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The True Geordie travels to the San Siro to watch Inter Milan with the crazy ultras. Subscribe to our channel for even more Premier League content: True Geordie: />Laurence: /> Slash Football. Laughing harder than Diego Costa's agent. Visit our Website - />Like us on Facebook - />Follow us on Twitter - />Follow us on Instagram -

True Geordie
If you wanna see us do this all over again somewhere else.. SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON LADS!
Try going to a game in turkey like Fenerbahce V Galatasaray
Cristiano Madrid
Geordie sounds like he's dying lmao
geordie representing england being drunk all day. great video again though! :)
Palmers FC
I went San Siro back in September when Inter beat Juve, easily the best atmosphere I've been to! The stadium isn't posh, it's just a big concrete block with a pitch in the middle but as you guys say it's the people, they make it what it is. Great stuff as usual, looking forward to the next one!
CJ 0
Geordie is hammered constantly.. The man is a hero
Matt White
These videos are class. Please do more!
Euan Jackson
that girl in the background 😂😂😂 7:40
Marin Saric
shame they went to see the lesser of the Milan clubs play...
viral ashra
Football Cards and Trains
You should go to a Sunderland game to make the true Geordie so pissed off
7:40 woman in back what a pleb lol
Ciaran McGuinness
Come to Celtic Park on a European night, the atmospheres incredible even Messi said theres nothing like it
Seriously, if you came to enjoy the game don't sit with the Curvas. FORZA INTER!!!!
Enzo Bertolo
Glad you chose inter!
Loki Doki
Hey Casie, chill with the speed edits a bit
Kieran Tierney Enthusiast
Come to Celtic park
I'm going to Anfield for the first time next week, watching Wolves in the FA cup
jim tarbuck
get to a old firm game
Come to Feyenoord you won't regret it
Gonçalo Nogueira
go to The Benfica stadium
Horace Nobilia
lol newcastle wouldn't even beat a lower tier team in italy like sassuolo or bologna
denya tag
the editing of these make it that much better
I understand true geordie's feelings about traveling the only thing I like about traveling is the air hostesses
Nathan O’Neill
Should go to Celtic next but only when your playing someone decent
Josh Hague
Love these videos with I could do this ! The dynamic duo of Loz n Geordie !
the true geordie should be in game of thrones
Dan Armstrong
Love these vids (I am a Geordie)so I love watching Geordie.
aaroha baral
kepp them vids coming lads
7:38 Chick in the back lol
Our Florida Garden
Love these lads . Send them to America please. I need their take on the MLS
Good video but the editing is atrocious. It's almost like watching a bad action movie, jump cut after jump cut after another.
Connor Watt
Go to Celtic
Mick H
haha it should just be another version of Man vs Food or Geordie vs food, with a splash of football thrown in! great watch, looks like its catching up with TG though!
Coleyoly 99
You should go to madrid, Bayern and another place
The greatest bromance on the whole of YouTube
Ask Holten
go on a boca game
bryan soto
Smh inter they should've went to a derby game or a Milan game
Lol Geordie putting up an act or is he actually that PISSED off at travelling. It's so fun wtf.
Darth Geros
Geordie just hates Italian football, the difference is in Italy there is proper tactics which doesn't make for a good watch but it's real football, making it hard for the opposition to play the game.. Italian Football is amazing and I know it's not as competitive like England, but neither is Germany and France.. but hey Geordie will always hate Italians regardless
come to bulgaria watch a Ludogorets match in Europe league on sofia
Seria A has been shit for a long time.....just weird
Liam Mirabile
4:29 Did Geordie just call London home??!!
General Grizzy
Geordie sounds like he's got bronchitis
'Wherever you go, you seem to make friends' ahahahah gotta love Geordie
El Cabeza
Go to Argentina 🇦🇷. The place with the most craziest and passionate fans of the world.
Tiago Lopes
Come to Lisbon for a Sporting CP match!!
Matthew 72
try celtic vs rangers this weekend, watp🇬🇧
LOL AT THE GIRL at 7:39 And yes do this again!
If you ever do this again, you should go to Madrid, Munich and Milan for Real, Bayern and AC Milan Not only do all the cities begin with M, but those are the rivals of the clubs you went to see here, would be some banter
james Winterton
I love this series, please to more 🙏
"Part of me wants to keep going." That will be the alcohol.
Krieger on coke
that Nazi salute at 6:47 xD
So sad that the series has finished loved this
Love this series
Scott Mcnab
They should go to a old frim derby
MUST do this again!
Ben Hughes
I'd love to go travelling with these two
kolio kolev
Matthew Doughty
Number 1
Cheeky Monkey
You're like a gay couple
Got to say it again, this series was class!
Inter & Lazio are probably the two worst top teams in Italy, easily.
Dexter Snorkstrom
You were with the Ultras so no wonder it was intimidating.
Go to Netherlands next for a Ajax game
I.M.P MC/BeatMaker
AC Milan !!!!!!!!!!
On the next time go to Poland , Russia , Turkey , Ukraine etc etc. see some real ultras !!!
