[BANGTAN BOMB] Show Me Your BBA SAE!?!? - BTS (방탄소년단)

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Lis Louise
Youtube: 2016:nope 2017:nahhh 2018:not now 2019:✔ lets recommend it
frying pan
Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I stan BTS.
Bich Phuong Hoang
RM: No no I wont dance Then... RM: LETS DANCE!!!!!! LOL 🤣
bts my hearteu
Nobody can forget this legendry moment😂😂😂😂
Devil Kookie
Imagine the people walking at the park and just seeing...that! 😂
K filla
One of the crackiest BTS video😂😂
rosé Park
before watching: What's this? after watching : What's this!!!
Bєyblαdє αmv mαkєr
Namjoon and Maknae lines are just crackheads lol 😂😂
*Welcome to why is this in my "recommendations" after 3 years?* Episode 35 part 7363
bts my hearteu
1:58 this is how i dance in party and everybody gets shock😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BTS Imagines And Gacha, ROBLOX videos
This is the type of video u will never get tired of Watching... Right? Tell me this isn't u watching this again...
Farhana Yasmin
Jimin: pulls on the coat in time so that he can do his shoulder baring action 🤣🤣🤣
bts aren't chinese
EVERYONE IN CLASS:*talk with friends* MY BRAIN:
Serene Symphony
What Persona...what Boy In Love...this is the BTS I know...😂😂😂😂
meghana kookie
1:20 V is looking like Mr. Bean..lmao.. Who agrees with me.... Let me know...
jkj love Jervier
That is literally me and my friends when a BTS song starts playing 😂 and i would be labeled as Taehyung 😂😂😂
*scrolling through my recommendations* *saw this* me: naaaah, i watched this years ago. my brain: WATCH IT.
3 dollar chain 'swag'
Rap monster has left the chat- Dance monster has entered the chat-
Nasir Jamil
Roses are red Violets are blue I stan crackheads And so do you
kim Leehi
*While dancing namjoon break something* mean while Me:*drinking* *namjoon dancing crazy* Me:*spits water*
Rae Sumayang
Watching this in 2019 ❤️ 😂 and I never get tired of it.
Tuyuba Akhtar
Is this the man who gave the speech at the UN?? Yeah, that's our joonie😂😂😂
Michelle Giraldo
I think it's a crime Jhope didn't join in
s v g a
ARMYS: and this is why we love BTS kids :') New ARMYS: *runs away
Aarna Verma
From 00:00-02:13 It explains why we love BTS
Sarah Thornhill
I’ll just be doing something...anything and then...this appears in my mind, people just stare as I smile like an idiot randomly
HappyPotatoUnicorns :3
Why people think we like bts: Hot af Talent to the TOP BOI Amazing dancing Beautiful voices *why we really like them* 0:47
ஜMasakiஜ ஜ
Omg ❤️❤️❤️ The most perfect boys in the world 😍😍👀
Lilya U Russia
💮🌻🌼 I liked this wild, hot dance.😁
Gabby G
Okay... just imagine walking through the park and seeing them 😂😂😭😭😭
Dua Anjum
My mom doesn't really know BTS, so she was like why you always looking at these crazy cute boys?
At 1:47 did anyone else hear JungKook laugh at Namjoon and Taehyung dancing😂
seokjin kim
youtube: 2016:nope 2017:nahhh 2018:not now 2019:lets recommend it
A.R.M.Y_ BTSSuga
1:39 - 2:08 2013: it is Rap monster not dance monster R.A.P monster not D.A.N.C.E monster 2016: *Dance monster show timeeee*
Алёна Чекмарёва
самый, лучший, клип на сайте.
Eliahnah Haynes
First of all Namjoon dances like a piece of seaweed( we all know the poor dude can't dance to save his life, LOL just kidding, love you RM. Second of all, it looks like Taehyung has to pee very badly, still love you V. And third of all.... actually i don't really have anything to say about Jungkook and Jimin except that they both look very handsome...
in this group, they're all maknaes.
Sina Norman
People gotta stop asking *2019 anyone???* or any year in general. Btw, 2019 anyone?
Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you... *Billboard Singers*
Вишенка Тэхёна
Училка вышла из кабинета. Мой класс:
Brittany Pearson
I have watched this at lest 50 times and I die laughing every time🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
namjoon _for president
Suga be like " i don't know this people "
bts my hearteu
Camera be like What the hell.i m recording😂😂😂😂
Park Jimin
Dad: Whats wrong with those guys?! Me: BTS being them. (´°̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥`)
Epic Girl
0:25 Jimin face describes how I feel when someone tells me to wake up.
Just a cat
Me: I have to make homework Youtube: of course not Me: why? *youtube sonries so innocent* **BANGTAN OLD VIDEO APPEARS** Me: Well, what's is homework?
These Idiots BTS
When rap monster has better dancing skills than you... ;-;
Neharika V
LOL Our Rapmon.... Don't even leave the dance moves... He broke them too🤣
ОЛЯ Скрытая личность
...меня вставляет колбаса, дуба, дуба, дуба да!!))) Обхохочешся!!!
