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GTA 4 had better Story than GTA 5
I don't care about graphics, I'm just thankful you turned on subtitles.
Francis Segnitz
Seriously the fedora and shades ruined this haha.
Don't hide the characters eyes/face when making a cutscene collection.
Django Mandingo
The fedora ruined it
Ross Baker
who is watching in 2018? lol
Am I the only one who notices that Niko never smokes or drinks or tries very hard not to?
Bro the music in the beginning is the best and u skipped it.
Must wear tracksuit everyday like real Eastern European Man
Tforce Sims
the best gta .
Sandwich Anomaly
Damn... I might reinstall this and experience the early 2000s again. Come everyone! Lets go bowling!
One of the best stories in games, other GTA's pale in comparison
RIP GTA 4... That was my favorite GTA game. And now i cant get it to work on pc... You will always be remembered
Saint Milk
1:09:22 How does he know that Nico didn't blink?
Mr Pickles
Imagine watching Forest Gump and in every scene Forest has a stupid fedora and sunglasses on. That's what you did with this "movie".
I am Serbian, this makes me feel good about my self
Prince Slice
This game Is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I still play It to this day
NegativeCreep 44
24:29 "you facking knew?" lol these lines are funny man 😂
Italian, black, Jamaicain, Russian, Gangsters this game have it all
im Serbian and my nicknames Niko :D
Jared Lancaster
Fun Fact:The sniper in the blue track suit from "Behind Enemy Lines" was offered the role for Niko
Adam Demeter
"Where's luxury condo? Where's sports car?"
why is Niko heisenberg? o.O
Many people don't know that GTA 4's graphics stayed true towards the GTA franchise by still making the characters look cartoony. They had a choice with 4 to make the graphics look BFBC, using frost bite, but they purposely just stayed cartoony and adding rage. The character models, the feel, and the vehicles are all reminiscent towards GTA 3. Nothing of GTA 5 reminds me of San Andreas of any GTA besides the same steal, kill, and run away from police gameplay. GTA 4 and 5 didn't have riot modes, the civilians don't talk as crazy as they did in Vice City and GTA 3, and they don't have gore like the past GTA's. The compensation that GTA 4 had for all of that for me was the euphoria engine, and their driving physics. GTA 5 wasn't a major improvement from GTA 4 or San Andreas; even though they did add customization, Stock Market, and the ability to buy vehicles.
this game was so amazing, definitely the best GTA, by far I'd say. the story is so mature, you really end up caring for the characters whereas in other GTAs you can't help but roll your eyes at the trouble the characters get themselves into. in this game, you're really with Niko the whole time and get engrossed in his story. every GTA game has amazing gameplay, they're all a blast to fuck around in and treat the world like a playground. what seperates the games in the series is their main story and characters. GTA4 was a perfect execution of the next-gen consoles PS3/XBOX360, it left the PS2-gen games in the dust with its excellent character animation and voice acting. combined with the huge backdrop of the charming liberty city that was groundbreaking at the time, and still impressive to this day, and GTA4 was the absolute killer-app that took advantage of all the new tech of the recently released consoles. GTA5 pushed the PS4/XBOX1 tech to its limits, but unfortunately the improvement of hardware from PS3->PS4 was much less significant than PS2->PS3, so it impressed much less as a follow up to 4 compared with GTA4 following GTA3/VC/SA. GTA5 seems like a mod of 4 whereas you can't help but feel the stark difference between 3 and 4. GTA5 was all over the place, not nearly as focused as 4 because of the three characters you constantly jumped between. trevor also really was, overall, a detriment to the story because he just sucked you out of the moment and forced your attention to whatever ridiculous antic he pulled at the time. GTA4 has well placed comic relief (brucy, jacob, etc) that added to the experience instead of distracting from it. also, the amount and length of cutscenes they were able to fit into the blu-ray disc of GTA4 was an order of magnitude higher than the DVD of GTA3. as you can see with this trend, GTA5 wasn't able to pull anything that was a true step up from 4. just some of my reflections years after the fact. also why am i writing so much in a fuckin youtube comment wtf.
Brucie looks like hank from breaking bad xD
Andy Foster
They should've done a remastered version of this as a companion for the remastered GTA V and then release a DLC were you play as Niko in 2013 in Liberty City and the Lost MC track him down for his help to get revenge for Johnny's death. They can even recruit Luis as well, then they travel to San Andreas and try to take down Trevor, Michael and Franklin.
3:51:04 "Try to beat our meat"
I'm not going to liebut this is my fave gta game ever
Quinton Nuketown Neal
Why you killed Ivan?
Steve Duplantie
We miss Niko.
Katsu Kanashi
Big Shaq was in GTA IV?
I still think gta San Andreas had a better story then all the other gta games
Ninj a
20004 🏔🏔🏔🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋
Niko looks like Walter White.
Liam Coleman
This is my favorite gta game and in 2nd los santos
Natonio Smith
Jah know star Dem did ave Jamaican inna GTA. Big up!
Andy Foster
51:05 is Niko saying he done this or that he witnessed this and doesn't believe anyone has souls?
