R Kelly- Worlds Greatest Lyrics

R Kelly worlds greatest lyrics Leave any Lyric Video requests on my page :) Lyrics: I am a mountain I am a tall tree ohh I am a swift wind sweeping the country I am a river down in the valley ohh I am a vision and I can see clearly If anybody asks you who I am Just stand up tall Look 'em in the face and say I'm that star up in the sky I'm that mountain peak up high Hey I made it Mmm.. I'm the world's greatest I'm that little bit of hope When my backs against the ropes I can feel it Mmm.. I'm the world's greatest the world greatest, the world greatest, forever I am a giant I am an eagle ooh I am a lion Down in the jungle I am a marching band I am the people ooh I am a helping hand I am a hero If anybody asks you who I am Just stand up tall Look 'em in the face and say I'm that star up in the sky I'm that moutain peak up high Hey, I made it Mmmm... I'm the world´s greatest I'm that little bit of hope When my backs against the ropes I can feel it Mmmm... I'm the world´s greatest In the ring of life, I'll reign love (I will reign) And the world will notice a king (Oh Yeah..) When there is darkness, I'll shine a light (Shine a light..) And mirrors of success reflect in me I'm that star up in the sky (uh, uh) I'm that mountain (peak up high) peak up high Hey I made It (hey I made it) I'm the worlds greatest (I'm that little bit) I'm that little bit of hope (uh, uh) When my back's against the ropes (oh yeah) I can feel it (I can feel it) I'm the world's greatest oooohhhhhhhhhhh I'm that star up in the sky (star up in the sky) I'm that mountain peak up high (oh yes I am) Hey I made It (I made it) I'm the worlds greatest (I'm that little bit of hope) I'm that little bit of hope (ohhhhhhohhhh) When my back's against the ropes ohhhhhh (when my back's against the ropes) I can feel it ( I can feel it) I'm the world's greatest (repeat) It's the greatest Can you feel it It's the greatest I saw the light At the end of a tunnel Believe in the pot of gold At the end of the rainbow And faith was right there To pull me through, yeah Used to be locked doors Now I can just walk on through Hey, uh, hey, hey, hey, yeah It's the greatest I'm that star up in the sky Please Subscribe :) I do not own anything :)

