Cromartie High School Opening Full - English Sub

Sakigake cromartie Opening Song

Jake Branthe
That scene where they walk down the hallway gets me everytime
I always thought this was a surprisingly chill intro song for how fucking bonkers the anime itself is, it's like they are trying to tenderize you for the insanity.
Praise the Beef
This anime *MUST* be preserved for future generations.
Ophelias E
"The distance between a man and a woman should be two fists" Romance, Cromartie High School-style.
Silver Soul
That moment where they were lost in a forest for a week starving, while Freddie went to that ramen place everyday without telling anyone lol
Hernan Nicolas
even if the ratings are good, if i dont like it, then thats means is SHIT. wise words from yamaguchi noboru.
Tekkenchampion 101
If only Freddie Mercury was still alive, He'd sing this song in English. I also think the lyrics sounded like him if he spoke Japanese.
shine hyde
Japanese lyrics↓ Boku wa anata no subete wo inochigake demo hosii Hoka no iikata wa nai Mune ga jin jin hurue Netemo samete itemo yakekogarete shimaisou Isogashii katagata wa nigawarai surudake Anata no nanimokamo ni kokoro ubawareta toki kara Katakuna wo tooshimasu ichizu na mama no boku Doke doke doke mukanshin na yatsu wa doke Yotte takatte yabo ga koi no jama wo suru Doke soko doke junjou no otoorida Otoko to onna ha itsumo motomeaunoga iisa Boku no inochi anata ni sasagete shimatte iisa Otoko to onna no kyori wa kobushi hutatsu de iisa Boku no inochi anata ni sasagete shimatte iisa Boku ga naite irunowa totemo kuyashii kara desu Hito no tootosa yasashisa huminijirare soude Chikara wo shimesu mono tachi shinayakasa wo ushinatte Usomamire doromamire jirettai huukei desyou Yori tsuyoku sitatakani tahu na ikikata wo simasyou Massugu arukimasyou kaze wa mukaikaze Doke doke doke ushirometai yatsu wa doke Uzou muzou no machi ni akari wo tomose Doke soko doke shinjitsu no otoori da Seigi no jidai ga kurusa kibou no uta mo arusa Boku no inochi konoyo ni sasagete simatte iisa Doke doke doke doke jou wo nakushita yatsu wa doke Ikiru mono subete ga ai de tsunagareru Doke doke soko doke syoujiki no otoori da Anata no tame no bokusa kuyashi namida no mamasa Tagiru jounetsu no bokusa yureru kokoro no mamasa Boku no inochi anata ni sasagete shimatte iisa Boku noinochi konoyo ni sasagete shimatte iisa
Jijin Suresh
This is a brilliant anime with a non cliche comedy. I love this Anime. This is so Underrated.
If you see a rabbit living amongst a pride of lions, that's gotta be one badass rabbit, right?
El Mooo
This makes me feel all fuzzy. It's a strikingly beautiful song for a hilarious show
The Mixon
The age of justice will come ;_____;
This anime didn't last as long as it should of.
villager #2
i don't have a single character which is not my fav in this anime
Hei - Aizen
Doke Doke Doke!
Todd Lerfondler
Stupidly funny anime and a good opening... Yay. I recommend watching the anime. The humour is stupid but funny and the characters are brilliant.
Phu Dao
This song make me want to be a Japanese High School Student :)
This is probably going to get copyright struck soon so enjoy it while you caaaaan
This song makes me want to a better man.
The most random anime with the most original and typically underrated comedy. People who say beelzebub and gintama are random should watch this.
Honkel Fucho
My whole life should be dedicated to the world
man, its so weird to have an anime OP that uses the second verse in the intro as opposed to the first one. Has any other show done that?
This song is beautiful, musically and lyrically.
K_akash_i The Drop Out
One of my top 2 favourite anime, it might just come as a comedy anime but the jokes are actually quite meaningful and humour is so well done. 5/7
Daniel Dorn
my internal background song when i am living my life in germany
Yasuko Habuchi
best part : doke doke doke dokey!!
Shattering delusions
Lets get toomami and adultswim to run Cromartie High School. If it makes it on air than lets have them push through a second season. 2 3rds of the manga was left unanimaited.
Daimyo Kupopoo
Such a manly song.
Prometheus L. Williams
L. Cray
one of the funniest anime ever!
The guys that appear in this anime are delinquents. Please do not under any circumstances imitate anything they do. *Don't do it man, I'm serious, it's a bad idea*
Alan Quinn
One of my favourite jokes in this show is that everybody is 16
Sir Sneezefart
I actually had this song playing when I was walking down the hallway. People actually moved out of the way.
Dominic McAlpine
"The distance between a man and woman should be two fists" I love that the lyrics are so serious and goofy at the same time, it really fits the humour of Cromartie High School. I could easily imagine the character spouting these over the top proclamations about love and life before the punchline hits.
Takuro Yoshida - Jun ("Genuine") [Uncut version] The Cromartie High OST version cuts to the second verse.
Memento Mori
Hashirama's hair is so glorious
Roastie Toaster
Can't stop listening help.
