GTA San Andreas all cutscenes HD GAME

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I still think that gta san andreas is the best gta game
Oh man, it took me 10 years to notice that Officer Tenpenny's voice actor is Samuel L. Jackson...
Adam Ye
"I know you're blind, man - but you gotta see this" lol
See you around.......... Officer
Aarran B
GTA San Andreas Cutscene Finder LOS SANTOS AREA MISSIONS 00:00 = Intro 03:12 = Big Smoke 05:08 = Sweet & Kendl 07:41 = Ryder 12:10 = Tagging up Turf - SWEET 14:14 = Cleaning the Hood - RYDER 18:21 = Drive-Thru - GROVE STREET CREW 23:16 = Nines and AK's - BIG SMOKE 27:20 = Drive-by - GROVE STREET CREW 28:57 = Sweet's Girl - SWEET 30:45 = Cesar Vialpando - SWEET 34:30 = Home Invasion - RYDER 36:31 = Catalyst - TENPENNY 39:10 = Robbing Uncle Sam - RYDER 41:15 = OG Loc - BIG SMOKE//OG LOC 45:05 = Life's a Beach - OG LOC 47:12 - Madd Dogg's Rhymes - OG LOC 48:42 - Management Issues - OG LOC 53:04 - House Party - GROVE STREET CREW 54:30 - Running Dog - BIG SMOKE 56:37 - Wrong Side of the Tracks - BIG SMOKE 58:08 - Just Business - BIG SMOKE 59:37 - Burning Desire - TENPENNY 1:02:25 - Gray Imports - TENPENNY 1:03:49 - Los Sepulcros - SWEET 1:04:54 - Reuniting the Families - GROVE STREET CREW 1:08:38 - The Green Sabre - SWEET BADLANDS AREA MISSIONS 1:12:45 - Badlands - TENPENNY 1:16:20 - First Date - CATALINA 1:17:33 - Body Harvest - TENPENNY//THE TRUTH 1:20:55 - King in Exile - CESAR 1:22:57 - First Date - CATALINA 1:26:35 - Gone Courting - CATALINA 1:29:44 - Made in Heaven - CATALINA 1:31:16 - Wu Zi Mu - CESAR 1:34:23 - Farewell, My Love - CESAR 1:37:12 - Are You Going to San Fierro? - THE TRUTH SAN FIERRO AREA MISSIONS 1:38:55 - Wear Flowers in Your Hair - THE TRUTH 1:41:51 - 555 We Tip - TENPENNY 1:43:24 - Deconstruction - CESAR 1:44:52 - Jizzy - JIZZY B 1:47:44 - T-Bone Mendez - JIZZY B//T-BONE 1:51:11 - Outrider - JIZZY B//T-BONE//MIKE TORENO 1:53:25 - Snail Trail - TENPENNY 1:55:14 - Ice Cold Killa - CARL JOHNSON 1:58:05 - Air Raid - ZERO 2:00:33 - Supply Lines - ZERO 2:01:55 - New Model Army - ZERO 2:03:08 - Mountin Cloud Boys - WU ZI MU 2:06:47 - Ran Fa Li - WU ZI MU 2:08:08 - Pier 69 - CESAR 2:10:48 - Lure - WU ZI MU 2:12:12 - Toreno's Last Flight - WU ZI MU 2:13:04 - Amphibious Assault - WU ZI MU 2:15:27 - The Da Nang Thang - WU ZI MU 2:17:20 - Yay Ka-Boom-Boom - WU ZI MU 2:18:56 - Zeroing In - CESAR 2:20:12 - Test Drive - CESAR 2:20:35 - Customs Fast Track - CESAR 2:22:30 - Puncture Wounds - CESAR DESERT AREA MISSIONS 2:23:56 - Monster - MIKE TORENO 2:25:13 - Highjack - MIKE TORENO//CESAR 2:28:03 - Interdiction - MIKE TORENO 2:30:50 - Verdant Meadows - MIKE TORENO 2:32:15 - Learning to Fly - MIKE TORENO 2:32:48 - N.O.E - MIKE TORENO 2:34:03 - Stowaway - MIKE TORENO 2:35:51 - Black Project - THE TRUTH 2:37:36 - Green Goo - THE TRUTH LAS VENTURAS AREA MISSIONS 2:39:35 - Fender Ketchup - WU ZI MU 2:42:28 - Explosive Situation - WU ZI MU 2:43:50 - You've Had Your Chips - WU ZI MU 2:45:31 - Don Peyote - THE TRUTH//KEN ROSENBERG 2:49:30 - Architectural Espionage - HEIST SETUP MISSION 2:50:22 - Key to Her Heart - HEIST SETUP MISSION 2:51:30 - Dam and Blast - HEIST SETUP MISSION 2:52:23 - Cop Wheels - HEIST SETUP MISSION 2:53:00 - Up, Up and Away - HEIST SETUP MISSION 2:54:05 - Intensive Care - KEN ROSENBERG 2:56:12 - Misappropriation - TENPENNY 2:58:10 - The Meat Business - KEN ROSENBERG 3:02:00 - Madd Dogg - MADD DOGG 3:04:37 - Fish in a Barrel - WU ZI MU 3:05:12 - Freefall - SALVATORE LEONE 3:07:13 - High Noon - TENPENNY 3:10:06 - Saint Mark's Bistro - SALVATORE LEONE 3:12:19 - Breaking the Bank at Caligula's - HEIST MAIN MISSION 3:16:11 - A Home in the Hills - WU ZI MU LOS SANTOS AREA MISSIONS (THE RETURN) 3:20:47 - Vertical Bird - MIKE TORENO 3:24:28 - Home Coming - MIKE TORENO//SWEET 3:27:45 - Beat Down on B Dup - SWEET 3:31:04 - Grove 4 Life - SWEET 3:33:17 - Cut Throat Business - MADD DOGG 3:36:10 - Riot - SWEET//CJ 3:38:02 - Los Desperados - CESAR 3:40:21 - End of the Line - SWEET 3:46:51 - FINAL CUTSCENE - EVERYONE
Spencer Noss
The game that raised a generation! GROVE STREET NIGGUH!!!
