World Record 4000M+ No Scope Sniper | Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments Ep.27

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Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments
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Un Homme S'appelant Raphaël
Everybody think this Is real I'm dying😂 *THIS.IS.FAKE*
Ali Haider
The snipe is at 1:30 The snipe lands at 1:40 *<<>>* !!! *Also, the snipe is fake because Titanium900 has never played a solo match* And The map isn't even 4000m. Lazarbeam had to build to the other side of the map to get anywhere near 4000m
LucasBr #UDB
Quem conhece o Alanzoka e o Patriota da like
Panagiotis Konstantinidis
Guys this is true i hit an 1.379.987 meter no scope from fortnite servers to pubg servers (no clickbait)
Renan ツツ
2:52 Alanzokaaaaa <333
Pietro _10
The map is 2000 meters
Lendend king
1:41 song of headshoot hhhhh wtf
Olha o alan
Noob with Awesome Gaming
if this man hit a 4k snipe, i hit a snipe from fortnite to the pubg map
Samuel Rubio Osorio
the sniper rifle does not reach 4000 meters bro
Sakkez _
Fake snipe
Jacob Hernandez
The first Ninja clip was cringy
Acre Oficial
the patriots is real Boys!!!
Leite NinHo Mil Grau
1:40 WTF?????? W.T.F
the noscope is fake
I was even there, its not fake. I headshot ninja from roblox over 5 million metres.. i fell off my chair and my spine fell out :0
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Yan Martins
Até o Alan tá no video
Mr. leonardo
WhiteHunter 19
Roses are red Violetts are blue I got clickbaited And comment if you
Stoner Strains
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1:39 This is FAKE GUYS!
TutoSebas Gamer
Cuando ya estas en la temporada 6
ooNeyko '
New clickbait world record.
Jacob Hernandez
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klik beat
ᏃᗴᑭᗴᏦᗴᑎᝪ Ꮮᝪᖇᗞ
Alanzoka e patriota apareceu
Daniel O.T.
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The Piano Kid
It's Fake.... The Fortnite map is 2500m × 2500m And he is aiming too low for the bullet to go 4000 meters AAAANNND the bullet disappears after a certain distance. Fake.
Liviu Bot
Gywoei. V bocs
alex festivo
Fantastic video :-D:-D:-D
yanmar 83
4124 no scope
The map is only 2766 m long
Levi Ho
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forttrex 2009 geer
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Bobby 1993
ninja ninja jei
1:27 Your welcome
WAZAMJAY // MaskedGamer
The snipe is fake... Cuz the map only is 2500m by 2500m
White Beast
The Alan is Brazilian and i an Brazilian. Kskksksskksks tamo junto amo fortnite
Mateus 2018
Perla Infante-Moran
no scope was fake
roberto tomasi
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Bobby 1993
o ha
Robǝrto Niɔolas
Ik this is fake but, it could be possible cuz if you no scope its not gonna be the exact hight where you aim And btw some people say that the longest possible snipe is 500 but I got 818 snipe to my friend playground mode watch my vid so you will believe it
HopeHunTeRz Gaming
I’m 99% sure the 4000+ meter sniper shot is fake, here’s why. The first big red flag is the distance I’m not sure how you would manage to fit 4km from flush factory to lonely lodge. I also searched the guy’s profile on xbox and the original footage is not there, and the first thing that comes to your mind when you hit a crazy shot like that is “record that” right? Another red flag is the guy that got killed has never played “Fortnite” according to his last played games and his last recorded clip is from “Destiny 1” and it was back in 2015. If you want to look by yourself the gamertag of the guy that hit the shot is (Titanium900) and the guy that got killed is (Th3 last word) all on xbox. Edit: Another thing, the bullet drop with the sniper is too insane to travel that far from the angle he shot.
kannoni 41
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Djamila a divertida
Μαρία Συντζακη
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Marcio F. Lasmar
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youtube lukepl3y
Impossible because diagonally a square type d5 h3 ect ... are 354 meters. In the longest journey (on dry land) there are 8 which means that the maximum distance that a bullet going straight on the map can travel is 2832 meters.😎
Vitor Gamer GT
Oloko até o Alan tá ai
TIMI _15
Sunnyboy 182
Hello your best youtuber
David Darancou Rivera
Min 1:30 se mamo se mamut septillion cebolla jajajajajaja
The Only Fusinzz
That 4000m snipe is fake bullets only register like 300-400m
My farthest snipe in playground is 1, 085 metres
Escuchas Oriol jumping?
Ni No
The snipe is fake
Sebastian russo
This is so clickbait the island is only 2500 metres long
Adam Gaming
Tay Špendija
Ninja is pro
Rafael M.da Cunha
Lendend king
*s o f a k e*
DarkOtaku SW
3:51 Patriota Representando o Brasil 🇧🇷 Muleke
Andre Peixoto
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Aiden Santos
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Ivan Kelava
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ElevenFireice Animations
If anyone is asking 0:14 is from a movie called face off from the 1980's
elnub3567 :v
Es falso porque la bala de sniper no causa daño.despues de superar los 475m
Maria Rubio
If youre here for the noscope go to 1:27 to 1:45
Kuba Leihs
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Regan Fernandez
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noob on
1:43 certeza que é rack
I got epic 142 meter snipe 💪
fake noscope
Ben cool
Leavi Bell
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Rayan Rashid
It’s fake
JosPro_2003 YT
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Sohan Aitharaju
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Doebys Boi
Weapons dont can shot 4000metres
Ilse Plamberger
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Jurita Pacesiene
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