Full Episode Jeeves and Wooster S01 E1 In court after the boat race

I found that this complete episode where missing for this eminent serie here on You Tube, And as I am convinced that you very much would like to watch this episode in full. I decided to upload the episode in question for your pleasure. Enjoy ladies and gentlemen! I don't own the rights to this video.

Reid Butler
10:49 "SHE WILL MOULD YOU." "I don't want to be moulded. I'm not a jelly." "THAT IS A MATTER OF OPINION."
Zinwell Trapp
Capital upload dear boy
God I need a Jeeves in my life!
Grant Hurlburt
"Do you, uh, work, Mr. Wooster?".  "Well, I've known a few people who work. Boko Fiddleworth almost had a job once".
Michael Andrews
Casting Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry for these roles was genius.
Martin Mills
What a devastating opening volley form Aunt Agatha, there. "Bertie: It is young men like you who make a person with the future of the race at heart despair."
If I ever win the lottery, I want a Jeeves.
Cant deny how damn handsome stephen is
Shane Fell
I still remember there was an episode of Blackadder Goes Forth (set during the first World War), General Melchett (Fry) tells Lieutenant George (Laurie) "Your Uncle Bertie sends his regards. I told him you could have a week off in April. Don't want you missing the boat race, now, do we?" Well played.
araya soma
do you always have breakfast at this hour mr Wooster ? good lord no, only if i get up early, lol
let me talk to someone with a brain.
"How would you ever support a wife, Mr. Wooster?" "Well, it depends on whose wife it was; I would say a...gentle pressure beneath the left elbow when crossing a busy street normally fills the bill!"
"...pushing cheeky young blighters off bridges..." ...ah, for the lost pastimes of the upper classes.
Larry Paris
What a great production. In every way. Script, acting, actors, music, scenes.  Thank you for sharing!  Larry, Taiwan
Shriya Deshmukh
"I don't think I've ever been to Kensington." "Yes, you have. You're mother lives there."
Evan Hadkins
I love this whole series. And this episode is one of my favourites. Hugh Lawrie and Stephen Fry get the characters exactly. They've done for Wodehouse what David Suchet did for Agatha Christie's Poirot.
Aynge Mackay
The nephew crusher?? LOLLLLL
Roxana Haloiu
do you know everything? "I really don't know, sir! "
Alana Ronald
I say, jolly good of you to post this, what? What fun! Thanks awfully, old chap.  (or young chap, as the case may be...)
Steven Fry is exceptional in this role.
So starts my trek with Wooster and Jeeves
Inura Facititia
Unlike most piano-playing folks on television - Wooster/Laurie - can play the Best of the Best piano tunes.  "Minnie the Moocher" to Beethoven - and he does it All effortlessly. 
"Minnie the Moocher" scene is gold
Nellie Olsen
In an alternate universe, an elderly Wooster is taken to see Dr. House by Jeeves....it would have been glorious....
The music & animation  leading in to the drama is perfectly fitted. Jeeves has been my guiding light for over 75 years. Like Mark Twain, Wodehouse knew that a smile can convince  more than a frown.
Jim Griffin
Remember seeing these when they first aired......we laughed and laughed...... all the more important now.
eve van kaathoven
Do you think Jeeves and Mary Poppins were hired out from the same agency? They're both practically perfect in every way...
Bull Cedar
Hugh Laurie was Bertie, was the fop in Black Adder....Then went and became House...Amazing talent.
Terry Turner
thoroughly enjoyed it but it stopped me attending to other more important matters
I'm pretty sure this is how most Americans imagine the entire British population lives today :P I kid, I kid...
Kellyanne Ortega
I've been so drunk that I couldn't speak before either lol
@George Anderson, thank you so much for uploading these! Jeeves and Wooster always puts a smile on my face when I read the books, and Ive been looking everywhere online for the series. very kind of you- and much appreciated! like if you agree!
Sarah Gayda
"Not the nephew crusher!" The absolute horror in their voices is hilarious
Gary Cooper
“Bertie’s a wastrel.” “Oh, goodie!” Gotta love that Wodehouse!
M .Morgan
When my son and daughter were young their mother had to frequently fly off to attend international conferences for a few days. With Mum away we would go out to get some (usually forbidden) takeaway food, then rush home to snuggle up on the big sofa and watch Jeeves and Wooster. Quite proud of the fact that my son still knows Roderick Spode's secret and the meaning of Eulily over 20 years later.
