James McAvoy in Bright Young Things (2003)

The video looks odd for only a couple seconds! McAvoy is Simon Balcairn, a desperate young gossip columnist. With Stephen Campbell Moore.

what a bright young thing he was
He’s so tiny and cute!!! I just wanna squish him to death! Aww
A Parks
Is it just me, or is he sexy as hell?
Some Girl :D
His accent is so good! He learned it so well! :)
andrew Jones
Oh Dear Lord. This scene was going so well...Then Dan Ackroyd rocked up....
I knew Oxford would be mentioned in this conversation they look like that.
K Ancrum
He looks best when he's crying. As strange as that sounds.
Taja J
His eyes are so beautiful. <3
Such a great cast here. James McAvoy, Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Peter O Tool. The only determent in the cast department is Dan Akyroyd. He is terrible in this. There are better actors in the United States then him.
this movie was awesome! oh god the things i would do to james mcavoy =]
This guy is UNREAL! Where has he been all this time!? Why didn't I know of him sooner!? Imagine what it would be like to SNOG HIM! OMG. I want him!
Tiffany Celine
He sticks his head in an oven. Wot. Why.
@citizenanna Sweet! Thank goodness for netflix =D
@JuuhachigouSama He's in a few more scenes, including a sad one. I recommend renting, but not buying, the movie.
I'm thinking of renting this film. This isn't the only time good old McAvoy shows up is it?
i caught this film on tv a week back and keep thinkin about it, kinda well up for watching it again.
Robert Griffin
@Moviesoundtrackguy Ahh right that one. I think that was composed by Anne Dudley. She has a few examples of the stuff she did on The Bright Young Things on her website.
Robert Griffin
@Moviesoundtrackguy 'the party's over now' by noel coward
What the hell!? Dan Akroyd is in this!
That man can pull off anything.
Terri Criner
Margo is Emily Tallis, mother of Cee and Brioney from Atonement.
McAvoy would make a great young Stephen Fry.
a desperate young gossip columnist? that is a bit odd. His character seems very unstable. James is such an excellent actor.
interesting. he's always reminded me of russell crowe.
sorry. i've deleted the file. my computer's too dinky to keep all my videos.
he's precious, isn't he. i can't believe he'll be all ripped out in wanted this summer. i'm glad you enjoy the vid.
I like how, in the director's commentary, Stephen Frye talkes about the film editor wondering why James McAvoy keeps breaking into that thick Scotish braugh in between takes of this scene. She couldn't believe he really was Scotish and was just doing a posh 30's accent. :-D
It's a two for one.
I'm not posting more. Go rent or buy the DVD so James gets some money and can buy a box of Malteasers for his lucky, lucky wife.
iiih...More please!! I'm head over heels
What a great actor.
No prob!
good thing i watched your video. I almost bought this dvd last week and thought "maybe not"...cuz i thought he only has a bit role in it. Now I am decided. Thank you much.
Sorry, can't post more. Had to return the DVD. But you should rent it...it's good!
Gunde Line
Thank You, more please!
Gosh, that's Eltham Palace.
Clarice Clay
Why did he stuck his head in a oven, does anyone know?
Inifinity War Survivor
He looks about twelve
anika rahman
do you have full movie link???????
sexy eyes