The Captain Meets Kirk Fletcher To Chat About His New Album "Hold On"

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Ricky Laureano
Love Kirk, his style and his voice but Captain, really? the constant comparing feels a little bit disrespectful.
Randy Geist
First interview that Lee didn’t handle very well... Always coming back with Clapton questions. It’s Kirk and about him
The Captain Thinks He Meets Eric Clapton
Adrien Dubois
I think that we need to stop trying comparing every single licks to someone else's style. This is Kirk Fletcher, not Stevie Clapton...We need to enjoy and it's really easy so stop making it harder...nice job and very nice album congrats!
Alper Ademi
clapton this clapton that.... Lee, you're a great guy, but this was not one of your greatest moments...
Too much talking about Clapton. Kinda felt bad for the guy.
Kirk "The Permanent Smile" Fletcher. Or Kirk "Golden Smile" Fletcher. Seriously one of the kindest guys I have ever seen.
Pavel Tyan
Claptony. You are playing a Fender guitar with maple neck, Kirk, don't you find it a bit Claptony? Or you're using 6 strings and single coil pickups: isn't it Claptony?
Whiskers B
I think Lee means all the clapton and Stevie stuff as compliments, but it's a bit awkward.
R.J. Ronquillo
Kirk is my hero, musically and geographically. (I want to live in Switzerland too)
Clapton Clapton Clapton Clapton Clapton
Ronnie MacRae
The flame neck on that tele. Gorgeous. All credit to Eric Clapton.
Darren C
Maybe the if the captain meets eric clapton he'll constantly compare him to freddy king. Or a poor mans bb king
Ehmmm Jay
That shirt says "party", but that Tele is ALL BUSINESS!!
Bill Wittman
When BB passed it left a HUGE hole in the world of guitar but, FINE MUSICIANS like Kirk will fill the void and keep bring AMAZING music to the world... Thank you Kirk. Cheers!
Wow this was great, what a humble guy and great player. New fan right here
Ross Gill
Stop talking over him Lee! Lol
The album is fantastic, a real treat and some glorious playing. Sadly, Lee did this splendid musician a disservice here.
David Blanchard
great album and kirk is such a great musician. Lee usually you do great interviews, but this time you really went over board with the clapton/srv comments. Its Kirk Fletcher, lets focus on him and his album.
Darren C
A didn't know Kirk Fletcher was a Clapton tribute act.
Graham Haynes
Why does Lee keep comparing Kirk's playing style to the blues greats who went before? We all know that third/fourth generation blues players are re-cycling to keep it alive. Kirk is a great player and comes across as a really nice gent, who is humble enough to laugh off Lee's naive comments. I found the interview quite arrogant and patronising but hey ho, I suppose that's what happens when folks get caught up in the hyped up world of social media.
Mr. Seekez
What a cool dude.
Ross Gill
Poor Kirk Clapton, I’m mean Fletcher! 🤭😀😆😜
Jeppe Garfunkel
Kirks seems to be one of the most down to earth guys in the business. It’s always a pleasure to hear him chat and play :-) + Love the new album!
Music sucks if you can't feel it. I felt every note that man played. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for the interview, I found a new artist to get into.
Slade Renegade
Yea a little less about clapton and maybe ask Kirk how he does HIS unique sound. All blues licks are going to sound like clapton, stevie, moore, etc..
Christopher Burnett
Man.... great guy, great guitarist. Like others have mentioned, it got a bit uncomfortable with all the comparisons. He just sounded really good to me. I'd love to catch him live.
Randy Geist
Kirk is so cool. Very relaxed, always seems to enjoy life. Humble & polite. And his playing... what a beast!
Ross Horne
Why have I never heard of this guy, so bloody good
Sunny Suman
For a moment i was shocked that it's Kirk Hammett.
My god his voice is so soothing! He sounds like Chef from south Park lol! Awesome video as per, and what a guitar player!
i hear some Robert Cray sounds in there also
Eric Clapton aka Slow Hand. There’s a reason for that nick name. Eric is a true Master. Enjoy listening to Kirk very sweet and tasteful. I hear a little Robert Cray in Kirks Music.
Lots of American bluesmen have relocated to various parts of Europe over the years because they are appreciated more than in their homeland. Champion Jack Dupree came to live in Halifax!
Whoopty Doo
The Captain Meets JD Simo would be awesome!
antoine jackson
Love love love love love this
Rohan Ganguli
Kirk is the coolest out there. FULL. STOP.
Nic White
I loved "Switzerland" !!!
Leave it to the Captain to tell him how derived his parts
Incredible tone very slick, definitely a fan 👍
Groovy Kid
Wow! Kirk Fletcher is the Man! 👍🏻😎👊🏻
Doug J
downloaded the Album today Kirk, It's great album man love them all
Simon Smith
What a guitarist and such a humble guy!
jorge fernandes
The time have changed years ago an afro american would probably name B.B King and those early guys as the main influence.
That was was real funky shit man. Great
could the captain meet captain sensible 😂
Nice man, cool guitarist, Lee a bit merrr ..
