Liam Gallagher-Coolest Walk on Earth

The coolest rock star on the planet has the coolest walk on Earth. I don't own the music!!!!

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Kirk St Moritz
I See 100's of Guys walking like this Daily!, I never feel Impressed by Them though!.
Diego Ornelas
I’m so happy to have found this video!!!
Chris Gamboa
What's the name of this song/ instrumental?
Kate Hebden
He looks ridiculous
Peter Timowreef
Andy Hamilton was right. He does walk like he's 17. Qi Series F Episode 3.
Diego Knela
i like better dave version xd
Dru Nieuwenhof
Hes not the first to have that swagger
ryan tully
I dont think so hahhahhhhh
Turd Ferguson
Even his WALK was stolen from someone else. Definitely the lesser talent in the band.
Zac 000
To a Floyd song ripped off