Pokemon White 2, Part 49: Route 14

Welcome to Marriland's Pokemon White 2 Adventure! In this episode, I head on south of Undella Town and onto Route 14, which has a few new Pokemon for you to pick up as well as Trainers for you to battle. ______________________________ Pokemon White 2 (and Black 2) is the sequel to the original Pokemon Black and White games, taking place in Unova two years after the first games. They are not just remakes, but are entirely new games with new storylines. This video series will be broken up into episodes by location, so if a route or area is short, hey, the episode will be a little short, but that way they will be easier to include in my walkthrough on my website and should make it easier to find the stuff you're looking for! ______________________________ Looking for a full written walkthrough of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 to help you through your game? Check out the one I've written on my website to help you out! - /> Additionally, if you want to know what any Pokemon learn, what their stats are, where to find them, and want to know their Move Tutor moves, you can figure all of that stuff out on my website's Pokedex! - /> Lastly, subscribing to me is a big help, but so is keeping up with me on social networks like Twitter and Facebook! You know you want to... ;) - />-

mista 4chin kukey Annas Tassy
true memelord
I was level 75-80 at the end of Black 2.
how did you find it please tell mwe
I found a shiny lvl 50 absol lol
Mohammed Alkhulaifi
i have gliscor and shiny magnezone
Sean Denny
NNNOOO stop saying nifty
Sam :
my first shiny was a swablu
Sam :
After I fought the other trainer I found a Absol!!
janpeter pannekoek
white 2*
janpeter pannekoek
My White Team: eelektross emboar lucario flygon braviary azumarill :3
All of my pokemon are now randomly infected by pokerus....
Pikachu? Why isn't it a Raichu?!
Comment of the day. Puppies!
My Black2/White2 Team: Samurott, Arcanine, Jolteon, Excadrill, Whimsicott, Altaria
I know I'm not Marriland, but it's level 51 :)
Anouar allouchi
I mean embore lvl58
Now mt team is Cobalion lvl45 Embore (trade)lvl5 Serperior(trade)lvl52 Samurrot (starter)lvl47 Galvantula.lvl48 unfezant lvl46
i get im absol at lvl 1
Pairof pancakez
and emolga are TERRIBLE at giving xp in the shaking grass
Pairof pancakez
while I was training with the shaking grass I met 3 emolgs out of 4 times I went into shaking grass...im either lucky or that patch likes emolga
hariko haruno
wanna learn a quick way to catch absol.. equip a rocky helmet to a Pokemon and hit it with shadow claw or shadow ball and just spam poke balls or whatever works for you then just let it whittle away at its hit points and when its red switch for a pokemon that DOESN'T have the helmet and if you haven't caught it yet just throw balls at it. you'll probably have a better chance of catching it
hariko haruno
oy marriland-San what level will lucario-dono learn aura sphere
I'm in the same part as you and I have about 500k :) yay
Palikalvl100 Dialgalvl100 Scizorlvl100 Pikachulvl100 Ho-ohlvl100 Hitmonchamplvl100
omg absol! i love absol!!!!
Silver Games
Im The Wild Card
Where does one get moomoo milk
David Morris
woah i glitched i left undella pokemon centre and when it says the month (i WAS playing in the autumn) it said winter spring summer?? WTF!!!!
does anybody have a boy audino i do its wierd
Dude your team has a lot of opening or your opponents. They all have a great number of disadvantages. Is your team mostly focused on speed?
Jay Parmar
Use superpower
marriland you said nifty again
Or route number 14
Price Marlow
mine level was 65 audino style
or the route number
Aaron Peyton
I found altaria in the normal grass.
I love mud kips
angelica alba
I never watch these video and I got my 8 badges but i got stuck in the seaside cave NEED HELP!!!!!
Dark xyz
Ya dont miss out if you dont believe me check the pokemon website
haha i lost it when he sang gangnam style
i ran into altaria and mienfoo in the first wild battle here lol
Reverse Mountain
I found a shiny Swablu in emerald :D
Static Form
Hey M-Land! Beemo here again! I Got an absol level 40 on my first try! Lol! I Also agree the rival on this game is better then the other rivals from the other/older gens! I HATED THE ONE IN HGSS Lol,we steel when you can just ask
Reverse Mountain. (Outside)
were do you get numel
Benfen Louie
marriland you are wasting all your ultra balls
Why does everybody post their teams?
For my playthrough I'm using a Flygon :D
Melody Liu
or its route 14
Jose De Jesus Rojas
i have a better team than clayton gym 7 cobalion50 wailord49 serpirior54 skarmory50 vanillish49 terrakion58
Clayton Foust
Emboar (Flamboar 43), Vaporeon (Wave 40), Ampharos (Last Light 41), Krookodile (Jaws 41), Crobat (Batro 40), Fraxure (Tuskon 41)
Brett Stewart
and that was BEFORE I challenged the Gym Leader!!
