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Cayden Jordan
Can i just say his acting is quality
Brandon Jones
My mum would slap me if I slaggged her off like that she is so strict
John Jones
8:30 that sound makes my balls jump so far up into my body
I stared some guy out and he threatened to shank me
100% T1
“2 weeks later” you’ve been like this for months 😂😂😂😂
2 weeks later *you’ve been at this for months*
aiden kirtley
The bonner 1 is so true every morning
Lyric Robertson
OMG the amount of times he said "yeah" honestly count them.
Rudi Smit
7:12 im DEAD. 😂
Cyanna Miranda
-I may not have a pepe but thats okay-
Samuel Ahmed
When he blew out the candle I was dead😂😂
Joseph Ingham
9:38 Thank God: Thought Johnny was gonna start talking about the other type of grooming LMFAO
Tyler Shaw
You asked for 20k likes and you got 51k
Johnny Carey never disappoints, like if you agree
Yahoo 💯X
Lol I got morning wood and my mum wants me to get out of bed quick for school
David Harris
Then ones when they pull the covers off your bed
Pat Rea
My mourning wood only go away if I wank or piss 😂😂
Najma Ali
NDL sends our regards
Shab J
Johnny is back with the bants😂😂
Caitlin Grall
Omg I literally have all of these problems EVERY DAY 😒😒 edit: I’m a girl
1000 subs with no vids??
8:00 😂I thought I was the only one
WATCH IT WITH CAPTIONS 😂😂😂😂 (Try from 7:31 up)
Jaydn JC
Most underrated YouTuber out there🔥
Madison Thompson
This was published on my birthday 😂😂❤️
josh edmundson
I started to make myself look good when I was around 9 and I'm still doing I t to this day
Harley Robertson
I relate to all of these (I’m 13 btw) 😂
elusive JCS
Is anyone else gonna notice there is a handbag in the background in his room ( no hate )
Joe Holloway
5:23 why does that remind me of the kevins 13th birthday skit? 😂
6:45 MY DAD IS E.X.A.C.T.L.Y LIKE THAT AND SO IS MY MOM AND IM EXACTLY LIKE THE "13" YR OLD (I guess thats my age anyway) but so true
Katie Harvey
Do boys take pictures of inbetween their boxers and sweats? The thumbnail says so//why do boys do that anyway aha lmao
dad"i beg you're pardon!?" road-man/kid/teen "Ohmydayyyyyyyyyyyyzzzzzzz" xDDDDD lmaoffffffff
Diamond Eye09
I will sub to u if u tell me background music for 4:48
Raya Xx
The Micheal Kors bag at the back of your door ahah but Johnny back at it
NDL sends our regards
Aze Blitz 1
That's me too with mornin wood also my voice cracks sometimes
This is your Best video 😂😂😂
uzi khan
6:45 Talk like that to asian parents and they'll rock your jaw.
Delilla Chardonay-Melissa
2nd 1 so true
Dan Thomas
Trust me enjoy it while you got it.
Mohammad Hassani
5:08 can’t agree more🤣
Oblivious Otaku
Ryan Smith
Johnny asks for 20k likes. He gets like 50k.
Tommy _uk
I got morning glory when I was like 3 and I still have it now it’s horrible
XxxNarutoUchiha :
Jonny’s one of the most underrated YouTuber, been here since 15k🤟🏻🔥
kai pomp
the starring battle 100% best skit you have done
ExE Liam
Makes me laugh so hard 😂😂
A-bomb 22
"You're a skl teacher u neek"😂😂😂😂
Aadil Ali
The instrumental for 6:30 is chip fitb part two
iSteadyAimXD YY
Obi Roper
Your mums done her makeup different today and she thinks you gone all fruity on her 💀
Dillan Compton
7:50 i feel you brother 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ it’s hard work
Memzy 10
Congrats on 250k subs 1/4 of 1mill
Morning wood is jarring🤣🤣🤣
zulqarnain shahbaz
666 dislikes, the devils have disliked
The Gaming Surgeon
Once you’re done doin a piss ur good old Timmy again 😂
The people who disliked the videos defo had there gadget or whatever upside down tho Johnny great video as always💜xo
Blonde Panther
No I never found the first one a problem 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rosie Hughes
I luv ur vids so much they are amazing who ever disliked this they have no soul 💀luv u 💕💕
Nipple Flicker
Been watching you since you did that YouTuber impressions video 😂
I bet you won’t like this c0mm3nt
Tfaze Hugo
Brooklyn tidel
Just Mo
only white parents will let there kids smoke in font of them 7:07 , i would get the slipper then a slap for starters then moreee!!!
TheShed End
8:47 is this an inbetweners reference? 🤣🤣
sam herbert
OMG! Satan has disliked this video, because the dislikes are at the numbers that represent the devil, which are the numbers 666!!!¡¡¡???¿¿¿
Transitgaming 4321
Im 12 but I'm scared for the Journey ahead! At least I'm not a girl!
4:57 Omg that is so true and relatable I can’t even explain.
tap tens
Do u have a twin brother cuz i saw you in london a while ago with someone sitting bext to you who looked.exactly the same
Brooklyn tidel
Hold up the real question is how can you piss with hard on it's almost impossible 😂😂😂
Alex Sim
The piss 1ns so true😂
Mood swing is actually so true -im 13
_A _
7:06 when ur parents clock u
Neofytos dimitriou
All of this is so accurate for me
Scott Henders
Who else thinks Johnny should do a video playing fortnite
e_ durose
‘’Gone all fruity on her’’ jokes vid Johnny keep it up 😂
The morning wood is so true lmao
Oliver Nicolin
Yo number 3 is so relatable
Joe Lambert Games
8.02 is so true
Daily Dose
Tahsin Khalique
Just wanted to say man uve been killing it recently I've been on ur channel since 35k and I've not regretted it since 👍👍keep it out man
Ash W.
1.) Never heard of that 2.) Mood swings? Girl, I've been annoyed since the day I was born, and my mood hasn't changed since that. 3.) Idek how to respond to that 4.) I've always cared about how I look.
I just subbed. This is absolutely brilliant and funny. 😂😂
Sienna Quinland
Rahhh ur breath stinks u know 😷 😂
This video was funny like if u agree. 😁 😂
Myles Orr
The staring out thing is so true😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Jones
The growth is insane g, one of the most live youtubers ❤️
#squad Goals
I stopped hanging out with my mum and dad at 9 🤣
johnny mate you never fail to make me laugh, legend.
MoonKnight TDB
Hey johnny,my man. Great video!
shay Worsfold
johnny play joe weller in boxing he wants anyone to fight him
Ben Lockley
How do you not have more subs than this you honestly bantzzz😂
Harun Jama
Farr johnny, mad video init. Keep up the solid work (& dont think we didnt see you flexing your jawline ahahaha)
entan lil bitch
The first thing is so true lol 😂
RedStar 123
Great Video 👍(This was so funny)
Sync x Reaper
Raaah your breath stinks uno had me dying😂😂
Godwin Kwami
The staring bit only happens in skl . 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️