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Best Moments EVER
Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJOctZppIWo
SuKi Art
to the second: some talents need time.like drawing and painting. sadly people are not patience enough and that was she did was really fast. I draw 5 hours.:D
Rishav Singh
the painter was so beautiful and when she is crying I feel so bad and the singer is awesome no words for him
Stewert lincoln
To the girl who judges say lip syncing......Thats like When u play a game so good that your friends say u hacker😂😂😂😂
Desta McGhie
The woman who sketched that whole portrait...raw talent. One of a kind. Those judges need to reevaluate. Right. Now.
Allen o6
the second one: the girl judge, whoever she is, i find her annoying.
choi yoojung
i can't even *WALK* in high heels
Seta Panuve
The one that they think was lip syncing She has a beautiful voice so beautiful
🤦 Есть хоть один русский?
betty wahome
Simon please!!! Try walking in heels atleast
Itz_ itsuko
The judges think she's lip syncing because she's toooo good!
Жеmчγжυηα ςеmьu
*Вторую учасницу очеееень жаль((...* *она плакала(...но классно рисует)*
Cordelia Mbachu
This is why judges should wait until the end of the act
Ur wiya
Why couldn't the judges wait?!?! I literally cry over the girl😭
The Russian girl Aida wow absolutely beautiful ,stunning like an an angel ,flawless. Russia certainly turns out some very captivating and pretty young ladies
Bianca Castro
The second girl was really talented
Fox Pup
That's what happens when you give nobody a chance
Olivia Volco
Aida’s voice is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 😍😍😍 it’s unbelievable! Like WHAT!
Nyem lim's
that's why it's say that never judge a book by its cover. 👌👍
Mary Lee
4:44 this only proves how impatient this world really is.
Вячеслав Михайлов
А где сейчас эта Аида? не слышно, ведь у нее голос на 99 процентов лучше чем у всей ру эстрады
Артем Буга
Сначала делаем, потом думаем. У меня вся жизнь так построенна!!!
Dasha FORPS\ Hotel Eleon Fan
Почему если хорошо, то сразу фонограмма...
Garnet Paris
If I were the second girl I'd say, "If it wasn't worth 1 million dollars just a second ago, the finish product shouldn't either, goodbye, and goodnight *blows kisses and walks away*"
Мария Крюкова
Почему во 2 выступлении сразу же нет нажали? Судьи действительно думали, что она просто каракули рисует, шоу талантов для того, чтобы показать что-то интересное
Musix4life Black4eva
I can't even draw a fricking potato without it looking like........not a potato!!!!!!!
Влад Тихий
это фонограмма? -да это фонограмма. я поражаюсь с таких жюри
Judges haved hurt the feelings of the contents. They should not play with their feelings. This is also effect in their confidence and mentality. And their qualities will not come up. SUPPORT THEM.
Purple Cube
Ok so apparently if you have a good voice MUST BE LIP SYNC
Safa Al Balushi صفاء البلوشي
People should learn how to have patience as it is the easier thing they could do !
Subhajeet Mondal
The 2nd one seriously made me cry...
Blackshadow Baruah
The second one made me sad. Nonsense judges
Mohammed Wahab
The second one made me cry 😭
Averi Ochoa
Judges learn how to be patience!😡
Зефирка Антропоморфная
that girl who they thought she lip syncs is amazing! Ill check if she have any albums I would totally buy
Человек упавший с луны
Как же сильно расходятся мнения. Девушки: "молодец, как круто танцует на каблуках", Парни: "чё за пидарас, пидор, гей и т.д". Гы)
Luzz The ultimate
when you have auto tune in your voice
marcia Souza
I do hope she won the competition 💖 she sings quite beautifully 🌷
PicsYour Photo
Мне жалко стала девочку котороя рисовала 😔
Madia Musa
The second one i love U... even they thinks u are not talented
Avor Volker
You have to WAIT for her to finish drawing, people! Geez....talk about a low attention span....
Суйумкан Алиева
Девочка молодец👍👍👍👍
Назар Трубачёв
Какие нетерпеливые судьи!
Sino Si Mar?