Mine stopped at 62 won't add no more is DAT how many the max number u can have? Or is it a glitch I've been noticing a lot recently lol
1:55:20 LMAO xD
Bryan Carroll
This is pretty well made
saif babar
Gta 4 story is good but gta 5 is like goofy and silly that's why kids play it. But gta 4 has a harsh backround with niko
Isaac Garcia
In my opinion, Grand Theft Auto 4 along with Episodes From Liberty City as a complete package, is the best GTA game made to date. Hell, GTA5 just copied the same formula as 4 but just used less interesting characters and gave it a more light hearted silly tone. Then they proceeded to turn Online into a brutal grindfest that they monetized the shit out of ! Which is why the complete GTA4 will always be the best in the franchise. Nuff said.
Todday Gaither
Who are you my Daddy? LOL Best thing every.
Timothy Price
51:10 This is my probably my favorite quote by niko from the game.
Pootis Bird
John Washington
Wiring for a gta 5 movie!
Leon Le
46:07 Yeah... Subtitle didn't even help...
I always hated Dimitri. The rat and lol at 32:27 and 1:12:56
32:33 Andrei "Who are you working for?" Me "Yo mama" >:)
Most iconic line 😂 "daddy's back you bi†ches!"
muratabigf takipçisi takipçi
not hd 😜😜😜
ツRyan Tv
quem ta vendo em 2017 da like e comenta
What's the song at 1:34:00?
Sammy Afe
1:46:41 Lol at witnesses
Roman Bellic
hahaha 8:20 supak hahahahah33:58 o boze
the iron craft
Stupid fan boys say gta v is better and stupid fan boys say gta 4 is better Legends love them both Ultra legends love san andreas more😆 Note: I like gta v better but san andreas is better than it
1:13:27 had be dying 😂
FANS KARINA omg for life
the best gta thug life
this was the best story in gta history.... for me.
What race is niko?
who recording him hes racist he dosent respect my country Serbia i was thinking if he on last mission change charther how ever it say on Dmitri to choose to kill Niko or no i think he kill Niko hes racist u decide just look at his friend Darko cutscene just see racist
My favorite gta, by far.
Edward The Good YouTuber
Why clothes mod? And your game is like a toaster
Giorgio Mirobelli
I’ve Made all the choices that are right... Dwayne, derrick, Drako and Roman go to the cemetery. NIKO went to NY to make money, he’s just a raw killer at 99% because of his hard and sad past. Even if He liked Dwayne & Derrick a lil’ bit He would think that he’s making a pleasure to them... Dwayne always depressed and the other one is a Heroin Junkie. And for the choice to not kill Dimitri and make the deal... also Roman tells him trough the whole storyline that revenge is bad and when He kills drako He fells EMPTY and understands that revenge is not the right thing. GTA 4 is the GOAT of all Rockstar games EVER (for the storyline) dark and sad... the soundtrack and the emotion is real... Who cares about hairstyles and tattos when you have a masterpiece of a story?!?! Amazing game!!
Esai Rodrigue
Who else thinks gta 4 story better than 5
Everyone say Kosovo is Serbia
Cuddle Team Leader
Man how long has it been since I’ve played GTA 4 maybe 3 or 4 years one thing I still do remember is that His Cousin dies and I kept his girlfriend alive what about you guys
jesus christ were the textures actually this muddy?
StaticShock117 / KomodoGuy4972
10:31 Looks like that invisible Layer of glass couldn't save him
well.. since u put it that way IN ! LOL
Юлай Югамулов
Глюкоза в ГТА4 - ну и вкусы у разрабов 💩
legitamigo 308
That was great watched most of it and skipped a little bit
Ramzanur Rahman
Kate really looked a million dollars at that wedding.
Cuddle Team Leader
The first thing I did when I left that house was killing the hotdog guy after buying a hotdog from him lol
F A V O R I T U :D
How to get fedora?
I'm Okay ,
Is this gameplay captured on PC or Xbox 360 or PS3?
_ ND _
The Jamaicans are funny lol
Brucey = Biff Tanner on even more roids.
Niko is pretty much a GTA 5 online guy who can talk
Silent Immortal
Hang on in the cutscene when they are in the apartment in the beginning of the game.. Is that Phil Collins on the radio??? If so what song is it???
well gta iv is indeed fun its more or less like a beta or alpha version of gta v so hey if not gta iv no gta v agree
Ivan Lyutiy
keonte curry
did anyone pay attention to that taxi 2:51:00
Brett Huggins
Niko killed alot of people in this game
Misty Pickens
What plus a casket A
Ugandan Melee
It's always a gift to visit my past!
Clara Helan
'Because we want this guy to attack you' -Niko Bellic 2008
red pill of truth
It's kinda dumb to kill Ivan cause he was telling the truth and was set up by his boss, if you don't kill Ivan he reappears as a strangers and freaks mission character in Alderney city which is close to liberty city in the game
2:18:49 is so funny :D
Joel Fennell
Love GTA
Athrun Joseph Abueg
look at this guys
2:55:00 yelllow car!
12 12
я один слышу Глюкозу?
Alejandro Martínez
where is the part when a man shots his wife in the top room with an ak 47 because she its talking by phone?
Ramatu Koroms
2018 people