World Record 4000M+ No Scope Sniper | Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments Ep.27

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Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments
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King Draver
1:30 Thanks me later.
I Don’t know you Or do I?
Do not press read more You are cursed like to undo the curse
AIDS Monkey lol
The snipe is at 1:40 it’s fake btw the map isn’t even 4123m long go try for yourself Edit: Thx for all the likes guys
Xtreme Vitthal
What season did you start playing? Like: 1-4 Reply: 5-8 Btw I make Fortnite videos and stream and would love it if someone would drop a quick sub! Have a great day! 😁
Zebrão Da Mitagem
*Algum BR?*
Vini.k #makraum
2:53 vai brasil 3:48 vai brasil (de novo)
supreme guy 1626636
1:42 omgggggggggggggggg
AniTheGamer 2019
1:28 ur welcome
Arthur Felipe
Ele vê o patriota e o alansoca
Diamond VXV
6:36 Сколько у него там патронов?
Mathis Everaert
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The - Jeffinater101
FAKE Firstly, Snipers can’t go that far and that’s it
1:27 Your welcome
BY Epiix
0:11 papa_chicken lol ein deutcher
maryam waheed
the worlds longest snipe in history was done by lazerbeam 4250+
Zack Attack
Giveaway v-bucks I did everything and my epic name is ZackAttack0723 and I’m on Xbox1
Damien Mccormack
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1:39 This is FAKE GUYS!
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1:34 ... 1:40 man SLK man quase chorei
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the noscope is fake
Usuario Creepypastas666
Te enseño a trolear 1 2 3 Maa informacion
Gean Santos
Ai Sim O Alanzoka e o Patriota representa os BR
Introcu Life
do you know what i sniped a youtuber from 10 zillion meters from the oldest game to fortnite
Geri Mehmeti
Ej brother I'm daqeuan
Arjan Royale
Jordyn Warren
Brodhi Rousseau
(Give away v bucks) To Fallhercules306 also great video to
Alan Ferreira Pereira
3:58 pq o Patriota tá no vídeo de gringo? Kkkkk
Guadalupe Vera
I play in ps4 an I love all your videos my name in fortnite is CVROJAS
Ali Haider
The snipe is at 1:30 The snipe lands at 1:40 *<<>>* !!! *Also, the snipe is fake because Titanium900 has never played a solo match* And The map isn't even 4000m. Lazarbeam had to build to the other side of the map to get anywhere near 4000m
Adrian Hua
My user is DeathMAGIC88 there you go
is it just me or 3:32 did lydonFPS say "DAYBREAK" because the guy's building was floating bc this is epic games
johnnyBoy 21
The first guy is th guy that mr beast donated like $70k
My fortnite name is chereo12 For the giveaway
Pietro _10
The map is 2000 meters
Adrian Hua
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2:52 alanzoka
Hshshs Djs
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Perro 78
That sniper shoot is fake or he use aimbot
The map is only 2766 m long
Gabriel Vale
gamer carvalho.
oi parabens pelo video
Btw i subbed
Lászlò Kolláth
LucasBr #UDB
Quem conhece o Alanzoka e o Patriota da like
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no scope was fake
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Venom's Tricks&Tips - Minecraft
Who came here from Chaos's channel? also december 2018?
That is so fake like if u think it is to
me03 HDIi
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Jessica Burgos
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Gabriel Popan
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Felipe fattori
The Piano Guy
It's Fake.... The Fortnite map is 2500m × 2500m And he is aiming too low for the bullet to go 4000 meters AAAANNND the bullet disappears after a certain distance. Fake.
Don lsh Armani 2
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Lendend king
1:41 song of headshoot hhhhh wtf
La Team Gemi
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David Pedro
Sebastian russo
This is so clickbait the island is only 2500 metres long
Samuelnnk,l8 Abimbola
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TypicBicycle 170
1:39 that’s a fake snipe and also wtf is wrong with that headshot sound. P.s sniper bullets max range is 530 meters
Gabriel Rosito
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Rosbi Mamat
Fake because max across the map is 2000M EDIT: omg thank you guys for 440 likes!!
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willey easy
My record is 6.000 m snipe but in my dream
Shemar. Wilson
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in about two months from this vid lazy links will replace anarchy acres
Even the creator of the noscope clip said it‘s fake on Reddit 😂 there‘s no need for a discussion 🤷🏾‍♂️
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