Yang Wenli
A download link would be nice, I can't find the soundrack anywhere, just some fossilized torrents.
Sounds like something composed by Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits in general. Some parts kinda remind me of Sultans Of Swing.
Hondurez 7
(Man in clouds) 😃
T. K. Novak
sweet sweet nostalgia
You know a series is good when it's about a bunch of delinquents, yet it has such a calming and hilarious theme song like this! Also pretty funny that I listen to this after I've just seen a few episodes this week! ドーケドケドケ~ ^o^
i'm sorry if i sound like an ass for saying this but i can't help but feel like those lyrics are incorrect when the second verse comes around there are multiple times in witch they are clearly saying the same things said in verse 1 and yet completely different lyrics pop up and it's like uh... what? unless that exact sentance translates to like 5 different sentences i find this very hard to belive....
“The Age of Justice will come! We have a song of Hope too!”
Why is this song so strangley calming?... Please tell me I'm not the only one XD
A Classic
Raptor Dubstep
nandaaa koreeee
Prometheus L. Williams
Sorry... Freddie!!!!!!!
I still have the mini promo DVD that I got in the new type anime magazine.
Zero Gravity
200 comment says this is one of the greatest songs ever made
"He ate my pencil. HE ATE MY PENCIL!! That's... that's not right."
Doke, doke, doke, mukanshin na yatsu wa doke Duke, dawn, swallow, miserable bastard google translate ?!?!?!?!
Christopher Bridges
The song is called Jun and it's by Yoshida Takuro. If you love this, look up some more of his music. It's all great.
Максим Борисов
"Лучшая на поле пшеница" =)
Patrick Herman
Does anyone know the ending song they used only like twice
Yunior Gomez
it has nothing to do with the anime lol
Anil Kama
I didn't watch a lot of anime but that one is my favourite.
Sounds like if Dire Straits were Japanese :P
Team Jbzz
boku wa ANATA no subete o inochi ga kedemo hoshii hoka no ii kata wa nai mune ga JIN JIN furue nete mo samete ite mo yake kogarete shimai sou isogashii kata gata wa nigawarai suru dake ANATA no nani mo ka mo ni kokoro ubawareta toki kara kataku na o tooshimasu ichizu na mama no boku doke doke doke mukanshin na yatsu wa doke yotteta katte yabo ga koi no jama o suru doke soko doke junjou no otoori da otoko to onna wa itsumo motome au no ga ii sa boku no inochi ANATA ni sasagete shimatte ii sa otoko to onna no kyori wa KOBUSHI futatsu de ii sa boku no inochi ANATA ni sasagete shimatte ii sa boku ga naite iru no wa totemo kuyashii kara desu hito no touto sayasashi sa fumi ni jirare sou de chikara o shimesu monotachi shinayaka sa o ushinatte USO mamire DORO mamire jirettai fuukei deshou yori tsuyoku shita taka ni TAFU na iki kata o shimashou massugu arukimashou kaze wa mukai kaze doke doke doke ushiro metai yatsu wa doke uzou muzou no machi ni akari o tomose doke soko doke shinjitsu no otoori da seigi no jidai ga kuru sa kibou no uta mo aru sa boku no inochi kono yo ni sasagete shimatte ii sa doke doke doke doke jou o nakushita yatsu wa doke ikiru mono subete ga ai de tsunagareru doke doke soko doke shoujiki no otoori da ANATA no tame no boku sa kuyashi namida no mama sa tagiru jounetsu no boku sa yureru kokoro no mama sa boku no inochi ANATA ni sasagete shimatte ii sa boku no inochi kono yo ni sasagete shimatte ii sa
Ze 'Lectrode
And now, "Strumming in the Woods", with Eiji Nonuma.
OK -tejita
Ten Gość
I love how this anime opening is so much different from other anime openings, and its also so much better than other openings IMHO. Not only a good opening music, but just a great song.
Ivan castelan luna
el opening mas raro que he visto pero me encanta la cancion
charlie templeman
Where can I buy this song I've been looking for song long
Boo Bastardo
Alguien tiene el torrente de la película live action en buena calidad?
I didn't know I can feel nostalgic with this theme.
The Amazing Tatsuo
Original op-BOOM ITS GONE I'm here for the actual song If you want the original opening well watch the anime or even better Read the manga Freddie says other wise
Blackyonbi Kage
The lyrics are awfully wrong
star sign
do u know the name of the ending song?
TruthSeeker 777
Mechazawa reading Goethe and lovesick>Mechabike>Mechafridge
「Zetsubou StarrK」
*Manly Comedy*
God Hammer
Not a translation
Squidward Radio
ROR..... raugh out roud
LiGht YaGami
Finn Murtons
Mr. Ted
Don't you think that Mekazawa is kinda different? I mean ffs he's a ro-
well why is the text so massivly different from the anime?
73 M
iTunes Storeにないんだよな〜…
좋은 노래
James Haines
It's too bad most of the gags in this anime became too repetitive. they were friggin hilarious and bizarre.