To be fair, Smoke had a point; "When I'm gone, everyone gonna remember my name: BIG SMOKE" and every single one of us knows that name and what he did
jojo chulo
cj did some much for his homies and in the end got snaked by most of them
All you had to do was follow the damn train cj Not a cutscene but everyone hated this sentence
Ian Lehman
this could honestly be one of the best movies had it been a film, but it could be made into one.
Black Onyx
What if Rockstar remade and gave this game next gen graphics?
mateusz wrona
'I ain't represented GS in 5 years.But the ballas won't give a shit" - best line to start this legendary game.
Date Masamune
It's kind of funny that a game of extreme violence reminds me of a more peaceful and calm time, back when the world was less fucked up.
>Threatens to get framed for murdering a police officer. >Murders hundreds of police officers and is set free every time.
Ah shit here we go again
4:13 Big smoke throws the bat on the picture of Cj's mom, anyone noticed?
Mike Wright
2:08:08 A conversation that has been burnt into my mind because I heard it a million times as a kid playing this game
I remember playing this game when I was younger. I was a nerdy indian boy. After 3 hours of this game, I started talking like a black gangster and acted like a thug. It was all fun and games until my mom beat the shit out of me for swearing out loud. Haven't played the game since. But I recently came across it, and this brings back memories. Will get around to buying it sometime.
That was very fitting, during the scene of him encountering the guy with the samurai sword, throwing one to him to coerce him into a duel, only to have him just switch to a shotgun and blast him, saying "welcome to america". XD
Kazuki x
What is the 1k dislikes for? This game is a piece of art
Niko Williams
SO many good voice actors in one game. Rockstar knows how to deliver a story
If CJ didn't have such a guilt complex about leaving he would have noticed Big Smokes obvious selling out tendencies in the early parts of the game.
Dhavid Andrey Reyes
at 2:15:03---- Carl: You do know that i'm black, right? and not chinese.. Woozie: I'm blind carl, not stupid..... LMAOOOOOOO I just laughed when they said those words
khaild faiz
only 3 hours , im stay playing 4 years to complet all missions
Reuben Hunter
I just realized. People say these games are bad because of the violence but at the start it shows how bad drugs are so it is educational in some ways too. Not that I care if games have education or not I'm just talking about the people who do.
The GREATEST GTA game of all time, hands down. Vice City coming up behind it very close. So many memories on this game, I still play it to this day on the Multiplayer Mod for PC.
this should be made into a movie
Unknown One
this game is the best but im not playin this again to many of those missions pissed me off
Enkel Neli
ryder looks like eazy-e of nwa
James Heath
0:00 Los Santos 1:12:47 Badlands 1:38:55 San Fierro 2:23:57 Desert 2:39:35 Las Venturas 3:19:05 Return to Los Santos :D
Brandon McIntyre
1:58:48 whatever came unplugged was perfect timing.
Too bad Ryder had to turn into a villain. Best guy to hang out with
Pjeter Bushi
Classic Move at 2:17:09 .. chinese guy wants to fight with a katana .. takes out the shotgun and yells "welcome to america" :)
19:54 you're welcome
Bødymøre A.Money
They need to recreate this game with some better graphics or make a movie with the same story line bip by bip
Pentex Sucks
this needs to be a movie
andrew gascott
They should remake this on ps4 or Xbox one and make them more realistic
Vietnamese Leader: Enough! Let’s settle this! *Throws sword to Carl* Carl: *Pulls out shotgun* Welcome to America!
*OH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN* best line ever created.
That last call from Catalina. Yes, i laughed waaay too hard when i played. Fitting ending, i guess.
