US sniper team reality!

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Don't belive everything you get in your email... This is a video made by ryandpahl, he is an expert in explaining things! I use his vid for the reason he made this! because i am sick and tired of all the people sending me emails with this about snipers and people getting killed! NOT TRue.... look the movie

Jonathan Wright
Anyone should know a .50 caliber bullet wouldn't send a 165 lb man flying 12 feet into the air. A 30mm HE round, yes, not a .50.
well, its youtube..... according to youtube Hillary clinton is arrested every day, trump is king kong, 5 bazillion aliens are canabalizing earth as we speak and which ever god you are interested in today is off somewhere brewing beer....
Mark Nesmith
He's spot on with what he's saying and bringing some proof to the table. I'm really enjoying the wonderful grammar in the comment boxes,there's no need to type angrily! Have a cup of tea and chill out.
Brett Todd
Everything on the internet is real.
george kovacs
Meu Avô foi sniper do IMPÉRIO AUTRO-HUNGARO NA 1ª WW
these are rock chucks. .someones having a fun day red misting rodents..
Ryan Hardy
As a person who likes to verify everything I see on FB and YT, this slipped by me many times, and it's so logical when you speed it up!  Thanks for helping to keep it real.  I'm finding that only about 20% of the stuff on the internet is real, and that's being generous!
1320 JL
u got nothing else to do than watching a clip thousand times just to tell its fake , dont waste ur time and serve the army so u probably find out the reality of 50bmg
Steven c Gutierrez
Where can I get a rifle like that?
I had a boss once that was a pathological liar. One morning he called three of us, myself included, to come look at this cool sniper video (same as this one) that soldier friend of his had sent him from Iraq. After about 30 seconds I determined that it was just more of John's bull-sh*t lying.
Ihor Kowal
Excellent forensic investigating. Kudo's
its the posters mom smoking crack before she explodes.
Martin Stiastny
Oh the humanity ! Yes, rock chucks or marmot. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Biodegradable chunks. A lot of fun for the afternoon. When you shoot people, they only fly through the air when it's a movie production. Mountain goats weigh a lot more then people. They do NOT rip apart and scatter pieces.
Lie But Funny. Looks like an animal flaying in the sky not man.
Luke Schofield
Unfortunately people believe what they want to believe, which is why 'fake news' spreads like a virus, people are too thick to realise it's false, and when someone points out that it's a lie, they double down and go after the person who revealed it to be fake, because they've been made to feel an idiot.
Edward Chubbick
There goats someone lied and said sf sniper I saw it on a hunting show
Mark Zuc
Why Do people bother attributing Varmit shooting to Combat sniping? Why bother when those actually in combat dont need to be sensationalised nor Shown to be somehow more special than they Already are in my eyes. I mean these Vids were bound to be questioned even by those with limited experience with Long shots. Give the goose who posted this as Sniper footage an uppercut.
Rusty D
U.S.SNIPER TEAM reality....hmm, well l was a Canadian sniper. I did not make any 1 mile plus kills. We are the best snipers in the world...honest. the vid looks suspect honestly. But- may very well be eh? Would it ever be nice if we never had to shoot a human ever ahain. Maybe we should start training for that instead.
Jeff Reed
No need to explain anything. This is an old hunting video. The targets are Rock Chucks similar to Praire Dogs. The video was made in Colorado. Sniper video? Total BULL SH T.
Ok I was a sniper. And what he is saying is true. Going with his evidence. I like his deductive methodical approach.
Kyle Hills
The first bit I saw I instantly knew it was varmit shooting with a high velocity round that dumps all of its energy like 22-250 or .223 etc. Combat snipers have a hell of a lot of other things to do than sit there and record a kill like this.
Chris Rodriguez
2.6 seconds for 1500 yards? You’re out of your mind.
Cannon Crawford
Watch a video called "50 cal taking on goats MUST SEE" that's what this is ... I knew from the start because I've seen the vid
I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.  They're not much bigger than 2 meters.
Married to Satan 666
Damm you internet you have deceived me for the last time! 😖
Handsome Leroy Eubanks
Goat hunting in New Zealand. It’s been on youtube for ever.
ابو شوق العتيبى
ذا مقطع الجيش السعودي بحرب اليمن 2009
I saw this video years ago and it's a 50 BMG vs. rock chucks
Ziaullislam Ziaullislam
thanks for opening the people's eyes and mind a very perfect research.
John Mar
woh, i thought it was real.... BUT after you explained.. it looked a 200m target practice.
Dominus Providebit
bro those are US SNIPERS, they even were in the Jason bourne movie.
It's a old sniper trick in counter sniping to get a location on the enemy.
Sanjit kumar Pattanayak
Yaaa I used it in pocket tank
Cenan Ergün
Heyyy stupıd!!!That Turkish soldier, dead pkk!!!! 😎😎😎🇹🇷💪🇹🇷💪🇹🇷
Vertikalo high
I first saw this video about 15 or so years ago and it was titled shooting mountain goats with 50 cal.
Well done, sir. Good bust. 👌😘👍
Alfonso Marquez
Excelente service god bless you
the dragon ridder
I saw this video already , panturks claimed that the targets are Kurdish fighters and we killed them 😂😂😂 bravo brave turkish army.
its not us team, this Turkish Special Army. They name is "Bordo Bereli". And the best soldier in the world.
Hùng Kiệt
Damn you can hit a tank with that 50 caliber!
