Redshift / C4D / Dandelion / Aerodynamic / Hair

Hello and Welcome! New tutorial and today we'll make Redshift Dandelion... Enjoy! My other products: Ocean and Sky Animated Materials />Special Forester Tutorial />Shader Ball with Redshift Materials />World Machine Macro for Redshift export />Playing Cards />Winter Forester />Redshift Materials Pack /> If you like Support my Channel: PayPal: [email protected] Donate: /> WebMoney: Z427802436442 - USD R703387805950 - RUB E638192606184 - EUR U506453013535 - UAH QIWI: +380632427121 #redshift #redshiftrender #c4d #cinema4d #tutorial #realflow #worldmachine #turbulencefd #forester

Спасибо, отличные уроки!! Подпишусь!
Merci beaucoup. Thanks a lot Spassiba.
Mike M3Design
Congratulations it's beautiful, Thank you SV
Seyed Mahdi
you are amazing dude but i think octane is much better the result is really close to vray and i think is faster don't know for the animation purpose redshift and octane is very good but for arch i think the unreal is much better
Manuel Romero
Great, my smile to see how you explain clear and excellent. Just thanks, I managed to better understand how to use the "hair object" redshift. Thank you
I don't get some people, he's just very good at c4d but he gets lost in very basic things like copying and pasting a tag instead of jumping from a project to another...nonetheless lots of interesting tips and tricks inbetween the broken english and the tedious manouvers. Cheers.
О май гад от это акцент. Сер ю ар фром ингланд?
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