Giant Sumo Battle | Dude Perfect

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John Cena jr.
Your like is your team! 1.1k = team Tyler 1.2k = team Cory 1.3k = team Panda 1.4k = team coby 1.5k = team garret 1.6k = team Cody 1.7k = team winning 1.8k = team losing 1.9k = team tying 2k = team fun Thanks for the likes! Also, thanks for making me reaching 100 subs!
Shoail Shamim
Anyone watching this video in 2019 then like 👇👇👇👇for team coby 😊😊😊
Noah Nash
Anyone who is happy for coby leave a like
Gaming Kpop fan
I cried congrays coby :) 👇 make this blue if your team coby
supersmily 5
3:26 When you never win, so anything goes. TEAM NO WINS NO MERCY!
Congrats coby we are now waiting for the second win WOOOHOOO
Jillz World
Garret: he ain't winning *coby wins* Garret: shocked Everyone else: shocked
Sterling Literacy
Evreyone go coby I've allwase cheard for him
Summer Koole
Like if you’re team Coby
Saad Ali
I'm in team Coby like for it
Code Cracked
Coby is like chandler from mr beast but he won one
Kartkid Girl
Congratulations Coby!! 💐🎇🎆
Nick Krueger
This video was 2 years ago and still people millions of people watch and comment 😂
Digital Game master
What a celebrate 😉😉😉 Congratulate coby Finaly won 👏👏 Like if you're coby's fan 🖒🖒🖒
Springtrap's Awesome gang
Welcome to the comment section 99.9% talking about Coby and his win 0.01% talking about 2019
haroon k
Yes l have seen Josh Horton from that s amazing
I love watching this vid because I love seeing coby win because this is his first win clap clap
small bob
COBY U WON WOO HOO like if you are team coby all the way
Makayla Shelton
I think coby is going to win his first ever battle
Erick Gonzales
This is like the Toronto Raptors winning their first championship
Watching this in 2019 be like
joshua fields
Kanda rigged bBut TEAM COBY
srinivas kallumadi
Anyone see josh Horton from that’s amazing
P Is
I've watched this video 10 times!!😀
Lauro Castillo
Let’s go COBY I wish I could see u once
Laura Sylvester
At the end I’m cringing and literally crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gladys Arichabalay7
Like for team coby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats coby
chhayank harjai
This happened two years ago and it still is his only win XD
Kalel Kumala
Coby forever ill text u for d merch
Cat gameuse /fimoteuse
TEAM COOOOOOOOOOOBY🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅 Thanks Coby for this beautiful speech!!!!!! (I’m French)
HJC 77123
Anyone watching this just to see coby win.......
Sokeri Gaming
Like if coby will win again
Rafay Qureshi Official
Congrats coby team coby 😍😍❣️❣️
Mika Horne
Well done COBY 🎉💥🤪
Gumnice Piname.
Coby the 2.0 twin wins the battle.
Ryan Carwile
Drops the trophy 5 seconds later Coby: NOOOOOOOOOOO
One like = one win for coby
Griffin Albrightson
Every like = a win in cobys future
Morgan Contreras
I’ve been waiting forever for you to win! Congrats Coby!
Rithvik Varma
anyone started watching this dp videos once again
cc lauu
Kaylin Hickey
Team coby all the way. Like if you agree!!!
Syed Asif Ali
love for pakistan love you all guys
karutowolf wolves
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah finallly i was team coby always yay yes finallly
Michael Lia
Coby is my favorite dude perfect guy
Janet Fortugnowhy
Coby you are great for trying to win now you finally won 😂🤧
Kali Steiner
1 like = 20 likes for coby
Cute Sylveon Kid
James Kenneth Gumatay
4:21. I saw Josh Horton!!!!!! Like if you saw him!!!!!!
Isaiah Gonzales
Travis Cobb
Congratulations 🎉 on your first win ever Coby
j_the_guy is_taken
Who else keeps rewatching this just to see Coby win?
B ananprinsen
When you got your first fortnite win in 1 year
Tien Nguyen
Coby was always my favorite person
Lubna Sikandar
Congractulation coby for your firdt win.
Jeet Milishia
Sujal Kutal
Coby u are a rockstar 😎😎😎
Oof The Penguin
I’ll never forget this, tears of joy, Coby you’ll get ur second win soon u got this, ur amazing
Saroja Natarajan
Congrats to Coby!😄😁😎
Rhea’s Potatoes
Maybe Coby should wear the sumo suit every battle.
Gaming with JP
Cory was right on this time 0:25
Ali Asad
I can't belive coby won a battle
yoosuf moosa
Like team coby "congratulate"
Jon’s Vlogs
2:55 Coby legs kickin away makes me laugh every time.
Team Coby for LIFE
Congrats coby it’s your first ever victory
Liam Liam
Yeah coby you can win this
LJ Dupuis
All of these comments are just about Coby......I'm fine with that...TEAM COBY ALL THE WAY
1 like= one win for coby
Sydog_ Playz
Awesome great job Coby!🥳🥳🥳
Aaron Dallman
I knew that would happen sometime
Use code WILDCAT
Congrats on 64k views
Norma Lynch
To coby well done / happy face
pranav kabra
We are team coby...... He is different He is stylish He is the man who never cry Because he is the one who is perfect. Coby we are always there for you He is the "dude" of perfect. Even in difficult times he is the one who stays cool and accept the failure and that make him courageous.. Coby you were perfect, you are best and will be number one....... you have that much spirit and patience to wait for first success and that's laid you.... the first success celebration was amazing and fab.... I hope you would win many battles in your life and one day I will meet you....... if yoy support team COBY COTTON ....COBY, ROCKS FANS HIT LIKE
I am a fan xoxo
RIP replay button...... Team COBY forever! (Exaggerated)
Susan A.
I Love Coby's little dance behind Garrett !!!
Maria Lopez
Coby you will win this battle😀😁
Hari Haravel
Congrats coby......i am your fan forever
Ryman 345
GooooooooCoby(if you love coby like this)
Mugdha Parchure
Team coby like here
Preston Garvey
This vid is arguably the funniest vid ever especially 3:29
Arjen Alarcon
Coby congratulations on your first win ever in the 🌎
Amazing Elisa
If Coby wins TEAM COBY for LIFE .
The moment when they realise that they got the twins messed up and Cory won not Coby. That would have be funny
Kevin Balbuena
Doesn’t anyone feel like Coby is Chandler
Hayden Rogers
Like #4 COBY
congrats coby for the first battle won ever
Kayven Mohl
Who ever disliked this video has a problem 💪💪👑👑👑👑 coby
fxmous_liljayy 0
Whos watching this in 2018? Like if you are
amir raza
Congrats Coby 😊😊
juan carrasco
Nice Coby you're first win evsr
BrickFur Hanning The GachaLife Dancer Cat PSP
A Coby moment was born Plus 2nd place isn’t bad
Felix Baughn
Danger Storm
When you realize coby has never won since then
malaz abdelrahim
Congrats coby 👏👏👏
The Ninja Cat
Those 20K dislikes are people who aren’t team Coby
Wang anh
I see Josh a YouTuber that is juggleing in 4:19
Team Coby all the way !!!!