Mysterious Squirrel
It's hard to believe but, the world is full of Bertie Woosters and most of them end up in Government.
Thank you so much for uploading these videos for us!  I haven't a clue where I'd find them otherwise!  Bless you!
Medic Webber
Jeeves is so perfect!! He HAS to say: "Sir". Even when commanded by his master not to say it during the song, he silently mouths it-just to remain proper. lol. Great moment in the show.
gaurav borkar
If I ever could create a artificial intelligence like Jarvis I would give him Stephen frys voice
And now having had Jeeves pronounce "valet" correctly with the "t" at the end for me, I shall never again be intimidated in to saying "vah-LAY parking."  
Par N
Jolly good moving picture I daresay , ole boy .
Barnaby ap Robert
*HOW* in Heaven's name did this perfect version of P.G. Wodehouse's brilliance get 258 thumbs *DOWN* ?
Nancy Cousintine
Stephen and Hugh are so cute :)
Fredrik Larsson
I sincerely hope The Britons are in complete understanding of the love and affection we all hold to their nation. Nowhere else in the world had anything of the sort like Wooster and Jeeves been possible. I believe I was ten when I first read P. G. Wodehouse and had tremendous fun, though half of things passed me by. It was an immediate love affair which never have faded, but rather been fueld on by Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and, the last years, G. K. Chesterton and the C. S. Lewis' writings beyond Narnia. Now, I translate the, in Sweden more or less unknown, Chesterton into our native tongue. Some strange how, the wisest author and funniest philosopher of all times never was read here except for Father Brown and the biographies of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assissi. Such a quirky and complex society with its firm foundations in history and tradition is a neverending source of opportunities for comedy. Britain has always been in the forefront of industrial development, had the best educations and the greatest thinkers but also the huge lower class... no wonder Britain has the best sitcoms, with Wooster and Jeeves as one of the oldest. I do aporeciate the huge benefits of development, and getting rid of true poverty and real slum areas, but I can't help loving old money, smokey pubs, diesel stinking Route Masters, Compton Cinema Organs, Harris' Tweed, 8 oz. of tea, tempered amber ale, steak and kidney pie, eel in jelly, Jowett Javelins, Commer knockers, bangers, chip shops and the incredible Napier Deltic. And all of this from a nation that didn't learn to build houses with insulated floors and double glazing until in the eighties. I am also totally convinced of that constitutional monarchy is the best way of keeping democracy healthy. In a world going utterly bonkers we need Old England to remain a part of our mental landscape. A refuge from reality, no doubt, but it is one of the things which will keep us sane. And nothing better in it as two such genuinly complete characters as Wooster and Jeeves. So God save The Queen, The BBC and Good Old England. We Owe You so much.
Robert Brookes
British favourites: Jeeves & Wooster, Blackadder and Blandings.
Rajiv Jadhav
Is it getting chilly in here Jeevs?? Lol well remark after dawning on his engagement news
PJ Svenska
I say! Smashing!
James van der Hoorn
I'm lucky to have some Wodehouses on the shelf that I haven't read yet!
Paul White
I do believe , I've found my new profession...wastrel
Shreya Shandilaya
Don't we all have an aunt Agatha in our families ? Hahaha
if ever an adaptation was frightfully pip-ho, this is that adaptation. the whole series is an impeccable salute to wodehouse. thanks ever so, george old chap, for sharing!
LillyAnne T
Being rich looks like so much fun.
Mairwen 99
Dearest George Andersson, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this episode which I had indeed not yet seen. You have transformed a dull evening into a hilarious one. If you haven't yet read the books, I'm sure you would enjoy them. Many thanks again for this upload.
gerald moore
Roger J Hampson
'I had a dog once called Melba because he used to sit so close to the fire' love it! I think the first series and this episode in particular captures the essence of the original books better than subsequent series did.
Dindin Private
Thank you George Andersson!
Wondrous! Even the graphics are absolutely sterling!
I first saw this on a pre-owned VHS tape which was already pretty worn, so at 20:20 I couldn't see the door handle, and I always thought Jeeves used a secret passage, and Bertie's look after was his surprise that there was a door there
John King
This first aired on Sunday 22nd April 1990 - 29 years ago this week, as I type this on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. WOW!
shirley savitts
Mr. George Andersson.. How correct you were we would like to watch this episode indeed. THANK YOU.
