Tara Strong Wanna Screw

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This Is A Clip From The Film National Lampoon's Senior Trip From 1995, Where Tara Strong Is Trolling A Nerdy Student :P Enjoy :D

Martin Röttig
Mark Zuckerberg's College Years.
Tara Strong: Wanna screw? Me: Yes, but only in your Harley Quinn voice.
Michaela Castalaña
23 years later and Tara Strong is still hot as hell! I swear she never ages! (Not homo, just making a statement)
Nameless King
That moment when you realize you want to screw the woman who made your childhood.
Let's hope Tara's kids don't see this video
Mr. Heck
I wouldn't pull out... I mean child supports only for 18 years anyways
watthe deuce
Can you say that again but as raven?
That moment when you realize this sexy woman is Timmy Turner!
Cody Greene
Wanna screw? Absofuckinglutely
Shaun N Ince
Tara Strong: Wanna screw? Me: Hell yes 😆😆😆
Fun fact: The attractive woman in the video was the voice of Dill Pickles.
To be fair, that was hardly trolling. She was horny, everyone else was busy, she wanted it.
You kids have no idea how many times we fapped to Tara Strong that year
To be fair if Tara Strong ever said that to me I'd probably have the same reaction.
Red Card
Whoa! Jeez, Tara!
That moment when you realize this woman is a purple unicorn named Twilight...
How Samurai Jack should have ended.
Spike: "Hey Twilight, I found this video in your room. It's called 'Senior Trip.' Wanna watch it toge-" Twilight: "NO!!!"
that seems like a very reasonable reaction imagine if she used the Harley Quinn voice lol. he probably would pass out
I would let Tara Strong do anything to me
Eddy Charles
Tara: Wanna screw? Me: Only if you call me Mr. J.
Shes a milf now
JoshuA {SaLeM}
And I Jizzed, in, my pants.
Tara Strong asking if you wanna screw? Yup, jizzing in your pants is definitely the natural reaction.
Still a better love story than Twilight.
Beast Boy
Tara: Wanna screw Me: Only if you use you're Raven voice... TT not TTG ... I wanna erection not the ability to vomit.
Going Ape
She is a masterpiece.
Splash Family
Wow. She puts most Hollywood actress to shame with those looks.
Jalen Payton
If Tara asked me wanna screw, I would do the same thing.
Brandon Spain
Tara Strong is so hot, your childhood got a boner!!...... Get it...
Did Timmy wish he was Timantha again?
I feel bad for thinking of Bubbles at this scene
Hard to believe this is one of the few live action roles of Timmy Turner/Raven/Twilight Sparkle
J Young
She's got bigger titties now. God bless that milf.
Jonah Camarillo
Come February 12 Tara is gonna be 45
The ability to nut on slight stimulation is a curse but it's also a gift. All the time saved...
Did one of my fave cartoon voices just ask if we "wanna screw?"😶😲
Thomas Zhao
Dammit Bubbles put Professor's porn magazines away right now!
i don't think she was trolling him, she looked disappointed
Anyone the song???
Briggs Michaels
The same chick who plays Twilight Sparkle and Harley Quinn...damn O.O
Tara anything for you
Fun part about "doing it" with a voice actress like Tara is that if you close your eyes she can be anyone you want her to be.
herdjati pravito
Someone should made a ponified version of this, with Twilight replacing Tara and Button Mash (or any other young colt) replacing the boy
YoUr_tYpIcAL_ViGiLaNte 69
Tara: "Wanna screw?" Me: "Yeah! I'll screw you in like a screwdriver."
Brandon Lewis
I wish a girl would ask me if I wanna screw☹
Gregory Van Loan
I would still screw Tara Strong if I was him!
Michael Marriott
Damn Raven is looking pretty hot here lol.
I'm a fucking idiot but I think that
Yeah. no man could last more than 3 seconds max in her presence.
Leiyan Nkamalok
and I jeezed in my pants
K.E Buuhan
that was a real schemey but clever and sexy move there Tara
Mike Ock
dude. just nut and foreplay til youre ready for round 2
She's beautiful
Aaron Ladner
If a Girl with Beautiful Hair Asked Me to Screw, and I Jizzed in my Pants, That would be a Big Boost of Power.
Beast Boy is probably jealous XD
Oh twilight. I want to learn the magic of friendship XD
Oh god... That's the same woman who washed a car in that Chowder episode. And voiced all those characters
Chaos R' Us Entertainment
Wanna Screw This Into The Wall For Me?
Tara meets the brony.
Ventura the Ace
She's still smoking hot even today
Alan Lacard
yes Twilight
Matthew Wu
The Killing Joke movie in a nutshell
She hot she still hot
The MilanToon Channel
Well, this explains a lot. :p
Jarf D. Dorkis
Tara: Wanna screw? Me: Yes Raven!
And years later today she’s still this hot!
I know that feel bro, happens every time
pepe the frog
Say that again but as Timmy turner
Ashley Harris
Strong is very pretty
I now love Tara Strong for a 3rd reason. Aside from being a great actress and an all around awesome dudette.
She's even more beautiful now.
Samantha spinney
Love tara
Cbr 3
Timmy turner gone sexual
That guy had one job
Tara Strong: Wanna screw? Me: Yes, but only in your Raven voice.
Tara Strong: Sexy voice and sexy looking.
Truthseeking Troll
Name of the song?
Cheetylicious meow meow
steal Camzilla..kidnap Tara...and probably end up in police station in Vegas....
Nameless Ghost
Patrick Lange
That's Rikku from Final Fantasy X.
you can tell the nerd is just a normal looking actor given glasses
Lewys Cousins
Twilightliceous 😎
Apacaveli Tha Don
Damn she hot lol 😂
Malcolm Thomas
You hear that? That's the sound every brony in America weeping in their pillow cases.
Rick Jamez Jr
Tara strong asked me if I wanted to screw and I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!
Captain Steroid
One of Tara's best known characters is Raven from Teen Titans. Early in the movie, she hits on the lead stoner, D'Agostino, played by Jeremy Renner. You probably know him best as Clint Barton/Hawkeye from the Avengers movies. In other words, this little comedic gem has a scene where Raven solicits Hawkeye for SEX. I love this movie. :D
Y'all. Why do I wanna bang the bald kid from Xaolin Showdown?
Third Echelon
I bet everyone got a boner
Gamer Logan
20 or more years later... She is still smoking hot
Nicholas Reid
Damn, look at the size of Tara ﹰLyn Strong's titonics. We got a total hot babe in the house. MILF Alert!
Joshua Whyte
Why is this in my recommendations? It’s 2018 😂😂
I came looking for booty.
I hate to say it, but the voice and blue suit remind me of bubbles saying thing in her college years
I don't think I'll ever look at Tara Strong the same way again.
CrazyComic Guy
she sounds like batgirl in here from the animated series
RayJayStudio _
All we need is for her to say that in her Twilight or Bubbles voice!
Shane Durham
World Eater
She looks like Lois
I remember watching this as a kid and having quite a bit of a crush on her. Not realizing that she voiced just about every cartoon character in my childhood.