Kiss - Creatures Of The Night (Alive III)

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Unofficial Video

When Kiss was unmasked and without the platform boots they did some of their best shows. This was the hair band era and Kiss was one of the top bands playing this style. Pauls sounds great and the energy from the stage was 1000%. Unlike today.
Eric GP
Eric Singer is a monster drummer
Simen Strand
The Revenge period shows KISS at its best.
This is one of the best Kiss songs, if not the best.
Jessica Dawn Newcomb
God just imagine if Eric Carr has survived his illness
Felipe Martínez-Aparicio De La Hoz
They were ON FIRE here.
Non-makeup KISS was such an influence on us, these lineups/ albums deserve WAY more credit
Go back to this line-up,I’ll go see them again.They owe us a Carnival of Souls tour.
brian ramos
Para los que no lo saben aún, no existen videos oficiales de ningún Kiss Alive a excepción del Alive 4 (Symphony) el cúal si cuenta con DvD oficial. En el DvD documental de 1994 en el apartado Konfidential vienen varios videos con las canciones del Alive 3 pero son ediciones, oficialmente no existen videos de ese Alive.
Insidious Insanity
Unofficial video; WTF?! This is off the video cassette Kiss Extreme, which I own. Unless it's been tweaked for this upload. I haven't watched it in quite a long time.
Kick ass song.
That solo at 3:12 makes me shiver everytime...i'm looking forward for their gig in Bologna this summer
seth mcconnell
1:21 and at 3:07.Gene is very funny
1:59 Cristian Castro?
Jon Dunmore
1:55 - Paul: "Can we show butt?"
... I Love You ...
2:51 … what….
stan broniszewski
Better video than the 'official' video KISS gave. Not only the band was smoking hot, but the women were as well.
Thomas Rowan
Mtv classic please play these amazing edits. and I'll call it a day.
Shahlan Saim
Nice edit...
When KISS was KISS.....
3:33 putiiiiisimo
Andy Ynda
Omar Moises filho
Que zona.......MASSA!!!!!
Juan Corchado
Hubiese sido mejor que el grupo Kiss se hubiese mantenido con Bruce cooling sin maquillaje antes de hace la ridiculizacion Qué están haciendo ahora con dos imitadores😆
Владимир Александронец
В масках им лучше,как то уже более привычно,я их так больше люблю,дай им бог сил и здоровья как можно дольше нас порадовать. Удачи вам Музыканты!
Gene looks like a total dirt bag here... suits him (seeing as we all know he is)
Adventures & Survival in Thailand
Gene and Paul are dirty, greedy, arrogant Jews but I can't knoxk this album. It's great from start to finish. Almost like a Destroyer Part 2
Shawn Fairholm
Killer this live version!!! Revenge tour rocked!!!
John The Tooper
I prefer the original version from the Konfidential video. This re editing is...... meh.
PlagueInfected - 8492nd Fighter Wing
damn that guitar solo by Kulick!!!!!!! Alive III was the first alive album I've ever listened too. Been a KISS fan since I was 7 years old!!!
Catfather B
This was the first KISS concert I ever attended, Nashville Tn. loudest damn thing I ever heard, three songs in before the break when Paul jumped to the Mic and asked....HOW YA DOIN' NAAAASHVILLE, Busted my eardrums!!!
demais, lembro do meu amigo alvaro fan numero 1
Valter Alves Da Silva
A melhor versão
I was there since the 70s but I have to say this is my favorite incarnation. Heavy tunes like Love gun and Makin Love became Ultra Massive and Crushing. They were hangin with anything out there!
I love how Bruce does the solo in this song. its an iconic change to what vinnie did
I've always preferred the KISS with makeup, afterall that's how they became popular and what we all grew up on..  The 1st Alive album was awesome and the 2nd was pretty good too (never really understood the studio tracks, except Rocket Ride was badass), but I have to admit even though I'll always prefer the originals, Alive 3 was maybe their best Live album.  They were a machine at this point and it seriously rocked hard.  Probably the best they've sounded during those non makeup days.  Too bad they couldn't have made it with all 4 original members.  And one thing that always made me sad was that Eric Carr never made it on a live album.  He deserve that.  He was the best drummer they've had.  No disrespect to Peter, but EC was a monster drummer.
Angelo Scanzelli
They were so tight back then.
Sean Morrison
Poor ticket sales
74 torino
overdubbed to hell
Riccky alves
18 Zé ruela não curtiu esse vídeo
Alberto Rescalvo
Marcelo Mariano
esses deviam afinar a pica..pqp
+garcemac That is the only thing you can see in this video, please man.
Michael Davey
Blastfrom thepast
Looks like fun being in KISS...
j q
Gio Gionist
Paul sings fantastic but he's a lazy guitar player and he never was a solid player like other rhythm guitarists!
The drum sound on the studio version is so extreme that you can’t really compare the drummers
Cosmic Ace
It's from the home video Konfidential, released back in 1993.
La mejor alineacion que Kiss jamas tuvo!!!!
Void Droid
Great footage. I know it says "unofficial video." What is the footage from?
The most underrated song in the history of mankind!
I miss Bruce
the definition of KICKING ASS right there people.
Amazing, thanks for sharing!! This was the intro at Daytona Beach in Oct. of '92 and it still rules!!
It's a great fuckin' video!!! Love it! :D
This should be the official video.
I wish Bruce was still in the band, he's more fun than Tommy!
Martin Cuper
the best KISS era
chicken in a breadpan
agreed mate.. the drum sound on creatures was huge, as was vinnies guitar work.. the drum sound on this recording is very caffine free diet coke..
Andrea Bjornvig
omg my poor panties...
mark lee
OMG nothing can touch the Revenge Tour Kiss kicked ass.
