drives the bus in Speed, not Keanu Reeves.
My favourite gta game, played it countless of hours on my ps2.
*Calls a Colt 1911 a Colt One Nine One One* Come on, I am British and even I know that.
Reminds me of Scarface
Linus on the Line
I just wish that there was a store somewhere that sells GTA Vice City memorabilia because I really want Tommy’s shirt
lefthandcigg 425
I wonder why youtubers talk like radio djs from the 80s
5:26 Isn’t That The Starting Pistol (I’m Pretty Sure That Is The M1911 In The Game) Wrong Kind Of Grenade Launcher
Chris Hunter
I have never heard someone pronounce AUG as "A-yougee"😂😂😂
James G
A couple of Miami Vice things you missed: In the intro credits/title theme to the game, one of the "cutout images" is the outline of a shot from Miami Vice. It's the one which is the outline of two cars. It's taken directly from the car chase in the episode titled "Bought and Paid For" with the Countach and the Daytona. If you pause it at the right time, it's identical. Also, you mentioned the Cuban gang member, but the guy standing next to him was the inspiration for a Haitian outfit. The "Stinger" is based on the Ferrari Daytona, which ironically was blown up by a "stinger" missile in the show.
Nathan Hanna
Take your baby by the hand
Jet Skywalker
What a good day to watch 101Facts
Ash Verma
Vice city introduced me to the GTA universe, but I'm still stuck at Demolition man :/
Michael Johnson
The mini RC helicopter mission...nightmare. Everything else: a wet dream.
What about not just setting GTA 6 or "GTA VI" in Vice City but the entire state of Florida (including a fictional Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and Orlando and all the theme parks) and set the game in the late 80's which is a specific time period which has not been done yet in a GTA game and making it a direct sequel to the original Vice City with returning characters from that game including Ray Liotta's voice-over for Tommy Vercetti. It would make sense because the prequel Vice City Stories took place in 1984, the original GTA Vice City in 1986, and GTA San Andreas in 1992 / 93. They did the whole early to mid 80's thing and then went on to the early 90's. Why not set the next GTA in 1988 or 89 and use the entire state of Florida for the setting? Rockstar. Please give Vice City the HD next-gen HD treatment it rightfully deserves in GTA VI.
Dirty Astronaut
"A Colt M One-Nine-One-One" 😂🤣. Besides the accent it's a dead giveaway this dudes not American. (COLT NINETEEN ELEVEN)
You forgot to include the fact that there are a Crockett and Tubbs Miami Vice characters that will come after you in a Cheetah, if the wanted level goes over 3 stars.
XenoGravity Nh
Fernando Diaz, no? *RICARDO DIAZ* *Ricardo Milos dances *
Klaus Iohannis
*Fun fact:* You know, Donald Love literally eats Avery in Gta Liberty City Stories.
James Harrell Jr
Here's a missed fact: Dildo Dodo is the hardest mission in the game
CopWatch Inland Divison
I was 8 when it came out but i remember tricking my mom into buying it for me at circuit city and the guy told her its 17+ and i said no its ok its just nudity and she bought it lol
Dante Does Gaming
Lazlow jones is in every gta game starting with gta3
Driver brings up the inability to swim in Vice City, but in which game does Tanner swim? Also to note, Tanner can't even walk in San Francisco
Daddy ‘
Etang Bose
Scarface+goodfellas=vice city
I thought this was gonna be like fun facts and trivia, but I'm four minutes in and so far you've basically just read the Wikipedia page out loud
FACT 102: The best game EVER made.
Valentino Mascarenas
Best fact was diaz's indestructible car thank you helps with my no cheat play through
Mr. Friendship
*_I'll have two number 9s, number 9 large, number 6 with extra dipp, number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda._*
Orion Chafa
0:15 pause and relax to THICCNESS
Redacted Radical
Sam, this is the greatest video on YouTube currently. Keep on keeping on you mad master motherfactor
a h
102: You should never save the game in Ice cream factory on the PS2 version if you save it ,after loading the save file the game will crash it's does not happened in PC and the other version of the game goooood job Rockstar
Aadarsh Ravindranathan
Well as I know,tear gas removed cuz it reduced the frame rate when used,so rockstar simply removed them :)
Prootzy Zoots
Removing the word Haitian? The mission where the cafe owner(Roberto?) comes in and says "Haitians, I hate these Haitians" will be awkward
A space being
Whenever I think of Miami I always think of Tommy Vercetti running around with his blue Hawaiian shirt and the italian mafia so cool
Bryan Martin
I hate when people's sensitivities affect art!
Isaac Badell-Riviere
67: the plane also said "T2" for take two interactive
lHigh Grade
When u already know everything about the game...
LoL, No. 13 "I am not aware of her work" SURE!
Tiger Blaze Motovlog
9:49 what's her name? I need it to complete my School Thesis.
Still my fav game #VC4LIFE
Anne-marie Follette
Yeah, Vice City is my favorite and forever will be!! :)
SirDanks 1997
God. I miss the 3D Universe
these chips are good
Did he just call an Colt M-1911 a Colt M-1-9-1-1
Good idea to make a video on Vice City now that it's the latest fad among GTA speedrunners
kung puk
You speak to fast! Turned of after two minutes..