Antony Ang
Go to the US and Canada to watch some MLS games maybe after you're done with Europe.
Please do a show off restaurant reviews with true Geordie!
Nuno Vasco
Go to Portugal to watch Benfica X Porto! Estádio da Luz has got the best atmosphere in Portugal
Nicolò Manfrinati
Milano siamo Noi!
Anthony Cristiano
Under pioli we have eight wins in a row in all competitions the football we've been playing is million times better than de boer since piolis actually smart knows the serie a and plays young players and makes right changes we had a good team we just needed someone to guide these good players gabigol getting game time icardi most goals and assists combined in Europe perisic is an absolute monster Miranda is an absolute defensive rock handanovic making important stops kondogbia Joao Mario brozovic all playing to their potentials bench looking solid helping us win games and last but not least the absolute beast of a signing that is gagliardini last three games we dominated cuz of him doesn't miss a tackle or pass and can shoot/score and dribble past players a top class player #forzaintersempre #forzanerrazzuri #amala lets get back to being the best in Europe !!!!🔵⚫🔵⚫
luca fcim
forza inter milano siamo noi solo noi
I did Naaht
You should really visit Balkan. Serbian biggest match Crvena zvezda (red star) v partizan, or Bosnian darby Sarajevo - Zeljeznicar, maybe football is not that good to watch like in these leagues, but trust me, you'll not regret it. Fans are absolutely mental. You should really think about it. Cheers.
Nice vid, but what would be a lot more interesting would be travelling around England, maybe even Italy and Spain and what not too, and watching lower league games. Spend a few days, get to know the fans, immerse yourselves in the local culture. OK it might not be attractive in terms of stars and stadiums, but the people will be a lot more interesting and nobody really gives grassroots that much attention. It could be a little niche for you guys, and I think Geordie would have a great time. He can also look after Laurence and protect him etc. ;) ... Don't worry about paying me lads, this ones for free.
You guys need to go to Lisbon for the O Classico of Benfica Vs. Porto. It's going to be a massive game in a couple months, potential title decider! Love you guys btw! Keep up the great work you've been consistently pushing out to us! Also, huge fan of the podcast! Lots of love from Connecticut, USA
Inter and Lazio. My favourites clubs and Geordie inbetween! Love it!
Mika Miro Kazassoglou
go to anfield
Michael Stanness
Should do Newcastle for geordie and Liverpool for Lawrence, maybe Madrid and Bayern
Love True Geordie but you support the wrong team FORZA MILAN!!!
Need to get yourselfs to the next Old Firm this is great content the next Celtic vs Rangers league game will be coming up soon im sure you can snag a ticket from somewhere ;)
Go to Estádio da Luz in Portugal!! BENFICAAAA!!!!!
Viktor Mäki
The cathedral is actually not about Jesus. It is dedicated to Mary (ie Madonna). There's a statue of her on top of the Duomo and the Milan Derby is named Derby della Madonnina after this statue. I thought Laurence would know this.
Christoforos Papandreou
I know I'm a bit late but, if you guys want to combine both good food and great fans you should visit Greece. Maybe when the biggest derby takes place. Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos
God, Geordie.. you are definitely living the life!  Good on you!  I live in USA.. but hope before I kick it to make it to an EP match even!  Go go Go.. as much and as far as you can!    Diane.
So enjoyable. So what's next France, America, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, China I want to see them to experience football in every country.
Inter V Lazio was never going to be a good match. Should have gone to Juventus if you wanted to watch a real football match.
Loved this series, the next trip you guys should go to like Galatasaray Celtic and Ajax, not the most massive names i guess but the best part of this series imo was seeing them outside of England
Niccolò Sarao
In italy it's all different, you go to the stadium to watch football not to make noise, Even if you are in the "curva". San siro it's a theater of football not a noisy place. (I don't like it eather but it's like that and it will not change until all the prices and inter or milan will be great again)
Pompey TID
Fratton park and meet Pompey john the most famous football fan in England and it's cheaper to travel to
RFC 1872
Go to ibrox next and watch the mighty Glasgow Rangers play
Faruk Erol
Please go to the Galatasaray Vs Beşiktaş game coming up next month!
These are honestly my favorite videos on YouTube. Please, please make more and make them a bit longer if possible. The idea of the series and the hosts are amazing! This could easily be picked up by a bigger company and be given a bigger budget, so Slash Football please make the most of this because you have gold right here!
U boys rule. U need to do a "lost in football" full length. Truly, English football's Spade and Farley. The dynamic is brilliant. Keep it up!
Adam S
Ahhh spoiled it by telling them to follow a script to make it funny (i.e Drunk Geordie, "With your eyes" etc)
Send Geordie on holiday #turtlewithabeard
Sonia o'driscoll
Hi going to Milan with my son in feb..could you tell me is it easy to get tickets to the Ac Milan games,and where is it best to buy.and how much for a medium range price ticket.?
If inter ultras are crazy, what about the drunk epl gans?
m 4
FORZA INTER #amala ⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫🔵