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We had such an amazing time recording for and filming the official music video for Simple Things! Hope you all enjoy this "Behind the Scenes" look at how we filmed this original MV!! DOWNLOAD SIMPLE THINGS (iTunes) ▶ />DOWNLOAD SIMPLE THINGS (Google Play) ▶ />WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ />LEARN THE LYRICS ▶ /> We started out by flying to LA, along with Parker and Asa who were our special guests for the music video! Yes, they are our current boyfriends and they were an integral part of the story we wanted to tell in the video. The video and new song is about the progression of four childhood friends, two boys and two girls. They first start out as play friends, at a special spot they call the wonder tree. There is so much to do there, many memories to create. They then progress to the tween age, where their friendships help propel them through those awkward years, relying on the childhood memories of fun and friendship to do so. Then they flash forward to our current time, where two romances bud out of the friendships... yes, boyfriend and girlfriend! Simple things is about not overcomplicating everything, and remembering that it is the small things that make us happy. Everything else builds from that. Not just in love and relationships, but in life. Then, watch as we take you Behind the Scenes on the actual day of the shoot! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN, and made some cute new friends. Each group that was cast, the Littles, and the Middles, looked like us at their ages and even had similar personality traits! You’ll get to know our director a bit, see how we used the new music to help set up the shots, and see the funny prank we has Asa play on Bailey! Thanks to all the cast and crew who helped with the Simple Things official music video shoot! Special thanks to Select Next (producer), Roman White (Director), Benny Cassette (music producer), Parker and Asa, the Brooklyn & Bailey and Parker & Asa “Littles and Middles”, our family and friends, and ALL OF YOU! We love you all! 💋's –Brooklyn & Bailey Instagram | />Twitter | />Facebook | />SnapChat | /> | @BrooklynAndBailey Produced by SelectNext Executive Producers - Mindy McKnight, Amy Neben, Adam Wescott and Scott Fisher Director - Roman White Producer - Danielle Shapira Director of Photography - Pedro Castro Editor/Colorist - Matt Sweeney Production Coordinator - Nina Iuppa AC - Steven Kan Gaffer - Brandon Harris Grip - Shai Keston-Nix Production Designer - Danielle Aziz Hair/Makeup - Erin Blinn Wardrobe - Emily Moran Wardrobe Assistant - Katie DeHombre Art Assistant - John Flores BTS Photographer - Nate Cornett PA - Lee Purvey PA - Kayla Rosenberg PA - Dean Rowe CAST: Yougest Group - Mateo Franco, Matthew Bain, Delyn Wall, Keziah Wall Tween Group - Hayden Currie, Ryan Pekar, Katelyn Kay, Kiersten Kay Oldest Group - Asa Howard, Parker Johnson, Brooklyn McKnight, Bailey McKnight __ Please be sure to click the "🔔" next to the SUBSCRIBE button, to join our Notification #BBSquad for #PowerHour each week, and leave a comment below telling me which part of this video was your favorite! Get our own LASH NEXT DOOR mascara HERE before it sells out! ▶️ />_ Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel... /> Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Follow us on SnapChat: @BrookAndBailey Follow us on @BrooklynAndBailey _ FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. _ 💥SUPERFANS💥: You can help us translate this video, and get credit below! Click here: /> To help us translate other videos (and be our fav people ever!) click here:

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Didn't you just love the "Littles" and "Middles"? Which part was your absolute fav??? Be sure to DOWNLOAD SIMPLE THINGS (iTunes) ▶ ❤️'s -Brooklyn
Kamri Noel
Love this, love you guys, love the littles and middles! Wish I could have been there!
Cute Girls Hairstyles
Always love the BTS videos! Show how much work goes into each video!
Alyssa M
Bailey's outfit in the intro is *so* cute!!! Such Belle vibes, I love it 😍
Except for the young girls had blonde hair...😂😂
dageer whole
omg asa and parkar are goals♡b&b you both are cutest♡
Aleena Khan
Parker is finally comfortable around camera!! Remember before he was so shy.
Natalie Tran
Congrats on #25 on Trending! Btw, I watch you guys everyday! You are so kind and role models. I love the music video. I hope you make more in the future, because this is a beautiful work of art. <3
Liana Gao
I love how Brooklyn and Bailey are so pure, they truly are role models! I absolutely am in love with this song! Simple but beautiful. Thank you both for being such a positive influence on so many girls! I love you guys❤️
Reiana Hughes
right now #26 in trending!❤️
Gabrielle Conrad
Like if you are watching this after Brooklyn's break up
It'sjustEmi emi
Did it felt awkward when someone is recording u😅😉
Anika and Abby
It's #39 on trending!!! Congrats Brooklynn and bailey!
Neha Shaw
Asa has really good eyebrows!
Katelynn Faith
who else thinks brooklyn and bailey should do a *boyfriend buys my clothes* video??? when asa pranked bailey, personally, i would've pranked him back and said "yes" to see what *HIS* reaction would be like
guava juice fan club
Girls if you read this I just wanna let you know that the boys were made for you 😍 Love from India
Isobel Heeps
Brooklyns boyfriend is so cute
Ella Meyer
it was so funny and cute when Asa "proposed"
sophie lalonde
You guys are so unbelievably beautiful! Eyelash and eye color GOALS!!
Galione Girls
The "Littles" and "Middles" are so cute! I love them! And can I just say that I love y'all so much! You are both so beautiful and sweet and your family is AWESOME. Me and my sister are best friends and we want to be just like you two when we grow up! Please never, ever stop making videos!
Shnya Mariwan
This is so sad to watch now😭😭😭😭😭
Miranda Huang
Brooklyn and Parker are so GOALS
Pierrah King
Brooklyn and Asa are so cute together
Adelaide Drew
Stop at 8:20😂😂😂😂
Sarah O
Parker's become so much more confident around the camera, you can see much more of his personality 😀 he seems really funny! Amazing video by the way! xx
Rana Safdi
4:50 Parker got Friend zoned Lol 😂
pls make a boyfriend tag with Bailey and Asa
Ring Around With Rosie
If one of the couples breaks up the music video will be very awkward
Aliha Shahid
u both look so cute together with Parker and Asa!!!this song is so relaxing and pretty much beautiful!!!I can't wait for the third song !!love u soo much b and b😍
Mckenna Shock
Hi have a question for you I am a twin and on the slumber party video do you guys have the same friends or do you guys have different friends please respond and you guys bring a joy to my heart every day
Daniela Gram
why does Asa have better eyebrows than me ; )
Sarah Berg
JungJin Joo
IDK why but when I watched the music video, tears just rolled down my face.
kanchan bala
brooklyn and parker u both are sooo cute.......for me u both are cuttest thing ever on earth..... with lots of love
Veronica Safi
What song did everyone like better? I like this one over Dance Like Me 😝😝😝
trent strong
you think you can sing but you really can't
Humairah Moosaji
Who's watching after parklyn broke up ?
kinbe perez
Congrats! #39 on TRENDING
Forever Bethelia
how old are brooklyn and bailey??????????????
Katherine M
This is THE CUTEST!!! Your relationships are so sweet, you've both got great guys and loved seeing them involved in this. A beautiful piece of work ladies!! The "proposal" was my favorite part, Bailey's reaction had me cracking up! :D
BTS army
I'm sorry Brooklyn and bailey but I like the simple things video it just so cute but after that its dance like me
Brooklyn and Bailey you guys are the best! You guys inspire me and my younger sister! Your song is wonderful! I would like this song to be in a movie about 4 BFFs! I love you guys so much! Continue your guys life just the way it is happily! CONGRATS to the love of all your fans!!💖
ItsmeAshley R15
Hello Brooklyn And Bailey, I love your music videos You have A great voice you should be an Singer. :) i love your Channel Brookyln And Bailey.... love you so much.😘♦😊 Your the Best Brooklyn And Bailey. :)
The music video is nice and fun I love u guys please can you make the gummy food vs real food😊
Asa's eyebrows are goaaaals😍😍😍😍
Blanka bla bla
WEB FOUND A FROG !!!!! AHAHAHA that's my favorite part of the behind the scenes :)
1234567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Baileys face when asa asked her to marry him 😂hello from germany👍
Neinei Cruz
I love this the children were so so cute good job brooklyn and bailey ❤️❤️😀 you guys are amazing and awesome 😍😋hope you guys reply this is my favorite song ever the prank on Bailey was so funny i thought it was real you guys look amazing their 🙂I love that it involves parker and asa 🙂😊love you guys 😀😋😀
I just love you guys and your family thanks for all you guys do 😍😘
Umamah Choudhury
I love how Parker and Asa helped you out in the video! They are so helpful! #Baisa #Parklyn x
Jamie Schrader
emran behroz
i really like your pizza chlenge
emran behroz
brooklyn who is your fav sister
Umal Khan
I love how b&b have never have such a simple description of just showing their social media links but a lengthy extract of their video!!! I love you guys!!!!!!❤️❤️
They are so gorgeous and sweet!!! Can't wait too see what there next song is going to be about!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
wardah bhatti
I enjoyed the video and was inspired to create my own youtube channel and I love Brooklyn and bailey they are so kind and beautiful
wardah bhatti
I enjoyed the video and was inspired to make my own youtube channel and I am so happy I did I love Brooklyn and bailey they are so kind and pretty
Leya Ali
7:55 "Bailey will you marry me" "NO." OMG THAT MADE ME LAUGH SM 😂
Ella Cassidy
Loving the new logo xx 😍
Autumn Jean
You guys are such a big role model to me! And I wish I could meet you I also love this omg so much! It's my new fav. Song!!