Maheen M
they’re def crackheads but they’re my crackheads 😭
Randobtshater: Why do you even like BTS? Me: *shows them this video*
ahella luvvs
When u realize Rap Monster is a way better dancer than u are
Nadra Elkinani
Every moment with BTS is the best moment ever ❤ Love you BTS
BTS for life!
This got more likes than the actual song... Armys power
Ceci 85
Y por esta razón chicos y chicas, Taehyung en mi bias :v
Айша Пирмагомедова
Да мам, я влюблена в них) знаю, что они дети, знаю, что ведут себя по детски, знаю, что идиоты😂 Но они моя вечная любовь♥️
nini imnida
if someone tell me BTS can't dance? I'll show them this.
Katja888 Kiti
Я с подругами после бокала детского шампанского😂😂😂
Mi-Suk Jeon
2 0 1 9 ?
Просто Masha
Rap Monster просто зажег весь танцпол!!!!
Nashlyn Army
namjoon: I'm rap monster not dance monster also namjoon:
CBOneSpear S.M
0:36 V taking his 2 boyfriends to the center *I’m just kidding,they really are great best friends..
Rebecca Holt
If someone asks who bts are show them this exact video lol
Namjoon's crab addiction
Nobody: Youtube: *sHoW mE yOuR BbA sAe!1!!*
Jen Geyer
i luv how rm dances on this it's really funny same with v and jungkook and jimin to
Gabriella Diessel
2038 anyone? 😂
Crist C
This video always make my day happier when I am "trusfrated" 🤟💜
Noor Creation
I never seen this video before.... This video is best dance videos of BTS 😂😂 I really miss J-Hope Suga and jin in this video 😊😊
ღPinky Chanღ
0:50 *Me and my best friends with no assignments then the subject teacher is absent*
This is probably the best video on YouTube ngl 😂
me: haven't I watched this already? brain: watch it again me: why? brain: you gotta
Asooma Altmymy
Ok when everyone laughed on Namjoon's dance why do l see him very sexy and cute with this hair style , glasses and clothes . Am i crazy or what ? 😭
Kawaii Cat 12
They are so crazy xD But cute :33
Jeon Kookie
Maknae line:You know what? Lets be crack head Rapmon:IMA JOIN TOO
Kookie with a Tae Please
To ARMY: aww! How cute! Our adorable little boys. Others: Wtf? Crazy grown men on the loose. I’ll just go somewhere else and um... avoid eye contact...
BTS at a wedding
And they did this in Chicago for a photo shoot? Wow. lol. Then they did another one in Korea a year later? They're so extra. I love them. 🇺🇸😂🔥
Dont Underestimate Hedgegod!!
whole video - namjoon taking his kids outside
Denise Borja
ooof. the suits! 😍😍😍
I went crazy laughing when I saw these cute dorkies 😄😄.. Stan them forever.. 💜
Jyotsna Patil
And they say RM can't dance
Minn Wong
I didn't expect this, NamJoon ah 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Clara
reason why ppl think i stan BTS: they are handsome, their music, dance, rap, singing, etc. why i really stan them: this
joon’s tiddies
Why do I stan dkshsks
Jessica Thai
JUNGKOOK with V Chimchim and suga NAMJOON and jin JHOPE and your name here
liliana v
imagine just having a peaceful walk in the park and then seeing three crackheads doing this in the distance
*WELCOME TO MEME TIMEU* When someone puts BTS music When you don't know how to dance When u are having fun with friends When you are "drunk" *BYEEE*
Adriana Urquizo
JJAJAJAJJAJJAJ está prohibido olvidarnos de este legendario video 😂 amo como Namjoon decía que no al principio pero al final se une a la locura de la young line 😂🖤
BTS saves me From all worries
1:39 *Dance monster mode on*
YouTube algorithm: watch it Me: this is kinda old and I've already seen it- YouTube algorithm: *WATCH IT*
can i have Jiminie for the menu?
this just cured my depression
MagicShop_ BTS
I keep on watching this i don’t know why? Edit: It makes my day!!!
I'm your Hope I'm your Angel
I'm here after Boy With Luv and I'm so proud of them💜 They grew up but they're still the same xD <3 I love them
Mihika Layak
Can Namjoon just officially be in the Maknae line now?
Izzy ASMR loner
Por alguna razón estoy aquí luego de hacerle stream a boy with luv xD PASE UH PASE UH PASE PASE PASE UH XD
Suga's wifeu
This is not RM this is Dance Monster.
Janine Elice Bukieda
Armyyyyy we have to make vids like this and make it more popular then the the harlem shake!!! Armyyyy we can do it! Bangtan bangtan! #bbasae! 🤘✌️🕺💃👯
Ally Lullabys
This video still remains iconic 😂
The Mochi Crew
1:35 Jungkook: locating next target...my boi Dance Monster