Baby Blues (2008) Trailer

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TITULO ORIGINAL Baby Blues AÑO 2008 DURACIÓN 85 min. PAÍS [Estados Unidos] DIRECTOR Lars E. Jacobson, Amardeep Kaleka GUIÓN Lars E. Jacobson MÚSICA Michael Filimowicz FOTOGRAFÍA Matthew MacCarthy REPARTO Colleen Porch, Ridge Canipe, Joel Bryant PRODUCTORA Symposium Productions GÉNERO Y CRÍTICA Thriller / SINOPSIS: Basado en hechos reales, "Baby Blues" narra la aterradora historia de un muchacho de doce años de edad, Jimmy (Ridge Canipe), que se ve obligado a proteger a sus hermanos a raíz de un mal que amenaza con la tranquilidad de toda la familia en la granja.

Baby Blues Trailer Terror 2008

Wet Crevice
Good movie, but wish the trailer didn't look like it was filmed on a cell phone.
Merlyn Lauglaug
scarry 😢
onix serrano
this movie is really sad i dont how you guys can watch this movie especially her killing the baby!!
sema demir
fuck fuck fuck youuuuuuu :D :D cok korktum amk
men take note this can happen to ANY new mother being a parent is a full time job for BOTH of you just cause you think it's ok to leave everything to her doesn't mean it actually is
Laniya Williams
In the original trailer I heard him say "Mom usually does that..." Then come get your kids
Wacky The Whaleysaurus
Love this movie
GochEm 30
I hate this movie. The baby blues comics looks friendly than this.
Why don't you guys like this movie? That porch scene was pretty fucking disturbing but it was a cool film!
Astral Gal
Been trying to find this for years.... Finally a good scary movie
Tasha James
Fuck you Anrea yates! R.I.P Little Baby Mary, John, Paul, Luke and Noah! :( Those poor babies! That bitch should have got death!
This is SO much better trailer than the longer one. o.- I was ok right after seeing this film, but now many hours after I wish I hadn't seen this. Or rather, a certain scene in it. -.- Oh well, my bad, for choosing a film I knew that would potentially include too disturbing footage. xP
Fernando Alejandro Estrada Fuentes
Puras mamadas quiero algo que de verdad de miedo
Enrique Bautista
No les entiendo pero yo no haría eso
Robert Davis
Steven Cox
Had fun working on the set of this movie!
Se mira buena la película, gracias por el corto, saludos.
Erykah Owens-Taylor
what was the point of that anyway?!
its shit:-L
haya al-a
the moral of the story don't fu*kin mess with a pregnant lady if you saw the whole movie you will get it
Maja koziol
chora suka!
alice wink
Is this a GOOD
Katy Cats
Hani Ahmed
great!!! :)
L Tuck
AAGgghhh< no. That heffa needed to be killed herself! She knew what she was doin!!