This is what happen if you press that red buzzer a lot
Hilarious how I clicked on this but have no life so I’ve already seen most of them
sanya nya
Художницу вообще жалко😢😢😢
Route vocal
Seriously! I fell in love with that 3rd performance (lullaby song)even I don't understand (as I m from India)but I love ur culture.i also want to born in your country.but bad luck.i will try in next life.
Niranjan Konwer
That girl's voice. Wow.
Sangeet Adhikari
The moral of the story is...we to wait....we have to give time.....✌️
Fatimah zahra
Aida's voice is amazingly incredible.
Хх МаРмЕлАдКахХ
Не досмотрев до конца сразу нет нажали!
You can't stop me lovin' myself
*Never judge a book by it's cover!!!*
Savage King-XD
Comments.... 99% About how unfair they were to the second one. 1% About the other.
Utkarsh Raj
I can't believe the judges in the last clip didn't apologize to the girl.... They were so rude to her!!
Akshada Desai
4:50 thats emotional
Rex Cosmos Dog
2 видео меня просто удивило, они ведь судьи, и должны до смотреть до конца выступление, а не сразу на свои кнопки тыкать.
AdleyMusic Lyrics
That girl I don't know her language or understand it BUT ITS SOO GOOD! When it's to good to be true
Taytumn Potato
#1 how he do that in heels yet I can't walk properly in heels
Helen Joy Artiaga
Mr. OL' Skool6191 Parts Unknown.
how many of them watched Aida's Performance more than once? 6:13
Line Kriff
Надо было увидеть сначала результат, а потом уже решать, хорошо или нет
Они же судьи должны до конца смотреть потом надо нажимать всё равно им нечего делать они очень торапливые
micandy mc
Does anyone know the song the blond girl was singing! It was beautiful
Пельмень С Укропом
Жаль художницу...Она жопу рвала чтобы подготовиться, а эти говнюки её отвергли:с
Cristallyn Tapawan
Duh Dumb boy
The first one wasn’t really that talented, i don’t understand why everyone is going crazy over it. Literally strippers could do the same things he did, but better..
Deadlyfati 1
2nd one was good but yeah boring to watch in these shows, I didn’t think she could have gone but she is amazing on what she does
The third one had auto tune in her mic. JK
Skif faraon
Эти судьи нечего не умеют сами.... Ещё сидят и кнопочки жмут...
NoobMaster PH
Don't Judge People Quickly
Эм... почему он был в каблуках? первый участник?
Dezjuan Dezjuan
This video just shows how if people don’t see the talent in you push it out help the blind😞😔😭😭
Black Beauty
Voice is amazing.
Anna life
Во втором выступление мне одной хотелось убить судьей????
Peridot Meepmorp
It annoys me that they judge way too fast and they later find out they are so talented it’s like WAIT THEN JUDGE!
Кейпоперша Шоли?
Как можно судить недосмотрев до конца....?
Dr.Momina Imran
The song and her voice💕💕💕
Lenworth Clunie
Am i the only one you had to look good at the how high the heels was ( first performance) like let's be honest here if that was me and I had on those heels and took one step the only thing you would see is me face planted on the ground😓😂
• Broxken Times •
English anyone? Can't understand these people.
#NatureLover saul
Someone please tell me name of song. 1st guy danced in heels
Førgiven Førest
I can't even *STAND* in heels
Lily Mars
The 2nd lady...aww felt so sad. Stoopid judges
eysha jamil
1st and pencil high heels omg I am aut
Nailzhan Shamuratov
Как можно критиковать искусство до его готовности?
Mayank Maddeshiya
World's Best STUPID Judges is here 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠they're never indentified any talent.
Nazim Ahmed
Judges plz don't use / show powers Before ending show... ✌👌👏
10,000 subscribers without any videos
The second one is Stalin.
Cat Pelayo
That was fantastic
Во втором выступлении, мне одному хотелось уебать судьям?
Ecren ocak
I love the first one sooooo much
Moesha YT
don't trust edited comments.
Де би лы
Mister wolf
Мурашки, привет.....
[Пробел] Space
4:57 - ебать... А это "профессиональные" критики даже блять до конца не увидели рисунка уже ставят свое мнение.. Позор.
ProWin Gota
Коннор нашёл новую работу xD
Sofiah Sumadia
Now this is what you call Don’t judge a book by its cover
Myriad iCat
Браво Аида! Браво! 10/10
Lily Mars
sabr guys (patience)