Faith (신의) - My heart is still by your side - Choi Young&Eun Soo

Clip made ​​for the purpose of sharing non-business purposes, commercial or advertising. Love Imja Couple :).The main theme from Dale Jida/ 달에 지다 - OST 추노 (Chuno/ Slave Hunters) | Beige. [Even if my heart cries, I can't go with my clumsy self. When the scent of a lovely flower lingers, and the birds' song is silenced, is this all a vanishing dream? The moon is crying sadly, The moon is smiling sadly, Like your two teary eyes, Like my withering dreams. The wind is blowing, the wind blows together Even when the lovely flowers wilt and becomes stars My heart is still by your side. The person who left behind pain My foolishness bring me to tears Like yesterday's radiant sun and your brilliant smile, is it all just a dream that's buried in the winter's sorrows? The moon is crying sadly, The moon is smiling sadly, Like your two teary eyes, Like my withering dreams. The wind is blowing, the wind blows together Even when the lovely flowers wilt and becomes stars My heart is still by your side. The wind is blowing, the wind blows together Even when the lovely flowers wilt and becomes stars My heart is still by your side. ]

Buabusaya Sololang
Lee Min Ho is great with his action scenes and his feeling scenes are high with his powerful eyes. Great job guy
Miko H
Kim Hee Seon is really beautiful looking actress, can't believe she is elder than Lee Min Ho more than 10 years. I love her sweet looks. She looks great too in her new drama and I am looking forward to it.
Evie Minshin
I keep watching this drama over and over again the story,the song Lee min ho was good in this series
Arya Ali
Choi Young's hair is so sexy! I love it! Hahahaha..
Yanna Bee
This was the first kdrama I ever watched and the first one that made me bawl. The feels were crazy!!!
Rosmaniah Yaacob
What 's a beautiful song? Makes me want to watch this drama again. Yes, my heart is always with my beautiful looking Imja. Both of them left me a sweet memory and great history about General Choi Young. How I wish there will be part 2 for this drama? I really want to see how they develop their relationship after been separated for some times.
pukji pie r jungki
This my love drama "Faith"
Lisbeth Escobar
I love this drama I've watched more than 3 times since it first aired... I wish there was a second part or sequel of the drama!! ❤️❤️❤️
My heart is still by your side! Beautiful love story! Beautiful pair! 
Queenie Sis
I had watch so many Korean history dramas but this one, both couple is good pairing and good-looking. I love both of them!
Koka Kiomy
though I can't speak Korean this song really touched my feeling
Denna Davis
this mv is really good. thanks for uploading
Angelinna Rossi
It is one of the most beutiful Faith MV i ve ever seen. It touched deeply my heart. I love Faith. Thanks a lot for sharing it. Please, tell me the name of the song and also the name of the singer it is a precious song!!!
Nabilah Puteri
OMG..... that song so make me sad. Because I remember me and my boyfriend😭😭😭
Emelina Rivas
Dios! Hermosa canción! comparto el mismo sentir que wanderer.Mockingjay, Choi Young(personaje interpretado como muy bien dijo wander por el Sr. Lee Min Ho) echó por tierra el concepto de cualquier hombre enamorado. Para mi, el drama más hermoso! por no tratarse de pelear con otro el amor, sino de mantenerlo por encima de cualquier circunstancia adversa. Abnegado!
Stan BTS
OMG; Im in love with this vid song & drama :) thank you so much for making this awesome vid xoxo
hồng nguyễn
Lee Min Ho-Kim Hee Sun very good!
Angelinna Rossi
It is one of the best Faith mv I ve ever seen. Really beautiful and moving. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. I am a Faith fan I really love this drama.
thessa B.
happy happy valentine's day 2014 everybody!
this is awesome! great job :D *sigh* i wish the romance of the Imja couple could go on forever...
Vikash Kumar
in the last episode i was so deep into the drama that i had to stop watching as it was difficult to breath for a while. huuuuuuu...... i loved it. awesome.
The MV is beautiful, they are so beautiful. LMH is mature and KMS is lively, their eyes show how much they love each other.
Mega Sari
I love u lee min ho :*
Ma. Rhodora Torres
Hi, can I ask for the Korean lyrics of this song. Thanks.
marjan manapova
I love you li min ho. You are best actor in the world.
0.54- one of the best scenes I ever saw..nothing complicated, realy simple move and so full of meaning. Greatness is in simplicity.
Hạnh Hân
i cried when i hear your song
Issabela huang
In drama his looking macho man , i hope in my life have boy friand macho ,likes his
Nana H
Nursultan Sogukpinar
süper bir duygu seli yaşatıyor
Kim Taehyung
when still i see this drama n song of this m feeling same heart touching feel till loving alot lee min ho
lovely lovely
I love Faith I love Choi young&Eun soo I danced like a heavenly nymph♡♡♡
This Drama is the best K-Drama ever! I love it.. It's my favorite Drama *-* ♥
Oluwaseun Akinola
I love this movie a lot
té quiero conocer lee min ho saliste genial en la novela
té quiero conocer lee min ho muy buena novela me llamó Erika maude Luis Gálvez vivo en la ciudad de Panamá
Kessy Luna
Amo esta música :-D 3
Sha Edomz
wow ! im so inlove with this video.. lee min ho was amazing ilove you !! re watching this video again and again.
loredana otilia
Lee Min Ho it's so beautiful <3
Kessy Luna
Ameí este video a música ainda mais augun día quero ir a corea deve ser lindo la ,soó uma grande fan deste dorama é de Lee min ho 3 saludos a todo aquele que lee esto :-D
korya teerapatwarakul
love faith love LMH love KHS thanks for MV. I like so much^^
té quiero conocer lee min ho guapisimo
really is one of the best
Roberta Zelari
Thanks for the music, i keep re-watching this drama .. i love all songs.
