NBA Playoffs 2013 Eastern Conference Finals Heat vs Pacers Recap

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Please 'LIKE' my Facebook page : />Hey guys. This is the recap of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for more mixes during the playoffs. Thanks Meir21

Brandon Wilkinson
Last time Lebron was challenged in the east
Divine StyL
I'm going to miss this rivalry
Miss these Pacers 😪
Conrad Pales
back when indiana is legit threat to lebron.
This was such an epic series...miss this
Supreme Wavy
I'll Hold This L
Larry Jay
if Indiana had a heathy danny granger the would have won
Alphonsus LFA
this series made me a serious fan of paul george... if they went to the finals i reckon they could have taken out the spurs.. i miss how tough this pacers team was
Damn the Pacers were so good tho else thought they were going to beat Miami
One of the best series ever. And I still think that a Roy Hibbert with more work ethic would be a champion. The guy always came up short, even when he was taller than every guy in the series.
Ta'Aisha Anderson
Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers Was My Favorite Fued.
Quincy Jean-Louis
Frank Vogel's decision to take out hibbert cost them the series, lance Stephenson, and the only title shot they're gonna have for a while.
Heat in 6!!!! Pacers will never dethrone the Heat!!!
They meet again this Sunday !
Jon Esber
pacers 2013 better than golden chokers
George Goedde
Paul George's dunk got me so pumped up.
kevin mao
Only real threat to Lebron
Angel Carire
This series was seriously fire
By my name, obviously I’m a Pacers fan let me pose this question. Let’s say the Pacers win, how many games can they win off the Spurs and/or could they win that series?
Neilwin Pangan
This is the blue print on how to beat the warriors. Great defensive team, pound their small big men with a high iq big man like david west who can kick out if needed. Dont imitate the warriors. Just beat them with a different system.
Tyler McGee
This should’ve been th Bulls
Jason Tang
the amount of ppl liking this video shows how dumb they are at basketball...
I remember u had a 2014 mix of the playoffs the song is Kings and queens by 30 seconds to Mars where is it ? Is it ban ? Cause I kept finding it and I can't find it and it's my favorite
Monty Wills V
Pacers really tested the heat & Lebron those years the east is a cake walk 😭
The Maltese Falcon
the results gonna be different this time...........
Raul C.
this was a good matchup
Jamie abcr
Best mix ever
Pacers got em this year.  Yea, I said it before it happens!
Kambiz Dolatyar
Pacers going to win in 7. Book it!
Zaza fuk Yo legs Pachulia
Biased.. No injuries
Symbiote 76
Lebron is very difficult to stop nobody in the pacers can stop lebron only kawhi leonard can stop lebron...
that's IF he had been playing at the all star level he had before.....
this was a great series, but I have a feeling about a Pacers-Thunder finals. there is so much competition in both conferences its hard to predict though...
you cant possibly say that "the heat easily 3peat". way too much competition in the east to possibly call that easy. not to mention that whoever comes out of the west will have beat some tough damn teams.
Easily one of the best series of the NBA playoffs in the last decade.
Mine lop
Great series. What people dont notice is Spurs & Pacers had the best mismatches against the Miami Heat. Not to include D-wade was not as healthy as he was when the heat did their streak during the regular season. All the heat need is d-wade to be that healthy but during the playoffs this year. A healthy Wade and the heat easily 3peat
Pacers rocks
i can't even fake you should be getting more views
I feel with granger Miami would have been done in this series pacers are a serious threat in the east
The Blur
marv albert should be replaced by kevin harlan
Miami lol
Elite MLG
who won??
Song name? Can't find it on shazam
Dijon Swinton
Great song, the photos were great too
song? btw great vid :D
Faraji Callahan
like for real i agree that a great recap lol
kameal shams
How the f**** do you make this videos, you might be the Best
Quentin Rohart
You're amazing
Awesome series, and thanks for the video!
He does it again.....
thanks for add that spiderman fan!!!
Bartosz Grochowina
I think that Indiana is growing up, not birth right now (Heat fan)
great job. nice music too. what song is this?
Patxi Vrignon
People will remember this serie as the birth of the new Idiana Pacers. Great mix !
awsome as always
Konstantin Kachanosky
Niceee!!! I Love you video!
just what
Always amazing work from you , thank you.