Would have enjoyed hearing Kirk play through 'The Dane'. That seems like the perfect pedal for him.
Jim Morrison's beard and Robert Smith's hair
#Switzerland Great video man, that's great that you can get cool guest like Kirk, so Thanks !🎸
Siem Hendriks
Kirk has a new fan right here!
Gareth La
Legend Kirk, love the album
Henk Westerik
To be honest never heard of Kirk, but that is amazing guitar blues, awesome!
Shai Vashdy
Such a humble and great guitar player! Are we going to see Captain Meets Rick Graham someday? :)
David Evans
Kirk is such a beautiful soul
With respect to Lee, he obviously didn't prepare for the interview this time. He didn't know the name of the album of the guest?! Obviously, Kirk wanted to plug his new album by name and have the host at least acknowledge it. BTW, "Track 1" sounds really great.
Rockin' Z's
I just downloaded the LP from Amazon. Gonna get into it!! Keep on Rockin' those Blues Kirt!
Jerry Long
Such feel! Amazing git fidlar!
Nicky B
Kirk is an amazing musician and fantastic player. He is a great influence on my own development, especially my rythmn chops. Top man!
John Mundt
This series is great. How about the Captain meets JD Simo?
Road Dog
Wanted to hear about his music journey. Needs an invite back and a hour.
Man, the solo on "track three"... I'm an instant fan. Beautiful tone! You've captured my ear, Sir!
Henk Westerik
But Clapton was inspired by the USA blues giants, the Freddy Kings, Buddy Guy etc...
Roger Stucki
did not know that kirk lives in switzerland. cool! greetings from switzerland ;) good interview by the way ...thx!
What a delightful guy!
Big Bluesguy
Kirk is just the best. He can play anything !!
ron van hee
Luis Chavez
MAYBE A INTERVIEW Alex Hutchings , He's a great, amazing guitar player , all want to see him
David D
Downloaded! The answer is just smooth! Chills...
Spiritual Soldier
Incredibly talented, at the same time, such a humble cat. Love all your music Kirk.
Lee Smith
What a nice guy!
David Browning
Is this a Kirk Fletcher interview or the Captain talking about Clapton?
eric w
Talented and funny dude man!!
Fuzz Gordon
❤️ Kirk, Hold On is my favourite track on the album so far.
Captain Kirk meets The Fletcher.
Ian Nicholls
Yeah, maybe Lee should have had one less coffee before the interview. I really liked that slow track. Definitely getting the album.
Great guy ,very humble and top notch guitarist for sure
Alex Hamel
Sounds great, that end solo doesn't just remind of 'Layla' though, reminds me of 'White Room' (Cream).
Craig Miller
Top guy! Great player! Not the Captain's best job but doesn't deserve the hammering he's taken!!
Vujko Sam
I love how.. I guess, "greasy" the record sounds. I mean it in a good way, like the tone is about to start dripping
David Rhodes
Clapton wore a similar style shirt some time back whilst on vacation in Hawaii , come on Kirk get your own look..
thank you captain for reminding me how great Kirk Fletcher is. I have to buy some of his cds
The Lumberjack
About to buy 14 copies of the new album.
Steve Edwards
I feel inspired to go and play some blues now!
Terry O'Malley
That voice! Awesome. Guitar is ok too 😝😝😝
Phil Sackett
One of my favorite guitar players and more importantly, human beings. Best of luck with the album. You truly deserve an audience and success Kirk.
Kirk is such a tasty player, going to have to check out his new album for sure!
Gabriel Graham
14:49 singing sounds like Chef from South Park 👨🏾‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳
Blues Service
Kirk is my new hero. He is the new King!
Nathan Sturgess
Clapton never tore it up? 😂 Listen to Have You Ever Loved a Woman from Hyde Park - he definitely can tear it up when he wants.
That Pedal Shmoe
One of my favorite players, and he's cooler than cool
those were some tasty licks
e. tienne
Tone... clap clap clap... tone! Kirk Fletcher you re definitely great and even Roland should rename a certain tone capsule !
Andrew Fletcher
My last name is Fletcher and I play guitar
Shawn Adkins
Just got the album because of this video. You guys should do more stuff like this. Love the guys playing.
Belo Blues
Want my dedicated CD ! How can I do ? Regards from France
Blind Back Dupree
Come on Captain. Telling Kirk that he sounds like Clapton, Stevie, BB Etc is just wrong! Give the guy the credit he deserves in that he's a great guitarist singer songwriter in his own right 😎🎸🔊
Bill Taylor
So, Clapton couldn't tear it up. Huh
Longjaw #2
Really like Kirk and the album sounds great but not impressed with Lee's interview technique in this - it's a little disparaging to constantly compare Kirk's playing to Clapton or SRV all the time. Quite surprised as Lee's usually a good interviewer.
Chris G
I agree ... way too much comparing him to other artists.
Guitars and Iron
Ohhhh my mp3 sound quality. the cd guys and get the way it's supposed to sound...crap sound mp3 produce..I just for demo purposes I guess.....great album tho....sublime player....