RIP Charlie Murphy
2:17:02 "Enough! We settle this here" *Change to Shotgun* "Welcome to America"
Damn this is hilarious, i miss some jokes I didn't got before
Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel
the zero missions are hard af!
Best GTA game till date
I have no name
6:15 did sweet predicted running man???
Maximus Decimus Meridius
Oh my god, this brings good memories of the old generation.
around 2:45:49 The Truth makes a Jim Morrison reference, am I the only one who saw that?
Ron Zhang
6:02 I'm surprised that the "Ah Shit Here We Go Again" quote appears once again...
Yo Daddy
Best video game in the history of video games
Rafayel Rafi
We don't want GTA 6. We want GTA SA 2!
Speedy dk Nouri
Like this comment! if you made it to the end:)
Samuel L Jackson as tempenny is the best villain in any gta game
Jocelyn Mojana
Mom:you need to go to school its only 3 mins what cause your doing Me:YouTube Mom:OK one video only Me:OK *watch this video*
Ben Affleck
the nostalgia is forreal
two number 9
These streetz is cold dawg !
Papi Doms
they reall should have made a movie
Kenneth Bowers
They should do a sequel of CJ before he left for Liberty or when he was in Liberty.
Decoryon Thomas
i never knew there was a 45 on ANY menu
Kan yeezy
Coughio up el weedo
While I love this game, am I the only one who hated angel pone and everything in it until San fierro? My favorite city is Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro in that order, I still like Fierro. bad lands are the wwooooooooorst
thanks for uploading this. one of my favorite games.
19:35 Notice the T-Pose at the bottom left corner
chris davis
Hardest GTA by far
Chiranjibi Chapagain
I watched the entire video in a single sitting.... HELL YEAH
jerrell cole
I miss this game so much 😭
Antwan 674
CJ respected Big Smoke so much though he betrayed him, he still didn't want to kill him
Super 11bigT
31:23 that moment when two of your friends are arguing but then you say something and they tell you to shut up
punani simpson
They really should make another San andreas for current gen or a gta much like San Andreas. The hood was what made a good gta game.
Charles Beitz
this is such a great iconic legendary game literally every cut scene has some kind of memroal line that everyone remembers and the missions are so damn good the story the way the game progress and the other cities you go to how everything just Naturally flowed through in this game just unbelievable if this game had GTA V graphics it would be the greatest video game create in the history of video games but GTA San Andreas and GTA V both are so incredibly damn good I always have the hardest time choosing
Skankerman Studios
2:17:04 *Japanese guy comes at you with a Katana* Welcome to America!
Kry Kry Stott
I felt bad for CJ the whole time throughout the game. his mom got killed. his friends turned out to be snakes in the grass. and on top of that he didnt even get a girlfriend 😢
Nicholas Baker
2:59 a meme 😂😂😂😂
All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!
Mx 64
This should be show on movie theater This was like a hella of movie rather than cutscene
N de Nico
Marvel: EndGame is the longest movie EVER Rockstar: HOLD MY BEER!!!!
I swear to god, drive thru's conversation was gold HAHAHAHAH if only smoke and Ryder didn't betray the grove.... Memories Mann T. T
GTA San Andreas: thug life GTA 5: criminal life
Nicholas Baker
4:14 a meme 😂😂😂😂
darwen frankie
That nerdy dude Zero sounds just like the nerdy kids off the game Bully Rockstar made 🔥
Lui Alexandre
Story = SA > IV > V Driving = IV > V > SA Shooting = V > IV > SA City map / screwing around = SA > V > IV
Vatan Kömürcü
one of the best games ever.
Clutch Anderson
I told myself I wouldn't watch the entire thing...
I would love to see this game in the HD series. That scene at the graveyard was really well acted. (Where his sister and brother get in a fight over her going to see Caesar)
Terence Messi
best gta of all time
Why is it always the Triads that ends up being the most trustworthy faction in these types of games?
I actually had SA and VC. and I played them as a kid. I'm happy I can see entire SA lore. Because I was too lazy to complete SA.
Matt the Terrier
20:08, I so want to say that the next time I go to a fast food place! XD
Kazuki x
1:58:50 who else heard the USB get removed lol
Joseph A. Page
I love this game very much but the two things I didn't like were you had to kill Smoke and Ryder.
2:10:00 Two things when you sniped Ryder: 1. WHY IN THE WORLD DID I NOT THINK OF THAT WHEN I WAS PLAYING THIS MISSION what I did was swim after him lol 2. You should've chased him instead. There's some conversation while CJ was chasing Ryder in the speedboats.
1:09:39 Bone Thugs N Harmony (Crossroads) reference lol
Fatih Korkmaz
2:17:02 the old guy gives katana to cj and cj switchs weapon and says welcome to america BANG!
bazooka official
the first game to give rockstar money
watched it all the way.
1:08:34 "A taste of come..." I see what you did there rockstar...
Jarrod Young
I love how CJ is freaked by Catalina 😂😂😂 hilarious