rkelly kelly lyrics worlds greatest

sarah mumbua
Anyone listening in 2018
Jaylean Torres
My Nana's( grandma) favorite song. Love you Nana I miss you .she died of cancer but she's in in a better place now
Rakeyas World
In my school I'm doing an assembly in 2017 and I'm doing it on next week Thursday IF YOU GIVE ME A LIKE IM HAPPPY YOUR READING THIS
Friendsforever 234
I found this song when I was sad when brother dead and made me happy and I play it 😄😄😄
General Atomic
Did EVERYONE have to sing this in school?!?!
Evelyn Molina
My 5th grade teacher made a photo slideshow of my class with pictures through out the time we were with her and honestly that was the best year of my life. She put this song in the background and every time I hear it, it makes me cry and smile. ❤😭
EllaTella wzw
I'm singing this for my school anyone else
Beatriz V.
This is gonna be my graduation song. 2018 🎓
Robert Ruth
Best friend was burried today...song stands so true to him
Jonathan Mercado
I was singing this on my 6th grade graduation and I was crying the whole time
Seth Quinn
5th Grade Graduation...
Curly head Mirah
Muhammad Ali The Greatest stay strong
Althea Hewitt
Greater is he that is in me that is in the world. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus for saving R Kelly soul beautiful voice for your People in Jesus name Amen 😍💗💚💖
nino goodfella
Every one has to listen to it this is in your heart 💂💪😏 everyone stay STRONG
Tamiya Netters
singing this at my school love this song every time I listen too it it make me cry and make me feel thankful for my friends and family because they are my stars 🌟
Jaden Morales
"Im that star up in the sky I'm that mountain peak up high Hey I made it Mmm.. I'm the world's greatest"🎶😍😃
Maisy grantins Hawkins
I would always sit doing my homework a fighting through all of my pain... Been 1 year without him i am now in year 9 holding on to him like we are a roller coaster having good times. All want is my grandad back he was the best ever love grandad My other grandad(grampy) had a heart attack i was devestad to loose someone really close to my heart RIP WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.........💚💚💚💚😭😭😭😭😢 HOPE WE MEET ONE MORE TIME
Mutlu Celikbilek
GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE GREATEST !!!!!!!!!
Paypay Paypay
Is was my 2 grab song for so😞😞 I am sad I am crying
Yeimy Vivas
your going to make me cry.
it seemed like most students played this at there graduation, because I did too, nothing special, this song just reminds me of my primary classmates, if only my school went up to year 12 huhuh
I don't know how people dislike this it's one of the best songs I've ever heard
Star Chan
in my school we are singing this song for graduation
Robloxgaming YT
I love this SONG
Diana Lovechild
I love this song
Music is Art
Me and the person I hate the most both can agree that this is the worlds greatest song.
Awesome dude
I love this song this brings back so many memories may the Lord our heavenly father bless u and the people after u
flash backs to my 5th grade graduation when they made us sing this song and sway back and forth
Sydnei Johnson
When you play world's greatest believe in you
Rapheal Williams
I love this song
cardi b fan Fan
Maisy grantins Hawkins
This was the last song he heard before he took his last breathe. We miss you grandad.......💙💙💙💙💙😢😢😢😭😭
Johan Christensen
Man I remember when I was little getting picked on at school, I'd play this shit whenever i would cry. Then one day I stuck up for myself with this song in my headphones lol.. nobody ever bothered me after that day. Shit music can really help especially when your 9 lol Love and Light <3
Camar Bell
I love this because I did when pass to the 6th
Devonte Turner
R Kelly seems like the world's greatest champion. I seem l like the world's greatest Christian man in Christ. Like my whole family always told me, Christ is my father everyday. And I don't need nobody else but Christ. Because I have 2 fathers and the answer is God. My mom says I have 2 fathers in my life. Adoptive and biological.
Ciyanni Alston
I always listen to this song every day 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😂😂😂
Ashanti Flowers
4th grade
Styles&BeautyBySarah!! Sarah
my granny favorite song while she was battling cancer I love u hazel keep watching me save me a spot up there
2018 boyz
Denise Campbell
i love thus song
gris rios
aww its been 5 years since i sang this for my 6th grade promotion ❤
Scott Walker
We have to do this at school when it are black history program
Shining Star
Anyone listening in 2017?
ashley santiago
Hey people i love this song so much im doing this song for this year 2017 for my 🎓 graduation
vanessa Wellington
This song just boosts you to move on. Thanks R.Kelly for this inspiration
Qualyn Muldrew
They played this song at my graduation 👩‍🎓💕💕💕
A.D.M !
How had I not heard of this song it's great!
Christine Hong
We have to sing this for school X)
rose biff
I listen to this song every morning in my car on my way to work...well i dont feel like i am the world greatest but its inspiring song it makes me feel strong and able to realize things i wanna do
Steffy Alvarez
God please help my brother defeat this big situation we’re going thru... he sang this song for his 5th grade promotion 😭☹️
For my husband gone to soon only 28 years old cancer sucks I love u Daniel Paul and miss u so much u were the world's greatest best friend, father, and husband I hope u know that
Nafissatou Kandji
love this song so much 😉😊
Rose Spider
my sister sung this at her 1st grade graduation haha
Amira Dennison
This is the song i will be singing for my graduation 2018 on Tuesday night on the 26th of June . So sad I will miss all my friends
Juliet Patterson
I want this song for my graduation but all of my class mates want Post Malone Update: This is now my graduation song.
apple berry white
This was the song I graduated to I was crying. This song has a lot of meaning.
Taniah B.
Every time I listen to this I feel WONDERFUL.
Kaylin Monae4k Crew
I've been listening to this every since my grandma died every time I hear this song it wants me to cry but I know my grandma don't want me to. She wants me to the star in the sky😢
Itz.dat. girl.
They making us walk to this hoe for our 5th grade graduation 😂😂 I like it tho
Jodian Brown
U can feel when i was doing my gsat i am going to jago
R.I.P Martin Luther King Jr. 😪❤️
Amish MadeIt
Goosebumps when the choir comes in at the end. Wow! I love this.
Terry Joyce
I love dis song we sang this 2 our year 8 at papint school (Emotional)2017
harriet berry
You are so kind my dad use to watch mahumid aly boxing on tv
G Wright
They played this song at my sixth grade graduation..... I LOVE YOU, ATHENA!!! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME I HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED!!!!!
Kay Kay Mens
RIP To The World's Greatest. Float like a butterfly, sting like a 🐝. Mr. Muhammad Ali 👑
Rere. Empire
this song made me crying and when I was crying my friends started too crying
Jada Lewis
I heard this song at my nephews graduation. This song is very encouraging and I love it. It will uplift you and speak to you ❤️🙏🏽
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ayub valdes
I love your song it is so good
Teanni Campbell
I love this song I sung it at my 5th grade graduation☺😊😇
James Drummond
My favorite part "it's the greatest" "can you feel it" . Yes, I can feel the power of the lord 🙏🏽
Kimberly Riley
this the song to song for graduate
Jennifer And Jessica
My graduation song💞
Juanita Olivas
I got bull at my school I didn't stick up for my self but did that stop me no then this song made me stand up for my self I got bull by 5gr I geass there just jealous and I'm only in 3rd grade
going to high school lol 😟 I remember this 5th grade graduation I miss it lol😭😭
Akinbobola Victoria
Am watching in 2018!
kel3i speed builds on tablet
Gemini’s. Tierra
Graduation 👩🏾‍🎓 Song😭😪🤗
true believer
Chaee Eulenaa
How can u listen to song without singing !?!
Shaneeca Eugenna
I sing 🎤 for black history
Atreyvianna Hudson
I had sing this song when I was in 5 grade for my answer day 😁😁
Jodian Brown
My graduation song
Chloe Jackson 4
Teachers sung this when we left junior school 😢❤️
Aneisha Alrick
6th grade graduation
Mary Wilson
my grandma love this song
Samira hussein
I love the mountain songs it is one of my graduation songs
the girl from the sewers
I did this song for my 4th grade graduation thingy whatever it is wow even tho it was last year and i can still see my fav teacher i miss her 😢
davion marable
I love this song goes out to my dad miss you R.I.P 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😿😿😿😿😿😿👬👬👬👬👬👬💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓
Carolyn Mckinney
I listen to this song like I don't know it help me out I be playing it out loud at school
amjad aziz
Sang this in 6th grade ❤️❤️memories 😭❤️
Andrew Robertson
I love this song
Malia Diouara
Does anyone have sing up at school I do I'm in yr4 and we have to do it in 2 days on Thursday
Natalia Itzel
I'm going to sing this song tomorrow with some classmates This song was literally going to make me cry.
Shamaya Jacobs
I’m graduating this year I’m doing this song I’m gon cry
jouan makenzi
I song this for my graduation. We can make anything in life don't give up...
Ya Girl Zaniyah
Singing song
Just cried
Red The hedgehog
I Remember When Me All Other Students In Middle School Had Sing This Song In My 8th Grade Graduation When I Was 13 I'm 18 Now And I Just Finished School Last year