Johnny Simpsons
Indonesian say militer USA weak... I think no!
alex alexander
the best soldiers at América they from colombia 50 years in war against narcos tráfico against the guerrillas at jungle best snapper they from colombia
if you look up 50 cal vs goats you fined this video
New Jargon
The comments blow my mind, and thank you for your analysis. I dont understand how 3,000 plus people could disagree with you.
John Johnson
Did you really need to undertake ‘research’ to realise this wasn’t real?? FFS.
Halim Djidji
Richard Bowman
It took you 4 years to figure this out!? 😂😂😂 I saw this video one time and knew 100% it was a animal...! Your a goon ball buddy...Stick with computer programing!!
Rashy Algae
Brought to you by California. And now a message from our sponsor, Federal. The right ammunition for the right mission. 'Fuck California!' Sorry, im fried. This is the best humor I can think of.
To think the big media companies do this type of thing on a massive scale and most of you believe every bs story they put out.
Brent Cutlip
Exploding varmints. Great Rock Chuck shooting.
That is real footage. The army and Marines dont lie abu bs like that
Thanks for sharing! CNN needs a reporter such as yourself! Keep on keepin on!!!
Ayvaz Çuhadar
İyi okuyun lan bunlar türk askerinin pkk piçlerini kuş gibi avladığı video NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE !!!
Volga Wolfhounds
Maybe they should get this guy to investigate Trump's Russia-gate.
Great work.. Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
Kaylob Banor
I belive in our snipers and dam glad training has got better hopefully we can save more of our men from coming home messed up I thank all involved with protecting this nation and giving so much I keep you all in prayer and respectful salute each and everyone of you may God keep all of you safe and keep the evil off of you thanks for such a great job that all of you do god bless you all and have a blessed day
Sunny R
Good job, debunking that video. Do these hunters feel brave?
dank gaming
Its fake because of the laws of physics, no round snipers use can do that, its impossible for something moving so fast only weighing 700 grains that being a 50. cal, to make an object. being a human usually 150- 250 lbs to jump through the air like that.
J DeSpain
Good job on the research ! I first seen this video a couple years ago with the title"Canadian sniper in Afghanistan ", and thought damn those north Enders are some crack shots!
Landon Scott
Ive seen it listed for the last ten years as it being a Canadian sniper team...
Well well figures. Thank you for your work on this.
Youtube ,Wattsapp, Facebook university grads. Who else?
rick seifert
Excellent varmint shooting, great accuracy. Awesome camera work.
Baywop ButcheR
most def small game ..your research is sound.well done
A Very nice explanation...thanks dude....
DJ Fenske
Never believed it but thx for confirming
Eagle Beagle
Lol, Saudis are using this video claiming that this is their snipers hunting Huthis militias.
George Kluklinsky
They are shooting at mountain goats with a .50 Baret sniper rifle. I have seen this video already.
Holy shit that's some accuracy right there!!!
john boi
geez, this came out years ago as a lomg range varmint hunting video. now it's a US sniper
You get on that weapon system and kill a human then you can judge. This is real footage
Juicey Bananas
Just love to watch those bits and pieces flying anyways.
lil red cutie
Those are small animals (Gophers, etc.). Pretty obvious.
Carlos Castle
Thanks for the heads up, and agreed.
Giovanni Ramirez
Ladies and gentlemen...we got 'em.
dark night509
I believe it..50 Cal?!! Are you serious?!!
Alton Rowell
Well I be. I thought a us soldier hit a irackey moder shell. As far as I'm concerned war is war. People die. Humanity got nothing to do with it. It looks like he was put out of his misery pretty fast.
Probably another american who needs to kill something to feel like a hero 😂😂
Aioi Yukko
Yep, its a hunting simulator but in HD Graphics
Three Aces
It was a just Taliban Boy Scout Mountaineering Class, they almost got their Merit Badges if the Filthy Infidels hadn't interfered.
Paul Hinson
I saw this working for DoD at least 10 years ago. It's all real.
Man I saw this idk how long ago . Maybe 10 years ago . It said it was rabbits. It was also on ogrish(liveleak)
Mature Patriot / 2 BUSTED THUMBS
Isn't that what Marine Recon snipers do, make long range varmint kills??
Joe Schlotthauer
Lizards, watch entire video.
I admire how you research, what method did u used? I mean step by step
ash smitty
6 seconds in and I'm commenting😅
Edgar Dominguez
calm down your just a youtuber..not a video analist
I am not the droid you are looking for
It's still real to me dammit
Random Game
Hey Dude , Did you know about the best sniper in the world ?? THEY'RE INDONESIAN SOLDIER .. and USA , ALWAYS LOSE when they're face againts TNI ( Indonesia National Soldier ) in any event .... If you're American , Your people is too smart to make this video 😂😂😂
a friend told me that 99% of the statistical claims are usually false 100% of the time......
Silvano Callihan
When I seen this it was called 50 cal vs goat along time ago
Yudha Mirza
what that,s is target animal or human?
With all that internet sleuthing you're doing, perhaps a spell check would make your claims more credible.
I saw this video a while ago, it's a Canadian sniper team
Stewart Ellis
Well sir you both monetize very well on your videos so kudos to both of you
Easily identifiable as varmint hunting.
I have fired the BMG .50 get a clue
мс клык Клыков
я нихуя не понял
Nice work man lol:-)
Univega Logistica
u have alot of time to spend