Charity Penner
who was the winner for the giveaway???
Tung Tran
Bailey's face though when Asa "proposed" lol love ya!!!
Olivia Hanson
Lovely!! 💕 also Bailey please do a tutorial on cgh for the hairstyle you wear a lot
Cheska Achacoso
I love this music video sooo much !! I actually memorized it already ! Keep up the good work ! Hugs and kisses from the P Philippines ! 😄😄😄
Lizz Martinez
guys so awesome 😍😍👏but you guys forgot to make a scene at night, with a beautiful fire wood🔥 and playing the guitar 🎸😍just saying love u so much 😘😘
Madeline T
You guys are amazing! I have been watching you guys make videos since the beginning! Love you guys! Because of you I decided to start my own channel!
Shahina Akter
really well done all of u guys did amazing
Jenn S
I need a Parker
This was the cutest thing ever! Love y'all girls. <3
Abby mendoza
Asa looks like Jude from the fosters 😂
Arixo RBLX
Hi Brooklyn and Bailey I loooveee yalls channel so much and yes I say "yall"😂😂😂I love the music video it seem like a fairy tale just amazing!!I have a sister that I am 4 years older and we look so much alike some people thought we where twins I was like what am so much taller😂😂😂<3 Ariel,
brooklyn and parker are the cutest things ever
jawan ghadanfari
Bailey u and u r boyfriend are so cute together so are u Brooklyn
jawan ghadanfari
please please do the tin can challeng
Itzzz Heavan
Was it hard to make up songs
Sydnie Drawdy
for next video please do a 2017 summer morning routine
Batoul Seklawi
Omg so early and Ramadan Kareem to anyone celebrating it
Bella Kent
This is actually the cutest thing!! Parker and Brooklyn CC2k17 alert!! 😍💖 (CC - Cute couple😊)
Ruth Larabee
This song is sooo sweet! ❤ It looks like you guys had a lot of fun making it!
you guys should do an acoustic version 😍 please!!!
Alyssa Castro
Asa is cute💖😘😻🤩
Jodie Suckling
Parker and Brooklyn are the perfect couple:))) So are Bailey and Asa!! Love the song Brooklyn and Bailey, probably my fav:)
Straubrey Softball
Any one here after the breakup
brittny landeros
What do you mean BTS😍😍😍 I Love BTS band
MikuMiku happy
This is like my fav song ever I love it so much ! like literally I think I have listened to like 100 times my fav part is where the couple's are together !!! xoxo love u !
Jenna Patel
OMG I died!! Bailey "Not till I'm 23". Me 20, has no boyfriend LOL xx
Sarah Western
Its amazing i love you brooklyn and baily😍😍😍
It's Harsha
I ❤ you guys!! you guys are just simply beautiful!!😍
Nina Esico
I want a twin right now..because of you brooklyn and bailey and also you are so sweet brooklyn and parker also to bailey and asa👍
Maryam Almarri
I know what's APA Citaution
Kathryn - Elisabeth
I didn't realize there was a third song!!!! How many total do you guys have that your doing??? Not that it's a surprise... but wow Y'all are doing great with these songs!!! ☺️💕
Bridget Molina
Atifa Tanzeem
so adorable
Aubrianna Thomison
can we please see more of ASA? Can ASA and Bailey do a boyfriend tag? I think it would be cute and funny.
Claire Bear
This video is so cute!!!!!
If you stop it at 8:45 you can see how bailey and asa look at Brooklyn and Parker. It's so cute.
Lauren Farrelly
Which music video do you prefer?
Sarah Berg