Black Sabbath NIB guitar cover

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De Prins Van Mokum
Strat is not really the right guitar, awesome cover though
Rusty Shackleford
Your playing is good. But why make it so much more complicated than it has to be? You're playing just about everything in a different spot than Iommi. Not that there would be anything wrong with THAT, but you're also choosing positionings that are way less convenient, and you're bending on the wrong strings. And why so much delay??? The original version had no where near that much.
Robin Grotenhuis
Best cover of N.I.B so far! Great job!
That was a completely pitch perfect cover of that song it looked robotic. Amazing to watch (Y)
is it possible to play the bass part on a normal guitar ?
Great cover, wise choice of positioning to add some character and air sculpturing as Zappa would say, plus playing it on that strat those thicker strings help. Awesome job, wish I coukd play it like that hehe
Peter Faryma
But can you do it missing a few fingers?
Muito bom cara.
Lee Bearfield
Very good indeed...I find you very easy to follow, to the point where I think this video could actually teach me the whole song. Thanks!
Simon Wahlstedt
That was awesome
Ruben ASDF
just perfect
Excellent work dude!
Juan Ibarra
who did you get that sound ??!
Andrew Fackenthall
My fav sabbath song an by far one of the best guitar riffs of all time
Garth Jones
drummer boy 2000
Wow best cover I heard of this songs sound so good
Jonne Viitanen
Excellent job man! Now i have to pick up my stick and learn how to play this
what tunning was that?
Ryan Macias
have you ever played this in drop c I think it sounds sick
dylan mendez
IS beautiful
It's good but you not playing it right
Captain vic
2 dick holes dislike this?
Rubén Vallejo
man what strings did you use? please!!
The best N.I.B guitar cover, nice job!:D
you dont need tabs just follow his fingers
Kostya Kotov
bro i need those tabs
Braedon Kennelly
hey bro what did you use to get this killer tone?
Good cover bro
Shawn Galea
standard tuning
Gustav Laursen
What tuning is this???
Hed Top
very nice cover bro
the only thing that i can tell you is that you've got amazing ear :D excellent cover buddy!!!
Mikhail Bai
Thanasis Katsadas
amazing cover man and great sound! what effects are you using??
Ricardo Ferreira
Júlio Palombarini
The song is perfect! I'll learn it by your video!! thanks
Richards Mauro
*o* I love this song! Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice cover... God job Man *o*
nice cover ! this video need more view ! :)