Brett Stewart
a few years ago, when I played Pokemon Platinum, I swear I completely forgot to train my WHOLE team and wound up like this: met Tirtwig at level 5, by the time I got to the last Sinnoh Gym, it was a level 70- something Torterra. but then my game screwed up to the point where it DELETED my saved file. can you believe that?!?!
travis mason
marriland i just got a dream world ability eevee... or whatever that is... what eevee do you recommend me evolving it to??
my team in this part is: Lucario lvl 48 Samurott lvl 49 Volcarona lvl 49 Umbreon lvl 49 and training my new pokemon Espeon lvl 37
Zanzy's Commentaries
What day do the gangnam style dancers leave to do Harlem Shake?
Oliver Smith
i found a seal lvl 35 oh yea time to get rich
Nyoomba Roomba
i have MILOTIC
The girl who yells "Number! Four! Teen!" Uses a Gurder which was the 14th fighting type added to the pokedex. Possibly why she's yelling fourteen?
26:00 FLYGON xD
if I catch absol should I change him for heracross or lucario ?
Demon Ascended
Dude u wont believe it but I was using my male riolu Bones and I ran into a male Mienfoo that knew attract and iy used it on my Riolu Lol
Titus Noland
A-A-ABSOL!!!!! :D <3
Charlotte Yu
Marriland, do you think a Staryu is better or a Samurott?
Striker Fan
nifty u said it!
Dan Collinson
Frankie Cortes
Marriland thanks alot for making these videos! They really help me out! My team is finally shaping up before the next gym: Flygon lv.45 Chandelure lv.45 Krookodile lv. 46 Serperior lv.46 Vaporeon lv.45 ( i wouldn't even have this awesome thing had it not been for your video on catching in in Castelia city garden)
Since when Kip, you have the worse reflexes of all time.
Jake Ortega
glich at 16:01 it said what will deven do not what will magneto do
The best thing about Altaria is it gets levels very quickly only needing 600,000 to reach level 100.
Johnson Tran
I wish they can bring safari zone back :(
justin rojas
Serperior is not weak
Hey Devin, your actually wrong about the super luck strategy. It's not 25%, it's 50%. See, there's 5 stages of critical hit's. 1 = 6.5% / 2 = 12.5% / 3 = 25% / 4 = 33.3% / 5 = 50%. So, a normal attack with no boost's will be 6.5%. A move with an added chance, like slash, will raise it to 12.5%. [Stage 2.] Then an item, like scope lens, will bring it up to 25% on top of that. [3] Next, super luck actually doubles that, which would bring it up 5 - 50% chance.
number four teen??
even eeve
My name is kipp!!
Ja'Cori J.
You can infact raise a Bunerie from those sewers in the big city (lolz sorry im not good with names) to a Lopunny on the white 2 version
Can you get a Bagon or Beldum in this version?
Annie Liang
Oh also thank you so much for showing the yancy thing even though it didn't help that much since I'm a girl literraly so thats why i would pick the girl in pokemon :)
Annie Liang
Is chandelure a good pokemon because I haven't used one because its from the 5th generation right? I only have the 3rd. I just got White2 this week....
Annie Liang
If anyone plans to use a legendary I sugest using it after the pokemon league because if your using a legendary, they're overpwered so its going to be boring (the game) unless you're a very dimid trainer.
Annie Liang
What is Pokegen??????
AJ Ngo
when are you going to do a pokemon black version 2 walkthrough
Eddy Huang
you have more luck than me finding a Drifblimp
Ariel Kristine Newman
ABSOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Level up once in Chargestone cave. You can do this anytime you want to.
How do you evolve magneton into magnezone?
how do you get lilligant?
how old are you Marriland? just curious
Absol... That is my favorite right there.
That's kind of a silly question, since I've recorded my entire gameplay of this game so you can clearly see I've trained them all legit from the start. But no, I don't use Pokegen.
Jayne Hoover
I was wondering (this would probably sound like a stupid question to you but), is there a way to get a Lopunny without trading?
Alexis Shen
It can also receive with a TM for x-scissor
Alexis Shen
Absol is my favorite pokemon
I think that there should be an Eeveelution for each type. Normal - Caneon - Lvl. 30 Fighting - Puncheon - Trade with black belt Poison - Toxeon - Level up in some swamp somewhere Ground - Rueon - Use ancientpower at Level 20 or higher Flying - Gusteon - Level up on the peak of a mountain Bug - Secteon - Level up in a forest or something Rock - Goleon - Level up while in a cave Ghost - Spireon - Dusk Stone Dragon - Wyvereon - Lvl. 40 Steel - Meteon - Trade with metal coat Unoriginal names =P
KiWi Entertainment
number 14 is the route
is there any town with a store with GOOD hm's?
Chris Ray
Hey Devin im at the elite four now pokemon lvl 60 ish got a Haxours Darmanitain Aggron Skarmory Magnezone and zweilous who i called Kitty hawk