The True Story That Inspired The Movie 'The Strangers'

The Fortean Slip Bedtime Stories 44 The Keddie Murders of Cabin 28. In April of 1981 Sue Sharp, two of her children and a friend of her son's were murdered brutally. This is the story. Source: /> Website: /> Like us on Facebook at... /> The Fortean Slip Facebook Group Page /> bigfootcrossroads /> Dred Funn /> Richard Allen's Blog

Immortan Joe
It is a sick world we live in.
Buy a gun people
Dockomocko Pocko
This is the difference between, a "true story", and true events
Eternal Horror
I always thought that it was based on the Manson murders
William Harwood
How can to cars blow up and the guy still lives?
Hopefully not Going hell
my worst fear dying in hands of a torturous psychopath
who ever did this was FUCKEN SICK!!
That sketch looks like Edmund Kemper.
Sik That's Therid
Oh hell nah *put ups duces* *disappears*
Brothers Revenge
The suspects picture looks like the Podesta brothers in their younger years.
J Bro
"Is Tamryn there?"
sergio leyva
Gamerzombie XD
Wait it's based on a true story!?!?!? I thought it was just for fun.
Govind Seebun
Your new Avatar Icon is creepy. Keep up the good work.
That sketch artist was a joke, please don't tell me that's ned Flanders.
Meta Tron
I drive by the old Keddie Store on Highway 70 all the time. I live in a small trailer park on highway 70. Spooky movie loosely based on Keddie murders
Joey Lynch
oh so there are 2 movies based off of the ketty cabin
Scary, man.
Shana Moon
I suffer from Hyperacusis so the background music is a little loud for me and is distracting, but you have great videos and I enjoy them. Keep up the good work :)
Fun Time Productions
Does this song remind anyone of the opening to the song "SAY10" by Marilyn Manson?
Macaroni Memes
My birthday
W.A. Henderson
This is not what the director said.
it was Justin case solved wtf
Captain ragoon 2
I live in that area
why would they make this into a movie?
Playboiidylan Beats
Its was during 2005 it says it in the movie
Im HitGirl
They even say in the movie 2005, don't they? So how could this be the one its based on
Maxell deNomie
how do they knew it was male and female killers?! other reports say those cops covered it up... ?
Abe Metz
Horrible movie, amazing story.
carey rader
My brother wrote and directed this movie. There are others things that add to the story behind this movie.
Joanna F.