John Cole
The actress who played Honoria was stupendous. We have to face it -- the English tradition produces very good actors while Hollywood does Stars! very well.
Oh lovely to have these back again!
What Ho Jeeves !
Don't be such a Poltroon Bertie.
Rick Jones
This is so cool to see a young “House!”🤓
Dave Foster
Getting drunk so you can't speak must be such an achievement put it on your CV!
there are similarities in the opening scenes when Berty meets Jeeves and when Bilbo encounters Gandalf in the Hobbit.. Its the end of world as they know it :-)
Random American here loving the hell out of this.
Agnes Labuschagne
Most Enjoyable. Best thing I've seen since The Black Adder serries
"Oh, Bertie!" straight out of a cartoon 30:15
Don Taylor
Fry and Laurie make Wodehouse more fun to watch than read! Wodehouse was sort of a knockoff of the Saki stories. Saki had so many characters named Bertie I used to think the first-born male in every every Brit household got that name.
Hefty Alan
What ho - An absolute classic with a perfect cast
Vidhu Shekhar Chaturvedi
Do you know PGW is as popular in India as anywhere else ?
Bevan Miller
I'm left wondering who would be ignorant enough to be one of the 54 who voted this down?
bilder digital
When I read the books I imagined Jeeves voice exactly as Stephen Fry's.
Stephen Fry is so cute in this!
Mairwen 99
at 41:00 very very unprofessional of the Glossops to talk about Sir Roderick's patients ...!!!
M Munroe
A brilliant episode in a fantastic series with unrivalled performances by every actor in every scene. One of my favourite go-to resources if I'm feeling low as it has me in stitches in no time. Thank you for sharing.
Nx Doyle
Never has there been a duo more suited to work that preceded them. It's also worth mentioning the brilliance of the late Clive Exton, the man who adapted the Wodehouse stories for TV. His ability to capture the essence of the Jeeves stories was almost magical. And that was a moose.
Mr Purser
How would you ever support a wife?...A gentle pressure under the left elbow when crossing the street...lol
Ranajit Tendolkar
Ahhhhh...this is where Jeeves and Bertie get together.... Anytrhing befor this?
Daniela Huguet Taylor
This is what I'm (re)watching today. I highly recommend at least the first 7 1/2 minutes. Also, you may recognise the protagonists. ;-) It hits the spot quite nicely. One of the best adaptations of a book (series) that I've ever seen, _and_ my second favourite author to boot!
Jalex Fine
I love how Jeeves rolls by that umbrella like a smooth boss. "They see me rollin'."
Adikshith Ojha
"the last one used to pinch his socks" anyone else get the reference?
Jonathan Hall
34:54 "the last one tried to pinch his socks" Blackadder
Frank O'Brien
"Let me talk to someone with a brain." Difficult to make a comeback to that.
Best period comedy series EVER! I happily watch it over and over again!!! Thanks ever so much for posting this. Surely finding it here has meant it's time to watch the series again!! Well done George!! ☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺!
Men's costumes are fantastic in this show! You don't see this kind of quality and fit anymore.
Wonder Woman
Thank you for the Jeeves and Wooster episodes. Just lovely...cheersヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"
A fine pair: Hugh Laurie as the upper class twit (I was influenced by Monty Python) and Stephen Fry as the valet. The song "Minnie the Moocher" is a classic jazz song originally performed by Cab Calloway.
David Mellish
Boko Fiddleorth almost had a job once lol
40:44 never fails to have me in stitches. How perfect are those two? I can't read Wodehouse without seeing them now
Susan Deane
thank you very much George Anderson for uploading this episode!
No ifs, no buts. He forgot no or's. Boat Race, get it?
To think that at today's pace this episode could be 24 minutes long...
hr 777
Splendid it was the small lemon colored one that pushed it over the edge
Bunny Biedenharn
30:18 I love the base of that house! Black clinker bricks, interspersed with stone blocks! And notice how the door surround is shaped so that it widens to form a surface for receiving the step. Several other nice details, too...
Vivianne O
Brilliant...just brilliant.
"That is a matter of opinion."
Teddy Kissinger
Will that be all sir?