That blonde guy is Eric Singer, he's Kiss's current drummer and his hair is black now. lol
Paul Stanley kind of looks like Michael Jackson.
Off course. You're right. And I guess you are a real ladies man? Haha.
Best version of this song.
My personal favorite's Carnival of Souls. Nothing more honest than a record that says in its ads that it's the polar opposite of what the fans want.
Mário Pedrosa
KISS mode Heavy Metal!
demicr crew
2:51 ? mort de rire , Kiss les meilleur ! mai plus grand fan Creatures of the night *-* j’adore de trop j'atan votre prochaine tourné :D
Kyle Hirshon
@kuriaki71 creatures, and alive are my favorite albums
KISS was kicking some major ass in this video...Hard Rock with Tits & Ass what more could you ask for?!
congratulations paul, ur one of the few artists I know dat looks gay but still looks very male, ur awesome
Turd Ferguson
@kuriaki71 funny because kiss sucked in the 80s
@timario86 in the Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, Michigan.
3:04 this is gay hahahaha Gene Simmons CRAZY!!!
@kuriaki71 Well the only thing i can say about that is everyone is diffrent thus they have diffrent opinions, I love every album i wouldent even put any of there albums before the other there all great pieces of work
I fell in love with KISS after buying Dressed To Kill in late 1975. I've seen them numerous times over the last 30 years (first time at Varsity Stadium on Sept 6, 1976 - last time recently at Casino Rama. This is STILL the most stunningly, breathtakingly, heavy rock album they've ever released. Rock and Roll Over and Dressed To Kill being #2 and #3. But Paul NEVER has sounded better. When Paul recorded this album - he f***ing had something to prove. God Bless Eric Carr. May he rest in peace.
Great song, but why re-edit it? Bogus!
@drquesadilla not this day
Roman Elverston
Thats strat rules, but 2:50 is better
Jet Calderon
What says Paul at 2:37?
Shannon Lindgren
Hmm... half of these comments suck. I'm a "delusional KISS fan" and fucking proud of it
DraVen Rader
@zoso8t0 There.. now you feel better don't you? Sales are sales. True die hard fans on the other hand are not easy to come by. In which KISS has more than most. As well as respect. One of the hardest working bands around. One of the few bands their age that has never gone on "hiatus", never stopped touring, or releasing albums. Always working on SOMETHING to give to their fans. That's what a true Rock band does. One again.. just stating the obvious.
@DraVenRa66 Wow, personal insults. Way to win the argument there dude. I love this, "top selling," what a feeble argument. If you are going by sales alone, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, New Kids on the Block etc has sold boatloads of albums. If you were trying to make a point about since they sell albums, they are "good," you FAILed. Additionally, yes you hear music. I am glad you stated the obvious for the entire planet to read. Poor little misguided fanboy.
DraVen Rader
For people that say KISS is all show----- They are one of the top selling bands of all time... shows don't sell records. You cannot SEE music.. you hear it. Album sales have shit to do with what you see.
DraVen Rader
@zoso8t0 and you are a bitch if there ever was one. hahahahaha. You make me laugh. They are one of the tp selling bands of all time... shows don't sell records retard. You cannot SEE music.. you hear it. Album sales have shit to do with what you see.
1:27 synchronized perfectly!
@drquesadilla Because I've been seeking out Vinnie Vincent stuff. Something intriguing VV and his playing. I think VV brought KISS into the 1980s singlehandedly. Point taken on good time rock, I would absolutely agree with you there. KISS was originally about a good rock show. That's fallen as they've become their own tribute bad. It's a rather sad end actually. Regarding Paul, he's voice can be pleasing sure. I just think his rock credentials are lacking. His schtick is phony.
@zoso8t0 You won't hear me saying KISS is one of the greatest bands around. Like many, they are what I call "good time rock", nothing deep, just something you'd put on to have a good time. Paul does have a distinct voice and a good range, though with the constant gigs he doesn't really have it now. Nonetheless, take a look at the overlooked albums Psycho Circus and Carnival of Souls, notably lyrical content. They've some more than many give em credit for. But if you hate, why do you browse em?
@nartrock Pure comedy. I love delusional KISS fans. Some of you are all about hero worship than actual talent or chops. Rock god? That's making my sides ache that's so funny. Do you honestly believe that? You must have some LOW standards then. I can see someone saying Ace is a rock God. But Paul???? Bwhahahhahahaha.
@drquesadilla Britney Spears has hundreds of thousands of fan as well. Your point? Fame and popularity isn't a marker for talent. You've heard of Paris Hilton too I take it? Carr was a good drummer. Paul is a douche. Lightweight who coasts on others talents for his fame (Ace/Vinnie etc.) He's also a flaming pom-pom bitch. Gene at least puts on a good rocker show. Paul? Prancy twat. Awesome singer? Surely you jest. Even the most ardent KISS fans will admit the band is more show than chops.
Tyler Hawkins
Even Pauly Shore has fans.
Great clip. Love this live version of Creatures.
Brian Holt
Great song! ... great band!!
@southerntrendkill13 4 people live in their office.
Austin Ogonoski
They could play this on MTV Or any music station And not mention who the band is at the start And no one would know who it is And everyone would think OH SHIT THESE GUYS ARE HILARIOUS AND KNOW HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW, THEY GOT STRIPPERS, EXPLODING STATUE OF LIBERTY, FIRE BREATHING And then the station would say YEAH THATS KISS FROM 20 YEARS AGO And people would WUT all over their tv screen I want revenge era kiss back.
Austin Ogonoski
@hippykiller77 even though he's not gay, I fucking lol'd
Bruce is awesome!!!
very good video!