Liam Gallagher-Coolest Walk on Earth

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The coolest rock star on the planet has the coolest walk on Earth. I don't own the music!!!!

Mia Borges
I'm dead, there's actually a compilation of just him walking 😂😂😂
Mick Biggs
I love the part when he walks..
Peter Timowreef
Andy Hamilton was right. He does walk like he's 17. Qi Series F Episode 3.
Diego Ornelas
I’m so happy to have found this video!!!
Isn't this just how everyone from Manchester walks though?
Jonathan Muñoz
the asshole we all love xD
Marmalade Stex1591
I See 100's of Guys walking like this Daily!, I never feel Impressed by Them though!.
Peter Walsh
Force of nature.
Lorenzo Cicero-Dardon
that casual walk..cant be explained.....only footy lads understand
Ali Bullen
you could put fruit in that bowl
Bastián Herrera
Millionarie walk
i am in love with this video lmaoo
i like better dave version xd
Dru Nieuwenhof
Hes not the first to have that swagger
This is the best video. 😂 He's a fooking God! ❤
Peek aboo
Fact if u walked like this down my way' you'd get stabbed or slashed 😱
χλαπατσας ς
Liam is cool indeed not his walk though
Her Gap
Red Kop
Walk of an orangutan..😆..back to the jungle you go!
ryan tully
André Luiz
Meu o jeito do liam Gallagher andar é cômico é único!!!
Lance Miller
Now we just need more footage of him cussing about life issues while making his own tea
Ayush Rintarou
The MasterPlan!
Angus Walsh
No lie. Liam Gallagher has the coolest approach when it comes to walking
Danny Richardson
Drop them carpets.
JoeLord02 -
Ironic how the song that's played Liam doesn't even sing
I dont think so hahhahhhhh
alan anderson
That Is Called The Blow Walk...Probably Done Best Using Liam Gallagher.
Николай Серяков
What the name song? The masterplan?
House Of Shine Reamer
Hot af
Aurel Wuner
The instrument is played again and again
It was sad then and it is sad now. It looks ridiculous like a young teenagers concept of what looking cool looks like.
Duzzy Clayton
Ive always wondered why he walks like a duck
It's an act. I wonder what he's like when he is just William G.
Kevin Armstrong
Alex Contreras
Does nobody notice how Mcgregor copied this walk and exaggerated it
Stephen Furlong
I'd like to see him and Ian brown walking down the street together.... Somehow I think it might be funny 😊
Sals Furniture
What a creep. And such a punchable face.
Ironic youve used the Masterplan a song sung by his brotger whom he doesnt speak to lop
What’s the song name???!
Maximiliano Martinez Jr.
Um, he stole it from Ian Brown
I like Liam but he couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag if it came on top
Kate Hebden
He looks ridiculous
Chris Gamboa
What's the name of this song/ instrumental?
He walks like a freak
Big Ball Mcall
To a Floyd song ripped off
Turd Ferguson
Even his WALK was stolen from someone else. Definitely the lesser talent in the band.
Biggest twat walk ever