Corvid Confidential
'Colt Emm nine one one' 'Steyr ayyoo jee' *facewing*
Franz Marcos
Extra fact: Love Fist's Jezz Torrent was voiced by Kevin McKidd who later on became Soap MacTavish. Oh, and Vice City also made an appearance in The Football Factory featuring Kent Paul's voice actor. (The movie even mentioned Rockstar Games in the opening credits)
Tr Tech
Fever 105, thats all im gonna say
Radiant Silver Labs
i worked on this but was removed from end credits, interestingly im still in the american.gxt file on all the discs, despite not appearing in the creds in game.
Yeetus Beatus
Where is 101 facts about finland? It could be fitting as finland is 101 years old as of thursday.
All I want is a Scarface game that plays on a quadcore pc 😕
Fact 102: Every time you mention Vice City someone will reinstall Vice City.
No Saints
Don’t know if u missed it but another very interesting fact is the original vice city was supposed to have islands based on the keys they were called “gator keys” you can see proof of them in the chat dialogs. Very sad woulda loved to have em
jasiel delgado
So "Haitian"was a problem but not "Cuban"? Where's was the Cubans "justice"?
4.4K Upvotes: "Last Dance for Lance Vance." 466 Downvotes: "Hey! I had enough of that at school!"
Contessa Adella
Loved Vice City and GTA 3. For me the magic waned after that with chars I couldn’t identify with, in complicated set ups that held no appeal.
omg this vid reminded of a game i once owned but never got to play....the getaway. I remember finding it on some of my dads shelfs but the disk was super scratched and i never got to play it. Guess now is the time to finally do just that :D
Fallen Ghost Yasha
Best city vice city Best Protagonist cj ,niko and Tommy
The Getaway was awesome!
theov 5
My favorite is grand theft auto vice city / stories
Drek Gray
I was about to go to bed because I need to be early tomorrow for school, but 101 facts upload a new video... priorities first
Rami Ungar
Please do 101 Facts about:: 1. Stephen King 2. Sailor Moon 3. Ballet 4. King Arthur 5. Lucifer (TV series)
Spartan 2332
Out of all the radio songs In the GTA games Vice City had the best songs
Number 102: Good Citizen Bonus! :D
#38 Since Tommy was possibly born around 1951 and in 1986 he’s 35 he is 68,present day in 2019
Matthew Martin
I recently purchased the game on steam, and boy I always tune into wave 103 or VCPR
Mike Mettenhof
80s slang? More like Super Mario World's Special World Levels. Yes - I see what You did there.
The way he pronounced Aug. Ouch
0:00 perfect way to start your video.
Rodney Williams
Driv3r should have focused on making a decent game rather than taking shots at GTA. Lol
“Remaster Vice City” 😂👍🏻
Nick Rhodes
What is the song used in the background?
a h
do "101 facts about GTA 3"
Brass Tacks
ive wanted to play this game on the pc version, but it doesnt work so well with an xbox controller D: vice city will always be my favorite gta game. good times. lesser known fact #102: the pc version has more details than the console versions games from back then, imo, were better than games made today. great graphics, sure. but now, like with fallout, they release the core of the game and charge you more money for content they already had made. theyre getting too damn greedy for their own good. that and micro transactions....fucking wow. what happened to the good old days when you bought the whole game at once.
Eirik Johnson
Easily in my top 5 gaming experiences.
mojo jojo
love this channal and all its lame as jokes so lame that they are funny haha , can you please do 101 facts on WWE/WWF/ #vincesux and also if you have time 101 facts on top gear would be sweet! #jeremypucnhedaman
Slim Docs
one of the best games ever made
Preston's Dog Food
2:43 Far Out came from the 1970s, John Denver used to say this one a lot.
Action Jackson
#78. If u follow Diaz right after u complete the mission, the admiral should still be there & vacant lol. I randomly grabbed it, a few days ago while playing & noticed it took no damage. Needless to say, thanks for the mention! I'll be sure to save it from now on
James Sweezey
Lighter blue Hawaiian shirt was easily the best move.
Sitizen Kane
This was my first and favorite Rockstar game I've owned. I played GTA3 but didn't have a ps2 yet. I friggin LOVE this game.
Ideas: Elvis presley World religions Political parties Food American football Hollywood The wild west U.S presidents More planets Hershey chocolate company Beast boy
You mention glam metal yet you show Bon Jovi who're a rock band. You could have had Poison, Warrant, Ratt, Motley Crue, Dokken, Twisted Sister, L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot...
Dylan Schlie
This was (and still is) my favorite GTA of all time!
John Collett
GTA 3 was my first GTA experience and still my favorite I can still remember my first time driving around after intro ah good times
Isaac Badell-Riviere
Oh hell yea I'm ready for this hopefully ima get vice city on ps2 soon!
Legend says if you're not early enough Sam will not pin ya
Etang Bose
Bill and Tommy’s coke-tastic adventure
The setting of Vice City is based on Miami? Looks like Salford to me..