Ana Poveda
uno de los mejores que he visto hacen a los personajes reales, haciendo creer al que lo ve que exitieron de verdad choi young y eun soo. sin palabras simplemente preciosa :)
Ha Nguyen
I like it
Oh, my favourite video! :')
Woah, I like this video. A good video about a good drama. Honestly, "Faith" is the best drama ever.
maria ganwelas
I love this show I see this more that 15 times and all lee min ho drama show
Good work!
Chanphallyka Mix
I like all in this flim
Sergio Jordán
Me encanta la amo...
Aisha Khan
Love this song and love this drama. Awesome MV
Mariana Mingkong
Very nice song, so perfect for this MV. I can't forget this addictive drama especially this beautiful good-looking couple in the history.
Chin Yong Tee
They look good together..perfect couple
I love this song a lot. I listen to it everyday. My favorite is still Carry On by Ali but I also love this one too. Thanks a lot for uploading it.
lita itha Haerani
can you give that song lyric?
naty vm
hì hì! rảnh và nhớ là ss phải làm để ngắm cho đỡ nhớ đấy <3
Đào Đỗ
Ôi 2 câu cuối, hix, não cả lòng
Đào Đỗ
Bài này trong Slave Hunter này MV đẹp quá, yêu chị Táo <3
Manisha Gurung
love you lee min ho oppa
Huyền Phạm Thị Thu
The song is beautiful. I like it
k-Drama Edits
And i know it's from faith but i want to know from where you save all this videos
Gallina Simonova
Amazingly beautiful work!
Soso Sh
يي على قلبي لي مين هو........ بيجنن وهالمسلسل اكتر من روعة شكرا الكن حلللللو
Angelinna Rossi
Please tell me the name of the singer. Thanks again.
Irma Imamsyah
Beautiful love story
Cristiane Silva
nossa como eu amo esse k- drama!!!! é muito amor
Tanyarat A.
This song is "Dale Jida" (OST. Slave Hunters)
Thatiana Rosado
beautiful .... me encanto
นางฟ้า ซาตาน
Nursultan Sogukpinar
fighting faith lee min hoo
Lee Min Ho
I'm a lovable of my leeminho..but I really love this drama..(faith),touching my heart ..and I feel it what drama is.. I love you soo much my Lee Minho.I m been waiting also my faith someday I meet u in real in person..touch u..hug u..mwaah.take care.always ..
Rony M
i am in love with woodalchi no man on earth is innocent and loving or caring like him woodalchi choi young hope you exist
Coco Banana
The most beautiful pair in Korean histories. My heart is always there for both of them.
ปนัดดา แท่นปทุม
Haydee Mendoza
linda cancion y lo maximo...excelente actuacion de Lee Min Ho y Kim Hee Sun
k-Drama Edits
from where you get this videos
kiki Love
I love this movie so much.
He's pretty much a boy version of Rainer tachibana! xDD
You made a Wonderful Vid!!!! So Many Beautiful Scenes!!!! Thank You! I come back often to re-watch!!
Grace Vildobill
Isn't this song an ost for Slave Hunters-Chuno, too?
Hồ Hương
ai có link mp3 k gửi cho mình =(
Celia Simoes
I love Korean Culture and K-drama, especially with the actor Lee Min Ho.
Emelina Rivas
Ana, Choi Young existió de verdad. Fue el General de Gong Min y libro a Goryeo hoy Corea de la dominación china, recupero territorios perdidos para su gente, fue leal hasta el día de su muerte. En cuanto a Eun Soo, su segunda esposa se llamaba Soo, asi que solo interpretaron el amor del su gran general por su esposa de una manera-para mi- muy hermosa! Se la recomiendo al que no la vio. Acepto correcciones si me equivoque en algo del General Choi Young.
who sang this song?
Rio Setiawan
my first song with chinese girl.. we love this song..
Margaret Taylor-willis
beautiful video and you pick a great song that I have fell in love with.....Korean dramas are a big part of my world and u did this one right.
REEM ريـــم
روووعه الاغنيه والدراما .. AMAZING I love this video ^^
Rajim Wakefield
Whos is the singer!??
Mi chinito Liiindo
marwa Ayman
I adore that.. I am in love with all of the music and lyrics thanks so much for translation
Farah Personal taste
My heart still with u 😊
GO2 Romania - Tourism & travel, History & Legends
In love of this drama! :)
นางฟ้า ซาตาน
OMO!!!! my very favorite drama !  ohhh goood Lord Lee Min Ho in this rule ruined me for other man hahaha love these couple because their fears about losing the other were not based on merely "he / she will ditch me for someone else" it was about the other person not losing who they were and they were willing to die for the other;  like i said Choi Young (LMH´s character) ruined me for other man :D
Loan Loan
Tôi rất thích cặp đôi Kim Hee Sun và Lee Min Ho. Tôi ước mơ được gặp lại cặp đôi này trong một bộ phim mới. Bởi họ quá đẹp đôi, quá ăn ý, quá tình tứ! Tôi còn mong muốn họ yêu nhau say đắm ở thế giới hiện thực này. Tôi yêu họ rất nhiều!