World Record 4000M+ No Scope Sniper | Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments Ep.27

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Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments
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Fake because max across the map is 2000M EDIT: omg thank you guys for 440 likes!!
I Don’t know you Or do I?
Do not press read more You are cursed like to undo the curse
1:27 Your welcome
Noob with Awesome Gaming
if this man hit a 4k snipe, i hit a snipe from fortnite to the pubg map
WhiteHunter 19
Roses are red Violetts are blue I got clickbaited And comment if you
Dolphin Gang
Everybody think this Is real I'm dying😂 *THIS.IS.FAKE*
Acre Oficial
Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaited and I gave him a view
I was even there, its not fake. I headshot ninja from roblox over 5 million metres.. i fell off my chair and my spine fell out :0
Olha o alan
the patriots is real Boys!!!
Zebrão Da Mitagem
*Algum BR?*
Jacob Hernandez
The first Ninja clip was cringy
David Darancou Rivera
Min 1:30 se mamo se mamut septillion cebolla jajajajajaja
Pietro _10
The map is 2000 meters
Ruben Pons Jurado
Ninja 0 kils
Btw i subbed
Jordyn Warren
Sniper is hakin
Fortinite Br
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Diego Leyva
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j gaiming p lego
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JaqB Live
Memeszki hłehłehłehłe
The map is only 2766 m long
Bobby 1993
ninja ninja jei
日本人 ⤵
supreme guy 1626636
1:42 omgggggggggggggggg
AdAm abidi
is fake sniper
The Piano Guy
It's Fake.... The Fortnite map is 2500m × 2500m And he is aiming too low for the bullet to go 4000 meters AAAANNND the bullet disappears after a certain distance. Fake.
4124 no scope
klik beat
This is fake but still it was soo sick
Jacob Hernandez
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Ali Haider
The snipe is at 1:30 The snipe lands at 1:40 *<<>>* !!! *Also, the snipe is fake because Titanium900 has never played a solo match* And The map isn't even 4000m. Lazarbeam had to build to the other side of the map to get anywhere near 4000m
Nebur gaming
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Noah Pruitt
King Draver
1:30 Thanks me later.
1:39 This is FAKE GUYS!
ThePlannu YT
Bobby 1993
o ha
Liviu Bot
Gywoei. V bocs
KM93 Kaya
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youtube lukepl3y
Impossible because diagonally a square type d5 h3 ect ... are 354 meters. In the longest journey (on dry land) there are 8 which means that the maximum distance that a bullet going straight on the map can travel is 2832 meters.😎
Djamila a divertida
Nino a
The snipe is fake
Daniel O.T.
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forttrex 2009 geer
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HopeHunTeRz Gaming
I’m 99% sure the 4000+ meter sniper shot is fake, here’s why. The first big red flag is the distance I’m not sure how you would manage to fit 4km from flush factory to lonely lodge. I also searched the guy’s profile on xbox and the original footage is not there, and the first thing that comes to your mind when you hit a crazy shot like that is “record that” right? Another red flag is the guy that got killed has never played “Fortnite” according to his last played games and his last recorded clip is from “Destiny 1” and it was back in 2015. If you want to look by yourself the gamertag of the guy that hit the shot is (Titanium900) and the guy that got killed is (Th3 last word) all on xbox. Edit: Another thing, the bullet drop with the sniper is too insane to travel that far from the angle he shot.
Mateus 2018
My farthest snipe in playground is 1, 085 metres
TutoSebas Gamer
Cuando ya estas en la temporada 6
Χρυσα Αδαμου
The snipe is fake... Cuz the map only is 2500m by 2500m
Miguel Teles
Is fake
Marcio F. Lasmar
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kannoni 41
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roberto tomasi
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Sakkez _
Fake snipe
NussKnacker HD
Hello your best youtuber
Gasha Foxy
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Perla Infante-Moran
Nxyko vVv
New clickbait world record.
1:06 when ur a patato
Levi Ho
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Best channel
gamer 13
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the noscope is fake
DarkOtaku SW
3:51 Patriota Representando o Brasil 🇧🇷 Muleke
Aiden Santos
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Ariel Y Fire
1:30 wtffffffffff it is the best sniperrr and this was non skoppppppp😱😱😱😱👏😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Mr. leonardo
Averts 1.0
That 4000m snipe is fake bullets only register like 300-400m
Andre Peixoto
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Natalie owen
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Noah Pruitt
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no scope was fake
yanmar 83
I got epic 142 meter snipe 💪
Wayne Mullen
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White Beast
*s o f a k e*
Ik this is fake but, it could be possible cuz if you no scope its not gonna be the exact hight where you aim And btw some people say that the longest possible snipe is 500 but I got 818 snipe to my friend playground mode watch my vid so you will believe it
Rayan Rashid
It’s fake
Zura Ziz
3:59 hahahahahah ninja is rush b=russia
challenges squad NL
1:25 wtf
Sebastian russo
This is so clickbait the island is only 2500 metres long
Kynan Passalick
Sniper shots render out just over 300 meters so not possible
DinosaurBlue Gamer
mano pq os br ta aqui eu sou br o alanzoka é br agente não fala espanhol é portugues do brasil seus grindos
Henar De lucas
is funi me name in fornite is hdelucas5
Finn Linden
The snipe is fake
Even the creator of the noscope clip said it‘s fake on Reddit 😂 there‘s no need for a discussion 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kiril Kelkocev
2:03 skin changer
Anne Dreyde
2:52 Tijolinho
frann gy
Eres eres el mejor
Vini.k #makraum
2:53 vai brasil 3:48 vai brasil (de novo)
Davide Dask
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The josito
Es verdadero o falso : 1:40 es tru or false : 1:40