Bring Me The Horizon Hot Topic Interview Sonisphere 2010

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Hot Topic chat with Ollie and Matt from BMTH at Sonisphere 2010 in the Gibson Tour Bus

kaeseolin xo
2018 ? :') fetus Matt and Oliver ❤
Jessica Myslinski
I Love you Oliver BMTH Matt
Nicole Medina
Oli never had throat surgery. That's a myth.
Nik Giannios
my bad
she said "looking forward to it?"
Nik Giannios
bmth: our new albumns coming out! reporter: oh, who wrote it? bmth: yeah, it should be allright.
Denali Hedrick
Lmao, I keep trying to imagine it and I just can't. Kean is so shy and quirky, he wouldn't know what to do with himself. xD
matts shirt is from primark...i hate that i know this...
Keenan B
i was waiting for a guy in a bunny suit to like tackle them O_o
@GamersDiversion me tooo..
I feel like the mic is not working at all.
@TahliaJay maybe not, it was just an assumption.
@waltherstenmark well not from what i heard. but i was just sayin. Im not trying to start shit.
Dan Maurer
I want to see a video where it's JUST Matt Kean (the bass player). haha that will never happen as most BMTH fans just want to see Oliver unfortunately.
eww girlfriend gross!!
Skyler Farrar
Oli, "...with my girlfriend..." :( You will one day be mine Oliver, one day! <3
Lauren 94
i love the way matt talks he is so common and down to earth :)
Matt's accent and Oli's accent is the same i think the only reason Oli's sounds a bit different is 1 because he lived in Australia for a bit growing up. 2 because of his throat surgeries might have something to do with it. not trying to start shit, just pure opinion.
Krystelle Matos
@BMTHAnthem If you say so. >:D
:DD bringMeTheHorizon <3
Krystelle Matos
@BMTHAnthem But their accents are so different!! And well my mistake your fault for seeming american >:D
Amber Brunt
omg i freaking love bmth all of the band deserve reckognition as they totaly rock. Their new album is amazing, have had it on repeat since october 4th!!! xD
Krystelle Matos
@BMTHAnthem I reckon matt is better with his accent, just that Oli happens to be good looking with his, so he gets rated more :( And, obviously you aren't british, because matt nd olis accents are soooo different to each others.
Krystelle Matos
@TheGreatKnifeMaster bad in a good way or bad way??
Krystelle Matos
@TheFinisher94 Wrong much? They're both equally awesome albums, I just wish they played some more EP and CYB :3
Krystelle Matos
@treflipsnare31 Oh my god. You are the most legendary retard ever. And ofc, because americans are dumbasses!!!!!! (only kidding about the americans)
Lino D
@treflipsnare31 HAHAHA, what ):
wow! i never knew hey had british acsents, it makes them sound way more inteligent
Levi Gilbert
I like ther new album Is tha new 1 betr or suicide season???
Ann Marie F.
Oli's Accent :3
why is it only them 2 are always doing interviews?!
@thecrowrip I know but I wouldn't use it to describe Horizon.
@thecrowrip Metalcore?
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE????????????????????????????