UKF Dubstep 2011 Continuous DJ Mix

UKF Dubstep 2011 Continuous DJ Mix Downloads Below /> Remember To thumbs up :) Copyright Bs...I Do Not Own This Track Or Any Of The Songs Within it. I just put this up here for the enjoyment of the people. :)

The Raging Gamer
Make *THIS* track list top comment so people stop asking what song is at what time. 1. Dubba Jonny - Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial - 0:00 2. RackNRuin - Dazed & Confused (SKism's Baroque remix) - 3:53 3. Gemini - Graduation - 8:00 4. Cutline - Runnin' (Original Mix) (feat. Belle Humble) - 11:40 5. Xilent - Choose Me (Dubstep Mix) - 15:46 6. Roksonix - Music In Me - 19:25 7. Gemini - Vision - 23:30 8. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Wondering (Dirtyphonics Remix) - 27:25 9. 16bit - Dinosaurs - 30:38 10. Monstar - Put Ya Hands Up (fear. Roly MC) - 34:30 11. Dodge & Fuski - Aerophobia - 38:09 12. Zomboy - Organ Donor - 42:30 13. Porter Robinson - The State (SKisM Remix) - 45:55 14. Foreign Beggars - Still Getting It (feat. Skrillex) - 50:03 15. Spor - Pacifica (Chasing Shadows Remix) - 53:45 16. Metrik - Between Worlds - 58:20
Destany M
Please be other people that listen in 2018💕😭
Astu Edit
good old times ;)
Armand Esterhuysen
listen to this in 0.5 speed XD
Earthquake was not in this one....?
I'm Driving to Los Angeles From Sacramento And im Rocking this!! SO AWESOME!!!
This is just fenomenal... awesome job dude!
Devin Champion
This is the first thing i actually downloaded on my ipod
step outside at night, link up with your boy, roll a nice one, get stoned! and listen to this track. you'll fuckin see zombies and shit after you and its gona be intense!
What is the song at 38:50
josafat palermo
aerophobia is the best song
οχι αλλο οχι αλλο οχι αλλοοο οχι αλλο 34:30
Kay Kobetic
I just orgasm for an hour.
Sebastian Moore
Experts is in the 2012, not 2011
UKF Dubstep 2011 > UKF Dubstep 2012
does anyone know what the song is called at 4:00?
Jacob Holtsclaw
or experts by skism
Jacob Holtsclaw
yes it is the state by skism he has some pretty good stuff recommend red heat by skism
You're coming back for me.
Simply beautiful
Sebastien Fischietti
quelle production ? ^^ need avoir plus :D
Sebastien Fischietti
magnifique <3
Benjamin Jarrell
I personally think ukf 2010 was better but this is still great!
David Norris
funny enough my favorite part starts at 4:20
한국 음부는 맛있습니다!
fucking awesome :D
John Moore IV
holy fuck, this mix!
Francisco Meneses
LooooL the bad thing is that you are a boy xD I would ask for your facebook If you were a girl xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Matthew Clark
31:22 anyone?
Justin Ha
You're correct , i'm from USA, i listen to dubstep all days long, DUBSTEPS is the best,i can't live without dubsteps.
Francisco Meneses
YES THAT's exactly what I'm saying!!! dubstep is so great. and pop is just for tasteless guys and girls who are stupid enough to follow the trend! where are you from? In portugal nobody knows dubstep but your english is very good so you must be from america or england, and thery know dubstep in both of that countries xD
Justin Ha
Same with me, my friends don't even know what dubstep is, i told them and they call me weirdo.Then i said R&B , pop or any kind of music are too mainstrem, Dubstep make me refresh my mind.
Francisco Meneses
Loool, I also love dubtstep, but I am new at this... :( This music is great. My school friends think I'm stupid, because I listen dubstep, and nobody there likes it --'
Justin Ha
Lol , i just F**king love dubstep and this album was awesome :DD
Francisco Meneses
Skrillex has awesome musics, he was the one who introduced me to this epic world. so don't be mean :(
Francisco Meneses
I listened to a longer version of this music with 1:15:00 more than 10 times, since I downloaded the music. This music is one of the best I've ever herd, so shut up .l.
Francisco Meneses
Omg how do you know that? xDDD
Rafi Brodie
You also missed Gemeni - Vision
Rafi Brodie
You missed Cutline - Running i think.
Mannwich Manboy
I love Organ Donor by Zomboy :D
Gavin Homan
dubstep at 19:00?
Justin Ha
This is all the songs in the UKF Dubsteps 2011 1. Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial 2. Graduation 3. Earthquake (Noisia Remix) 4. Still Getting It 5. Put ya Hands up 6. The State (Skism Remix) 7. Feel so Close 8. Organ donor 9. Vision 10. Dinosaurs 11. Pacifica (Chasing Shadows Remix) 12. Wondering ( Dirtyphonics Remix) 13. Dazed & Confused 14. Follow U (Trolley Snatcha Remix) 15. Choose me II 16. Music in me 17. Aerophobia 18. Between Worlds original version.
bally e
helpabruddaout 8:25 mighty kindly
Ian Tennant
drop at 46:00?
Herr Schwarz
Herr Schwarz
way beyond...
Anyone know what the final track is called in this mix? 59:00 onwards
Unova LoL
whats the first song in this mix?
Ian Tennant
26:15 please? and the one right after that?
Ness Lecter
Dazed & Confused (feat Janai IllaMan SKisM's Baroque Oue Mix) - RacnNRuin (Y)
What is the name of the song from 34:30?
Joshua Hammond
Youre the downfall of dubstep, gtfo fanboy
Constantin Costa Hung
3:55 Name of the track please?
evan sebastian
needs more skrillex
jackson sacbibit
almost? wtf is wrong with you...goes beyond awesome.
evan sebastian
almost an awesome remix!
Spooky Streetlight
Runnin' by Cutline (Ft. Belle Humble). The name slipped me but I remembered. You can't imagine my happiness.
Imm Qhiplash
3:55-5:56 Name Please? :L
The State (SKisM Remix)
poster should've really put when each song starts and what it's called... Would've saved a lot of random questioning.
Tr Oy
12:20 track name plz ....
To be more specific to what conndrst said its the state skism remix from the album Spitfire by porter robinson
12:43 Girls voice? anyone know who?
The State (SKisM Remix) Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial Graduation Gemini Organ Donor Zomboy Still Getting It (feat. Skrillex) Foreign Beggars Vision Gemini Put Ya Hands Up (feat. Roly MC) Dinosaurs 16bit Pacifica (Chasing Shadows Remix) Runnin' (feat. Belle Humble) Cutline Wondering (Dirtyphonics Remix) Does It Offend You, Yeah! Dazed & Confused (SKisM's Baroque Out Remix) [feat. Janai & Illaman] RackNRuin 4:42 Choose Me II Xilent Music In Me Roksonix Aerophobia Dodge & Fuski
my favorite songs are 0:00 through 1:02:18 ... Ftw
what song is at 8:25?
Araceli Martinez
Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial.
2:26 title plzzz ?????????? :(
no he cant
Connor Darst
16bit - Dinosaurs
Connor Darst
I think its called: The State (SKisM Remix)
Ryan Hedges
fukin sik
im sure you do
Connor Darst
@brennanisarealboy i listen to this several times per day :)
thumbs up if you listened to the whole thing
Raven Stone
I love this one!!!! my friend flipped when she listened... haha blew our ears out :)
Kakee Man
What's the name of the third song????
Allan López
woo is exlent
Will Moxon
What is the song at 39:48
What's the name of the song that starts at 3:52 ??? with the female vocals that lead to the dirty bass and synth line?